Xiaomi HP Battery Indicator Is Charging 50% Continuously? How to handle it ?

By | December 24, 2021

Xiaomi Battery Not Fully Charged – How how to solve a charged xiaomi cellphone can’t charge ? The problem of cellphones in old but not fully charged cases has certainly been experienced by all Android smartphone users. This also happens to xiaomi cellphones that are charged even less when charging on a computer usb connection.

Not only xiaomi battery percentage that won’t increase, charging using the PC actually makes the xiaomi cellphone completely dead. Surprisingly, the red led light continues when charging but the battery does not increase / stuck at 50% only.

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Therefore at our meeting this time Smartphone Solution will share tips to turn on a dead xiaomi cellphone aka totally dead. Let’s just take a look at the full review of the cellphone turns off but the indicator light turns on when it’s charging.

How to Overcome a Xiaomi Cellphone Charging But the Battery Percentage Doesn’t Increase

The Xiaomi HP Battery Indicator is Charging 50% Continuously?  How to handle it ?

Causes of Xiaomi’s cellphone to be charged can’t be 100% full

We need to know that actually one of the factors causing the cellphone battery to not increase when it is charged / stops when it reaches 50% is because the battery is already empty.

In the condition of the android cellphone battery that is really 0%, errors often occur, such as the battery percentage error or the cellphone is charged but the power does not enter. Therefore, it is necessary to calibrate the Android cellphone battery when this happens.

How to fix a Xiaomi cellphone battery that doesn’t increase when it is charged

We need to know that one way to charge a cellphone battery that is already empty is to perform a battery shock. The battery shock itself is actually a method of charging directly at the battery PIN so that the LED light doesn’t just flash red when the xiaomi cellphone is plugged into the charger.

But before we try how to shock the xiaomi android cellphone battery, first make sure that the battery is the cellphone that is charged is stuck doesn’t add up the addition does not come from a charger port that is not clean or damaged.

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To try this method, let’s prepare some equipment as follows:

  • Multimeter
  • Screwdriver
  • Desktop charger
  • Power Supply

How to turn on a Xiaomi cellphone that runs out of battery with a power supply

  1. First turn off the power of the android phone and remove the sd card along with the sim card in it
  2. After that, slowly remove the back cover
  3. Then remove the battery connector of the xiaomi cellphone but first make sure all the parts that block us have been removed
  4. Use a multi meter to check the connectors (-) and (+), if the battery voltage of the Xiaomi cellphone is less than 3 volts, it is certain that the Xiaomi cellphone will not be able to charge normally
  5. To fix this, prepare a desktop charger and set the power supply to 5 Volts
  6. Then connect the (+) and (–) cables on the desktop charger to the power supply. After that, re-attach the Power Supply needle to the battery connector
  7. Wait until the xiaomi cellphone battery is charged at least it has a voltage of 4 volts, let it sit for about 5 minutes
    Xiaomi HP Battery Indicator Charges 50% Continuously
    image source : https://adamcecc.blogspot.com/2019/03/solution-indicator-battery-xiaomi-nyala.html
  8. The last step, let’s try to reinstall the xiaomi cellphone battery and turn on the power

If this method works, the xiaomi cellphone battery can increase in percentage when charging. But if it’s still xiaomi battery can’t be full then the source of the cause comes from the cell phone battery itself, for that we need to replace a new cellphone battery.

We can do this method on xiaomi android phones that use removable and non-removable types of cellphone batteries.

That’s our meeting this time, which just discussed how to deal with the battery being charged but stopped not adding more. Hopefully our meeting this time can provide benefits for all of us, thank you so much..

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