Weaknesses in iPhone 4 and how to fix them

By | December 18, 2021
Weaknesses on iPhone 4 – Anything Weaknesses in the iPhone 4 ? Mobile phones that are now becoming the target of many smartphone users, one of which is a cellphone made by Apple iPhone 4. This smartphone has a lot of features that can spoil its users in modern times like today. However, every mobile device has many advantages in the features that are in it, of course it will also have some flaws on iPhone 4.

It is appropriate when we are going to buy a new cellphone, of course we have to know the specifications and features contained in it. Especially when we are going to buy an iPhone 4 smartphone, knowing what to do flaws on iPhone 4 It is very important that we do not feel lost behind it later. The high price is one of the weakness factors of the iPhone 4.

Weaknesses in iPhone 4 and how to fix them

Weaknesses in iPhone 4

As a product, the iPhone can not be separated from the same weaknesses as other products. However, in my opinion the weaknesses of the iPhone 4 did not dampen the love for Apple products. This time we will share some information about the shortcomings of the iPhone 4 and how to overcome them. Here’s a full review of how to solve problems on iPhone 4 :

1. No Radio on iphone 4

For those of you who have a hobby of listening to the radio, we recommend not buying an iPhone 4 because the iPhone 4 doesn’t have a radio embedded in it, so if your iPhone 4 is offline the only entertainment is games or music in your iPhone library.

How to fix it :

  • The solution for this is to download a radio application from a third party but a GPRS connection is still required. You can try applications provided by well-known Indonesian radio stations Gen FM and Jak FM.

2. Iphone 4 signal reception is not good

Reports about the weakness of the iPhone 4 this one coincides with the grainy screen. Apple admits that the iPhone 4 is equipped with two signal receivers in its steel casing. That is, on the left, the cellphone functions to receive bluetooth signals and wifi, while on the right, the cellphone receives cellular signals. And the bad thing is that both of them function less than optimally.

How to fix it :

  • There is no fix to solve signal problems on iPhone, what is done is only recommended when making phone calls so as not to cover the right side of the phone. As for the solutions that emerged from third parties, because there are so many iPhone 4 users, there is potential for profit. The solution offered is to use a sticker-shaped signal amplifier. You can look for it in the mango two HP market. The signal amplifier is attached to the casing or the inside of the battery.

3. Iphone 4 does not support Siri

Before we go any further, we will tell you that Siri is a personal assistant that can do several things with voice commands. If on windows phone there is Cortana and on Android there is Google Now. Although the iPhone 4 can be embedded with Siri in various ways, but the limited hardware makes it not recommended and Apple officially does not embed Siri on the device even though the iPhone 4 has updated iOS with the Siri feature.

How to fix it :

  • The solution to this weakness is you can use a voice command which you can access by pressing the home button and holding it. Voice commands have the basic features of Siri such as playing music, making calls, and more.

4. Iphone 4 does not support iOS 8

It is certain that the iPhone 4 cannot be updated to the latest version of iOS which will be present this year (2014). This is caused by the iPhone 4 hardware is still limited.

How to fix it :

  • The solution to this weakness is of course buying a new iPhone if you want an iOS 8 upgrade, at least an iPhone 4s.

5. iPhone 4 screen has yellow spots

Yellow spots appeared to be one of the weaknesses at the beginning of the release of the iPhone 4 to the market, many of which reported defects in the retina display of the iPhone 4. Apple swiftly responded to this by making new replacements and eliminating these defects in the next production. So those of you who have iPhone 4 products after 2010 production don’t need to worry.

6. The price of the iphone 4 is expensive

To get a smartphone in the iPhone 4 GSM class, you have to prepare quite a lot of funds, namely Rp. 1.8 million, at least it looks expensive when compared to the iPhone 4s.

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Thus the article from us that has discussed reviews and weaknesses on the iPhone 4. Hopefully our article this time can provide benefits for those of you who will buy an iPhone 4 cellphone, so that we don’t regret it later. That is all and thank you ..