Want Your Products to Sell? Try This Tokopedia Ad Way

By | May 4, 2022

Advertising is one form of effective sales promotion. The influence of advertising is very large and can reach a wide market. Not only for products sold conventionally, goods sold online also need to be advertised. The Tokopedia method of advertising is worth a try for sellers who have joined this e-commerce.

Tokopedia as the largest e-commerce has various ways to improve the performance of its sellers. One of them with paid advertising or TopAds. All sellers who want their stores to sell well can take advantage of this feature.
Want Your Products to Sell, Try This Tokopedia Ad Way

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Promote Stores with TopAds, Get More Buyers

Competition between merchants at Tokopedia is very tight. There are hundreds of thousands of merchants selling the same product at the same price. Buyers are often confused by the number of these merchants. Most buyers will immediately choose a merchant at the top because they don’t want to surf too far.

In order for a merchant to quickly grab the attention of buyers, the merchant needs to be at the top of the search. This can be obtained by activating TopAds or Tokopedia ads. This way of advertising Tokopedia is commonly done by merchants when they want to promote their store. This ad is also used by merchants to increase sales.

TopAds, which is a paid advertising feature from Tokopedia, is quite effective in attracting more buyers because it is armed with keyword targeting. When buyers search for products in Tokopedia search, merchants who have activated TopAds have the opportunity to appear faster. In addition, TopAds makes merchants at the top of Tokopedia searches.

There are two types of TopAds that merchants at Tokopedia can participate in, namely Toko TopAds and Product TopAds. Toko TopAds means that merchants advertise their stores on Tokopedia. As for TopAds Products, what is advertised are products sold by stores. These two types of TopAds are effective in increasing traffic and sales.

Tokopedia ads can be placed on the homepage or front page, favorite pages, and also on product category pages. Merchants can choose one or all three. The opportunity for the product to become popular and perched on the top of the list is very large if you activate this TopAds feature.

This way of advertising on Tokopedia is a paid method but remains flexible. Merchants can adjust the advertising budget according to their abilities. In addition, the price of advertising for Tokopedia is also affordable, starting from Rp. 250 only. Advertising costs on Tokopedia are per click, so of course it is very suitable for merchants with a limited promotional budget.

Advertise Stores and Products on Tokopedia, Here’s How to Activate

The advertising system at Tokopedia that uses keyword targeting is certainly very effective when keywords are entered into the search field. So, it’s not surprising that advertised shops and products can experience increased sales and traffic.

The following will explain how to activate Tokopedia ads to increase sales:

1. Go to TopAds Page

After the merchant login, go to the menu “My Shop” then select “TopAds”. After that, activate it by pressing the button “Activate Now”. The next step so that TopAds can be active is to fill out TopAds credits.

2. Fill in TopAds Credit

TopAds Kredit Credit is the amount of money that will be used to pay for advertising. Charging can be done by pressing the button “Add Credit” and enter the credit amount you want to enter. After that select the payment menu. Payment can be made in various ways listed on this payment page.

3. Payment Verification

After the payment is made, Tokopedia will verify the payment that has been made. After this payment is verified, TopAds is active, so merchants (merchants) can use it to advertise their store or product.

Use of TopAds Products by Tokopedia Merchant

After TopAds is active, merchants can start managing the desired ads. As mentioned above, there are two types of TopAds, namely: TopAds Store and TopAds Products. For TopAds Products, there are two types of advertising options that merchants can choose, namely Advertising Per Click and Affiliate Marketing.

In the type of per click advertising, the advertised product will appear at the top of the list when searched by buyers. In addition, ads will appear on strategic pages that are frequently used by buyers. Examples include the homepage, product search page, product category, and the Tokopedia hot list page.

The cost for this ad per click is the number of clicks that the advertised product gets. For that, the seller please be careful not to click on the product itself. This will result in a reduction in the TopAds credit balance.

As for affiliate marketing, it is a way to advertise products sold on Tokopedia through social media, websites, blogs and other platforms through affiliate programs.

The cost of this type of affiliate marketing advertising is in the form of a commission based on the number of transactions from the influencer. While the commission for influencers is borne personally by the seller.

Affiliate marketing is quite interesting because the free promotion costs are determined by the seller.

How to Activate Per Click Ads

Per-click advertising can be activated by going to the menu “Add Promotion”. Select button “Product”, then decide which products you want to promote. Next create a promo group, do the placement settings, and set the cost per click.

These per click ads can be edited and managed easily. Products that are in one group can be moved to another group by opening Product Tab what’s on the page TopAds. Then, select the button “Edit” on the product in question, then set the product in another group.

How to Activate Affiliate Marketing

On page TopAds, click button “Advertisement”. After that, select the product menu and specify the product to be promoted. The next step is to activate the menu “Affiliate Marketing” which is at the bottom of the selected product.

Important to note; that for this affiliate marketing advertisement, the products that can be included are those whose availability is always updated, and the stock is there. Payment to influencers is by deducting the seller’s balance according to the nominal agreed upon between the seller and the influencer.

Payment is made after the goods are sold and received by the buyer.

The Secret to Successful Advertising on Tokopedia

TopAds is indeed an effective strategy for sellers at Tokopedia, but apparently there are several factors that affect the performance of TopAds itself. First, the product’s position on the search page is meaningless without an attractive product photo. In addition, it is also necessary to have a clear product name and description.

In addition, the timing of advertising is also very decisive. Ads placed during busy shopping hours are certainly more effective than leisure hours. Then, also pay attention to the price of the product. If the product price is too expensive from similar products, automatically the top order will not have any effect.

Stock of goods is also one of the important factors for the success or failure of advertising on Tokopedia. When buyers have chosen a product, but it turns out that it is out of stock, then of course they will go shopping at another store. Ads that have been installed end up being in vain alias redundant and a waste of money. So all of this is very important, and must be considered by every seller before advertising on Tokopedia.

So, the way to advertise Tokopedia above is quite easy, right? To be more effective, don’t forget to also do the secrets of successful advertising that have been discussed above. Good luck!

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