Want to know how to watch Netflix for free on a laptop? Check Here!

By | April 10, 2022

How to Watch Netflix for Free on Laptop – Neftlix is ​​one of the most popular watching platforms in Indonesia. Netflix has proven to be able to attract the hearts of film fans in this country. And it’s only natural that this one viewing platform is liked by many people.

The achievements obtained by Netflix are inseparable from the various efforts it has made. Netflix is ​​consistent in providing attractive services and features to all its customers.

Among the values ​​that Netflix offers are the many interesting movie genres that customers can choose from. In fact, many of the existing films are still in the “new” category. This means that the film is still only 2 or 3 years circulating in the market. So the film is still relatively fresh.

But of course there is an extra price that must be paid by customers to be able to enjoy all these facilities.

Well, the problem is, usually those who are able to become regular Netflix subscribers are the upper middle class. Meanwhile, the general public is quite difficult to subscribe to this viewing platform.

What’s the reason?

The reason is of course clear, because the subscription fee is relatively expensive. Plus, since August last year, Netflix decided to tax its users. So that the subscription fee increases between 5 thousand to 17 thousand rupiah.

As a result of all that, the monthly rate automatically becomes higher for the lower class people. This makes them no longer able to subscribe to the Netflix platform.

Want to know how to watch Netflix for free on a laptop?  Check Here!
Illustration. Photo by : Adin Dkk (Youtube).

The good news is, it turns out that there are several solutions that can be done, so that you can still access shows on Netflix for free. Want to know how? Let’s see all the following explanations to the end.

Take advantage of the Netflix Free Trial

Want to know how to watch Netflix for free on your laptop, check here!
Illustration. Photo by : Netflix.com

The first way to watch Netflix for free on a laptop is to take advantage of the Free Trial. But you must have a Paypal account or credit card if you want to use this method.

What’s the reason?

Because the free trial claim can only be done through these two cards.

There is one more thing you should know. That is, you can only use this free trial for a month. Now when the free trial is almost up (aka almost a month), then you must immediately turn off this service.

Why should it be like that?

The goal is that your Paypal account or credit card is not subject to the next monthly fee. So your status is still using the Free Trial version of the Netflix platform.

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The following is a detailed explanation of how to watch Netflix for free on a laptop using a free trial service.

First, please visit the official Netflix website which is located at Netflix.com

Second, look for the menu ‘Subscription Plan’, then select ‘See Plans’. Later you will be offered several viewing packages, ranging from basic to premium packages. Please choose Premium Package.

After that select Carry on or Continue. If you have never created a Netflix account, then create one first. But if you already have an account, then you can directly click ‘Carry on’.

Next enter E-mail and Password, click Continue.

Later you will be presented with several available payment methods. You can choose Paypal or use Credit card. Then click Carry on. Later, several options for the duration of use will appear. So, all you have to do is choose a free trial service with a duration of a month.

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If suddenly you want to cancel, then here’s how:

Please enter the menu Other (or More), then select Account (or Account), then select Cancel (or Cancel Membership). You need to do this method if you are afraid of forgetting to turn off this service (so you can avoid paying).

Well, the fun thing is, even if you cancel, you can still watch it for free!

Please read the description from Netflix itself in the photo below.

Want to know how to watch Netflix for free on your laptop, check here!

Even the duration is up to a month (until the free trial service runs out).

Another way you can do is turn off Automatic Payment (or Automatic Payments). This is so that your free trial package remains safe and does not continue to be paid for.

Other things you need to know; this service can only be done for one Paypal account or credit card. So it can only be used for once. If you can keep going, then Netflix can go bankrupt. hehe

Using the Second Free Trial (Again)

How to watch Netflix for free on the next laptop is to use the second free trial service. Well, this one method is not widely known by people, you know! So, let’s have a good look.

So when you stop the free trial service for the first time, usually Netflix will send you an email. The content of the email invites you to do Follow Up (follow-up).

So basically they offer a second free trial (service). To further attract the interest of users, they will also provide a code. Later that code will be used by you, so you can enjoy the free trial service again.

However, the offer is not made available to all users. It seems that Netflix gave the offer randomly. Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones to get the “second season free trial” offer. 
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