Want to Sell Used Children’s Toys? This is how to hunt the goods

By | December 16, 2021

Selling used children’s toys - Every parent must have many children’s toys that are no longer used. These toys often take up a lot of space in their homes (especially large ones). From this fact, the idea of ​​selling used children’s toys is a promising opportunity to be realized. You can sell used toys yourself, or you can sell leftovers from other people’s toys.

Want to Sell Used Children's Toys?  This is how to hunt the goods
Illustration of a used toy.

There are many ways to sell used children’s toys and you don’t have to worry about not selling. Besides being able to clean the house from toys that are no longer used, parents can earn extra money. In fact, nowadays there are people who deliberately open a business for renting and selling used toys.

Branded Toy Rental Business, Used Toy Capital Turns into Money

Nowadays, anything can be turned into money. Even used toys can be transformed into a business that has high economic value. To be successful in this business, the conditions for used toys that are sold or rented must be of high quality. Generally, these business people get their toys from abroad.

It is quite easy to find a place for selling quality used children’s toys. Some choose the online way to market their toys. As did the voters of the www.duniabermain.com site, namely marketing used toys that are rented out online.

In addition to buying used toys to rent back, used toys can also be sold again. Currently, there is a trend called preloved, where people sell their used goods. Well, used toys can also be “preloved”. Of course, used toys must be in good condition, clean, and branded.

This used toy preloved business is very easy to run because it is generally only marketed through social media or the internet. Used toy enthusiasts do not come from individuals but also business owners. Examples are kindergarten, PAUD, daycare owners, playground business owners and clinics.

The agencies above often buy used toys because the prices are lower. In addition, branded used toys are generally still in good condition and fit for use. So, it’s not too much of a loss for business owners to buy used toys for their business needs.

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Tips for Selling Used Children’s Toys for Success

Because it is classified as a business that not everyone runs, there are some tips that can be picked up if you want to get into this business. Selling or renting used children’s toys is not as easy as selling new toys.

Here are some tips that can be picked up:

1. Follow the Development of the Latest Toy Models

Branded toys always update the model and type. New releases quickly lined up in toy stores. For that, don’t miss any news or updates about these toy models.

The way to keep updating is to frequently read news about the latest toys from both domestic and foreign sites. Then, you can also watch toy unboxing videos that are widely available on YouTube.

2. Diligent Hunting Toys

Used toy business people are very diligent in hunting used toys. Not infrequently they go abroad to look for unique and branded used toys. The closest country to visit for hunting used toys is Singapore.

However, don’t worry if you are afraid of expensive costs, in Batam there are also many places to sell branded used children’s toys. Many players in this business are hunting for toys in Batam. The price varies depending on the type, brand, and condition of the toy itself.

See an example of wholesale used toys in the photo below.

Want to Sell Used Children's Toys?  This is how to hunt the goods
Illustration of a used toy.

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3. Ensure Toys are in Good Condition

The used toy business is very dependent on the condition of the toys. The rental or selling price will be higher if the toys are in good condition, clean and well-maintained. Parents will certainly consider this aspect before buying used toys for their children.

Not to mention that many still think used toys are toys that are not worth playing with. Whether it’s because it’s dirty or because it’s damaged. Therefore, used toy business owners must ensure and ensure that their toys are well cared for. Even though it is used, it is in like new condition.

Place to Sell Used Children’s Toys

Looking for branded used toys is certainly not as easy as looking for ordinary used toys. There are special places that need to be visited by used toy hunters and can also be used as places for wholesalers. Check out the following list:

1. Aviari Batam

In this one place, you can find a lot of used branded toys, which generally come from Singapore. The prices of used toys here are very cheap and the types of toys are unique. Toys small to large sizes can be found here.

If you buy at this place, try to keep haggling. The reason is that shipping costs will still be the responsibility of the buyer. So bargain until it’s as cheap as possible so you don’t lose. Shipping costs can be circumvented by choosing a cheap expedition in Batam.

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2. Singapore

If you are already in Batam, there is nothing wrong with going to Singapore. Hunting for used children’s toys can be done in several spots in Singapore. Examples are SCAPE Marketplace, Bugis Street, Haji Lane, and also Mustafa Center. It should be noted that in this place not only sell toys but also other goods.

Prepare strong legs to walk around the places above. Especially at Mustafa Center which is open 24 hours. If you want to get good stuff in the early hours of the morning, Mustafa Center can be an option. Also pay attention to the shipping costs from Singapore to Indonesia. Choose an economical shipping service so you don’t come up short.

3. Asemka Market

Asemka Market is famous for its
cheap toys. In this market, it turns out that there are also used toys that are unique and branded. Just come to one of the legendary markets in Jakarta and find the used toys you want.

It is recommended to be observant in choosing and also bargaining when shopping at this market. Then, prepare cash because generally sellers do not provide EDC machines for card payments. Although the number and types of branded used toys are not as many as in Batam and Singapore, collections in this market can be used to increase the inventory of used toys that will be sold again.

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4. Buying Online

This method is the easiest to do but also requires deep research. Buying goods especially used toys online certainly has a big risk. Buyers cannot directly check the condition of the toys being sold.

Some sites that can be visited are Prelo, Carousell, Used Shopping, OLX, Alibaba and also Aliexpress. These sites sell used toys as well as other items. Easy payment and delivery can be a distinct advantage for beginners. These sites can also be used as a place to sell used toys that you have at home.

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Finding a place to sell branded used children’s toys is not as easy as looking for ordinary used toys. Hunting abroad actually needs to be done if you are serious about pursuing this business. Used toys purchased earlier can be resold or rented. Well, for those who have used toys at home, don’t be afraid to sell them again. Surely someone will buy, really. Because fans of used toys (especially unique ones) will always be there.

That’s information about the opportunity to sell used toys and how to hunt for the goods. Hope it is useful.

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