Want to know the requirements to become a SiCepat Agent? Let’s Check Here

By | December 22, 2021

Requirements to become a SiCepat agent – SiCepat is the mainstay of the expedition for online business people and big marketplace partners in Indonesia. Even though it is still relatively new, SiCepat’s performance is very good. In the second half of 2020 alone, SiCepat can serve one million packages a day.

Want to know the requirements to become a SiCepat Agent?  Let's Check Here
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However, it turns out that SiCepat has not opened an agency business with the reason that it wants to strengthen the company’s infrastructure first. But don’t worry, online shop owners can still work together by becoming a SiCepat agent partner. What are the conditions and what are the benefits? Check out the following article.

Benefits of Being a SiCepat Agent Partner

The requirements to become a SiCepat agent or more accurately called a partner agent are relatively easy. The first advantage when joining SiCepat is increased sales. Online shop owners or individuals can increase their sales through speed of expedition or delivery. Consumers tend to like fast delivery of goods.

Second, SiCepat agent partners can enjoy SiCepat Express services ranging from regular, Best, COD, express cargo (Gokil), SiCepat Go, and other services. With this many choices, online shops can offer many shipping options to consumers.

The third advantage is that SiCepat agent partners can get special prices. Prices for SiCepat partners are certainly lower than for ordinary consumers. This can be used as a solution for efficiency in logistics costs. With these savings, the online shop can increase profits.

In addition, the most important thing about this partnership is the ease of sending goods. Business owners do not need to deliver goods because the SiCepat courier will pick up the package. The most interesting thing is that there is no fee to be able to join as a SiCepat agent partner. This is certainly very profitable for new online shop owners and small business actors.

Although basically SiCepat has not opened an agency yet, this agent partner program is still profitable for business actors. The proof is that there are already more than 1.3 million sellers who are members of this SiCepat agent partner.

Requirements to be a SiCepat Agent

Because SiCepat itself has not actually opened an agency, there is no special program for people who want to become SiCepat agents. However, business actors or individuals can become SiCepat’s agent partners or partners.

Before deciding to register, it is advisable to first study the products or services from SiCepat. Also learn about the fare system because SiCepat fares will be based on the destination city, weight, and package dimensions.

The following are the requirements to become a SiCepat agent:

1. Individual / Online Shop Owner

To be able to become a SiCepat partner, the most important requirement is to have managed a business or opened a business. This is because the products from this business will be sent via SiCepat services. In addition to online shops, individuals can also become partners or agent partners if they really want to open a small shipping business.

2. Prepare Your Personal Data

The next requirement is that the user must have a telephone number, email, and also a package pick-up address or address of a place of business. These data are mandatory and must be active.

3. Register as a Partner Agent

After setting up everything from business, products, and also personal data, the user must register. Registration is free without any fees or discounts on product prices.

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How do you register?

Here’s how:

1. Doing Online Registration

The first step to becoming a SiCepat agent or partner is to register. Don’t worry about hassles because the registration process can be done online. Just visit the official SiCepat website: https://www.sicepat.com/home/joinForm.

On the main page of the SiCepat website, scroll down until you find the Join Now button and click it. The Join Now button can also be found on the Service menu on the main page of the website. Enter the Service menu at the top of the website, then learn about SiCepat’s services and then join immediately.

2. Fill in the Registration Form

Users will enter the SiCepat Friends Form page after pressing the Join Now button. Here, the user must fill in complete personal data starting from the name, email, telephone, and residence data. Make sure all the information provided is correct.

Fill in the city with the domicile of the business because later this will be used as a benchmark for calculating shipping costs. It is possible that this place of business is different from the ID card, but this is not a problem. Just fill in the address with the actual business address.

Then, make sure the phone number and email used to register are still active. The reason is, this phone number will also be used to communicate with SiCepat when the goods are delivered.

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3. Email Verification

If all the data has been filled in, then the next step of the requirements to become a SiCepat agent is to press the register button. After that, users will receive a confirmation email from SiCepat. Verify through the referensi sent via email.

It is expected to immediately confirm and verify after receiving an email from SiCepat. The goal is that cooperation can be established immediately and goods delivery activities can be carried out quickly.

4. Registration Complete

After receiving an email from SiCepat and the user confirms, the registration process is complete. Users are now officially registered as agents or partners of SiCepat agents and can start doing business. Include your SiCepat delivery option on the online shop page or social media so that consumers know.

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How Does the SiCpat Partnership Work?

Maybe it’s still a separate question how the SiCepat agent partner system works. What’s more, there are no fees for membership. Whether it’s for service fees, franchises, or subscription fees.

SiCepat has not yet opened an agency business because it still wants to strengthen the company’s infrastructure. Opening an agency means allowing other people or other business entities to act on behalf of SiCepat. This of course requires a more complex system and infrastructure. It seems that SiCepat is still in the stage of building this system and infrastructure.

Meanwhile, to support partners or agent partners in distributing their products, SiCepat builds outlets. There are at least 1000 SiCepat outlets throughout Indonesia. These outlets support partners in sending their products.

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Couriers from each outlet will be responsible for picking up goods from designated areas. The goods will then be sorted and then shipped. This system has been running well and so far there have been no significant problems.

The rapid growth of online business, especially in the era of the pandemic, has made SiCepat continue to expand by opening outlets. With more outlets, partner agents will get delivery services faster. So you don’t have to worry about your product being picked up for a long time by the SiCepat courier.

So, that was the way and the requirements to become a SiCepat agent partner. The system from SiCepat outlets has proven successful in helping small business actors and online shop owners distribute their products. Hopefully this article can help readers in distributing their products quickly.

Hopefully the above information can be useful for all of you.

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