Windows 11 Snap Layout Feature

By | May 11, 2022
Windows 11 Snap Layout Feature

Read this article and we will discuss how to activate and use the snap layouts feature in Windows 11. In addition to discussing this Snap Layout feature, in the future we will share new Windows 11 features, how to activate Windows 11, experience using Windows 11, download Windows 11, how to install Windows 11, install Windows 11 without TPM, and download Windows 11 iso.

Snap Layout is just a productivity tool brought back by Microsoft on Windows 11. Meanwhile, for its own ability, you can adjust several layouts with more interesting options, and this at the same time can save your work time instead of having to flip through applications by opening one by one on the screen.

Next we will show you how it works Snap Layout in Windows 11.

What is the Windows 11 Layout Snap?

Snap Layout Windows 11 is a set of layout options that has the function of moving the application window to a different screen position.

Actually, you yourself must already know that this feature is also available in Windows 10, where you can move applications side by side with different layouts. When you touch an app you want to move, a small dialog will automatically appear opposite and allow you to select a second window. Windows 11 Snaps is a big improvement over the previous version, with more options like horizontal and vertical, screen quarters and much more.

Windows 11 Layout Snap View

If you are a user Windows 10, may be very familiar with Windows PowerToys. Actually this is very similar to snap layout, but the difference is that you have to download it first. Through the FancyZone utility, it will automatically display many different layouts or you can customize according to your own needs.

Seeing from the popularity of FancyZone, Microsoft took steps to implement some of its functions into Windows 11. And the result is Snap Layout Windows 11, a series of application window positions that you can access from the window title bar.

The features of this Snap Layout can be explained as follows:

  • Snap Layout : You can simply hover your mouse over the “Maximize”, then the window for snap layout will appear below, then you can select the zone to snap Windows. You can also perform this function by pressing the button Windows + Z.
  • Snap groups : Besides we can choose one of these zones. You can also snap together at least 2 applications on the screen. You can simply hover over an application that is currently open on the taskbar to find a snap group and click on an application to switch quickly.

How to Enable Snap Layout Via Settings

To enable or disable features Snap Layout in Windows 11, you can follow these steps:

  1. open settings Windows by pressing the . key Windows + I simultaneously.
  2. Then you choose System.
  3. Keep going to Multitasking.
  4. In the window that appears, you can activate the options Show snap layout when i hover a window’s maximize button.
settings Snap Layout Feature Windows 11

When finished, open the browser or application that you want to apply, then hover over the “maximize“. You will see options snap layout different to set the current page with other applications.

If you want to disable snap layout feature in Windows 11, you can go back to settings, then on System and tab Multitasking, select or slide the switch to deactivate.

How to Enable Snap Layout in Registry Editor

You can also activate the feature snap layout it uses Registry Editor by following these steps:

  • Press Windows + R simultaneously, then type regedit, and Enter.
  • Follow the steps below to find the settings:


  • make it DWORD (32-bit) and give name EnableSnapAssistFlyout and give a value or value 0.
  • Setting Disable and enable on the DWORD (32-bit) for the name EnableSnapAssistFlyout:
    • To Activate: change the value on EnableSnapAssistFlyout to – 1
    • To Disable: change the value on EnableSnapAssistFlyout to – 0

With the above method, it should feature Snap Layout you can set it to disable and activate on a Windows 11 computer system.

Final. That’s the explanation about Snap Layout in Windows 11, also features in it. And how to enable Snap Layout and disable Snap Layout in Windows 11. Hopefully these short tips help.