Why is the speaker sound on Android getting smaller? Here’s How To Fix It

By | December 19, 2021
How to fix the speaker on a smartphone whose sound is getting smaller – With the speaker sound on the android smartphone getting smaller or smaller the sound from the android cellphone speaker becomes slow then of course it will hinder daily activities, such as listening to music, watching videos or movies, and when making calls, the sound will sound small when turning on the loudspeaker.

Sometimes if the speaker sound on the cellphone becomes smaller, it usually occurs on a smartphone that has been used or used for a long time. However, it is also possible that all the latest Android phones at this time do not have a problem. And the most common problem that occurs on Android phones is that the speaker sound sounds slower than before. Even though the volume button has been set to the maximum, the sound produced is still small.

For that, you need to know the cause of why the speaker sound on your Android phone is getting smaller, then you can try what solutions you can do and apply to solve the problem with the speakers that are starting to turn down.

Why is the speaker sound on Android getting smaller?  Here's How To Fix It

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And here are things that could be the cause of the Android speaker being small:

  • The amount of dust contamination that sticks inside the speaker, where this can cause speaker vibration to be hampered so that the sound that comes out will be small.
  • There is minor damage to the speaker parts, such as a slightly torn speaker shell. So this can disrupt the sound quality of the speakers.
  • Volume cable (+) and (–) which does not stick tightly, which can also cause the speaker sound to be unclear, disconnected, and to the point that the sound is muted.
Some things or activities that you have done, of course, need to be remembered, sometimes things like doing daily activities can make speakers have problems like this. Because the possibility of problems that arise from a small speaker sound occurs because of attitudes or things that are done to the cellphone unconsciously.

Well, to fix all the problems that occur with the sound of a small Android cellphone speaker, then we will summarize some solutions to overcome the speaker sound that sounds different than usual that you can apply so that your cellphone can return to normal.

Here’s how to fix a speaker on an Android phone whose sound is small:

  • Clean dirty speakers

If the speaker on the smartphone is covered with dust until the sound becomes small, you can overcome it by opening your android body or casing. After that, you can slowly open the perkat and speaker holder. Then continue to clean with a small brush by cleaning it slowly and cleanly. And then close the body again. In addition, you can try this method by doing regular cleaning, so that it becomes clean and can produce good sound.

  • Clear cache junk on smartphone

The sound on the speaker decreases it can be caused by a lot of cache files from several applications, for that you can clear the cache entirely by using the application
Clean Master. So that it is intended that all processes that run can run smoothly again.

  • Do a restart on the smartphone

The cause that makes your speaker sound small could be due to minor disturbances such as errors in the operating system or applications used. For that you can try it by restarting your smartphone, so that in this way your smartphone will be fresh again.

  • Use the app to improve sound quality

You can look for other alternatives besides disassembling the smartphone yourself. That is, you can use a special application help on
google play store like app Volume Booster. So with the help of this application of course the sound produced will be stronger and louder.

  • Do unroot if the smartphone has been rooted

So that all the features on your smartphone want to run or function normally again. For those of you who have rooted your phone, then you can unroot it again. Because by rooting sometimes some features can’t work or function properly, or can be said to have an error.

This method aims to make your Android function back to its original settings or like new again. You can try this method but don’t forget to backup all your data stored on the smartphone first. So that the stored data is not lost or deleted.

And for the last one, if it feels like all the steps above have been done but don’t work, then it’s possible that a component in your speaker is damaged. So in other words you have to replace the speaker unit with a new one. For consideration and recommendations, you can come directly to service center official to fix and follow up on the problems experienced.

Well, that’s some reviews about why is the speaker on the smartphone so small and solutions made. Hopefully this article can be useful for readers. Don’t forget to leave your comments in the comments column provided below. Thank you for visiting and look forward to other interesting posts on this blog.