Yen Yen Shop, Wholesale Center for Ride On Toy Cars

By | December 16, 2021

Hello all fellow toy traders.

After I wrote an article about the SMT (Sinar Mutiara Toys) store yesterday, a loyal reader of this blog asked me (via Whatsapp). He is a toy trader who has just opened a shop in the Serang area, Banten. And want to inquire about the location of the most complete toy wholesale store selling rideable toy cars.

Well, because the SMT shop actually sells locally made toy cars that can be ridden, then I said to him: “Please come to the SMT shop, I have attached the address and map of the location in the article about the SMT shop”.

Yen Yen Shop, Wholesale Center for Ride On Toy Cars

It turns out that he answered: “If the SMT shop mah i know and already been there bro, and me too already shop for some local rideable cars. But there are some car models to ride that I want to look for, but no sold in the SMT shop. For example, the rabbit head model (which is often used by my brother Odong-odong), a rocking horse model toy and the wheels can be rotated so that it turns into a toy, excavator model, vespa/scoopy model, etc. All those models no it’s for sale in the SMT store”.

After reading the long explanation from the toy merchant partner above, my thoughts immediately went to one of the toy wholesale shops in Asemka. The shop is famous for the most complete selling various toy cars that can be ridden. The toy wholesaler is called the Yen Yen shop.

Actually, info about the location of the wholesale toy car that can be ridden has been asked to me quite often.

And usually I always recommend some local toy wholesaler shops that I have written articles on. Among them are the Starkid store and the SMT (Sinar Mutiara Toys) store.

However, there are still many who ask about some of the toy models listed above. And in fact, indeed all those models are not sold by strakid and SMT stores. All models are only available in Yen Yen stores.

Maybe a question will arise in your mind: So why are you only now writing info about this Yen Yen shop, bro?

Yup! Actually, there are several obstacles that made me a bit late in writing an article about this Yen Yen shop. One of the biggest obstacles is that there are absolutely no sample photos of the goods listed in the local business address, aka the google map of this store.

Usually, if there are other stores, they attach a list of photos of the products sold in their shop. So I can borrow the photo (screenshot) to be attached to the article. Well if at all not there is a photo, so it’s a bit difficult for me to write the article.

Why bother?

Yes of course I have to surf again on Google search, to take samples of the same toy products (like those sold by the Yen Yen shop). But,,,, in order to meet the demands of loyal readers of this blog, I am finally willing to work a little harder. hehe 
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