Why Airsoft Guns Are Prohibited from Free Circulation?

By | May 11, 2022
The main thing is it’s complicated the main thing is. ️

One of the AEG units, my personal collection.

This rule is a ‘bad news’, especially for toy business entrepreneurs. What’s the reason?

Because in the practice of conducting raids, sometimes the police generalize that all types of airsoft toys must be disciplined. This means that the type of toy airsoft gun spring (using power from the wire/spring) was also confiscated. Even though it is only a child’s toy weapon and does not fall into the category of toys that can be abused for crime.


So, what are the factors that triggered this raid?

The causative factor behind the raids and the banning of sports weapons was triggered by the misuse of air guns by some irresponsible people. Among them, the misuse of air guns occurred in 2013. At that time, a head of a BRI Bank branch in the Central Sulawesi region was shot at close range by someone using an air gun. As a result, the shooting victim had to be rushed to the hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Another incident also occurred in the Depok area, West Java. This incident began with a race between two cars on the Margonda highway, Depok area. One of the drivers was annoyed and ended up shooting his opponent’s windshield with an air gun.

There was another incident.
Annoyed that his car was blocked by an angkot, a businessman’s son shot the city transport driver’s face using an air gun. He also shot the windshield of the city’s transportation vehicle until it was damaged.

Well, because of all these events, finally triggered the enactment of Emergency Law no. 12 / DRT / 1951 on the rules for possession of firearms.

Since then, there have been many seizures of this shooting sports unit. Intensive raids continue to be carried out on toy shops selling airsoft gun units. Based on the information I quoted in several mass media, the shops that were confiscated were located in the Senen, Asemka and Depok areas.

However,,,,, there is a question that quite intrigued me, namely:

“Is an airsoft gun the same as an air gun?!”

The answer: Obviously very different!

But in carrying out raids, why are all of them on the same ‘level’ between airsoft guns and air guns? Why during raids (sometimes) some officers confiscate everything? The officer doesn’t want to know and doesn’t seem to care whether the unit is indeed dangerous (air gun)? Or is it just an airsoft gun powered by a wire (spring/spring) and made of plastic bullets? Ahhh I don’t want to know,,, Anyway Everything was confiscated!

Everyone (including me) understands that air guns are dangerous. Because the bullet is made of round metal, and the source of energy is CO2 gas. This gun can break glass bottles and penetrate zinc plates.

Personally, I agree if the air gun is confiscated and put in order. Because this weapon is quite dangerous and can injure someone. And those who abuse it (for criminal purposes) need to be followed up and given the appropriate punishment.

However, please do not confuse airsoft gun units with air guns. Because the airsoft gun only serves as entertainment for fans of shooting sports. In general, members of the shooting sports community are very obedient to the code of ethics and all the rules that have been set (not abusing their airsoft gun unit).

So, it is unlikely that a member of the community/airsoft unit user misuses his sports toy. Because if there is a member who violates the law, then what will be at stake is the name of the club/community. What are the consequences? If caught, of course the good name of the community will also be bad!

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Another important thing.
Airsoft is very different firepower with air guns. Airsoft guns when fired at close range at someone, it only causes bruises (bumps). But if an air gun is fired at close range, what happens then? Obviously very dangerous! Because its firepower can pierce a person’s skin! That is the most striking difference between an airsoft gun unit and an air gun!

Therefore, it is very surprising if there are officers who equate airsoft guns with air guns. Especially if it is sentenced that the airsoft gun is a dangerous toy weapon and is equivalent to an airgun or firearm (according to the Emergency Law No. 12 / DRT / 1951 above). Hellowwww Are you kidding me? ️

But what can we do, we are just toy traders and commoners. However we have to comply with every policy set by the authorities. They have the power to enact laws. For us, both shooting enthusiasts and toy dealers have no choice but to comply.

Thus,,,,, like it or not, this rule must be accepted. Although this regulation feels quite bitter for us toy entrepreneurs. What’s the reason? Because this airsoft gun sports toy is a good business and has promising prospects!

What is the reason that this airsoft gun business has good prospects?

Because this sports toy business can generate a fairly large profit (margin). Especially if we sell rare units, wow delicious! I myself have gotten a margin of up to 100% for rare edition airsoft gun units.

In addition, this sports toy is also very much a fan! So that this product was very popular in the market at that time, from 2010 to 2014. (before the ban was issued by the authorities in 2015).

My toy shop business can grow rapidly, one of the supporting factors is thanks to the profits from selling this airsoft gun toy. I have made great profits during those 4 years. At that time my toy shop could get an average turnover of 10 million to 15 million rupiah per day, with a profit margin of 50-80% at that time!

Likewise with my younger brother (Mazri). He is an airsoft gun seller whose name is quite popular on social media. And he has managed to own 2 toy shops, the result of the profit selling airsoft gun units (for approximately 3 years).

Mazri, one of my younger siblings who is also a toy dealer.

Well,,,, What’s on your mind? A very promising business is not it?


However,,,, a thousand times dear,,,, this sports toy unit has now been banned from circulating freely in Indonesia.

Yes,,,, all the sweet stories above, now only memories. ️

Currently, the regulations regarding airsoft guns are very strict! Since two years ago, there are no more distributors and wholesalers of toys who dare to sell this airsoft gun unit (even though it is a spring unit). They are afraid to supply and sell these products, because they risk being confiscated by the authorities.

Hopefully one day this sports toy will be allowed to circulate freely again. Of course, it must also be supported by awareness of obeying the rules by users of the sports toy (read: not abused). That’s the hope of us toy traders.

That’s what I wrote this time, just to share my experiences with all of you, friends.

May luck always be with you.


Author by: Bang izal.