Want to know how to lure customers into trading? Let’s review!

By | May 7, 2022
Want to know how to lure customers into trading?  Let's review!

It’s probably been heard a lot that shoppers are getting smarter these days. The way they consume information, shop, and make purchasing decisions is very different from a few decades ago.

If this is the case, the way to attract customers in trading must also change. Business people should not ignore this if they want their business to be successful.

Consumers who are not impressed or captivated will certainly not buy the product. Believe it or not, discounts do not always succeed in attracting buyers, you know.

So, what must be done to win over these increasingly smart consumers? Don’t worry, this article will help solve it.

Customers Understanding, Important to Have

It is undeniable and inevitable that understanding what consumers want and needs is vital.

Entrepreneurs can no longer just focus on creating a product and then forcing people to like it. Today’s consumers are very dynamic, changing quickly, and increasingly difficult to satisfy.

The first question that will arise in the minds of potential buyers of a product is, what is it for me? Or of what use to me?

If it doesn’t bring value or benefits, then they will definitely skip buying the product.

If you don’t make a purchase, how can you recommend it to relatives or friends? Definitely not.

So, the best products today are those that can meet consumer needs.

Being a customer-focused company is very important because when a buyer has a positive shopping experience, he or she will be loyal.

Then, the benefits of understanding consumers will bring value to the company.

The challenge for marketers is to be able to prove that the budget spent on all marketing activities can bring profits many times over.

In fact, customer satisfaction proves that there are repeat purchases which have an impact on increasing sales.

How to attract customers in trading can no longer only rely on product quality. People also want good service and company concern for buyers.

So, in the midst of fierce competition for similar goods, it is customer service that can be the difference and win the battle.

How to?

When faced with how to attract consumers when trading, many business actors are confused.

The main and most common cause is that they don’t actually know who the potential buyers are.

Most of them only produce goods regardless of whether that is what prospective buyers need and want.

So, so you don’t go out of business first, you can follow these steps:

1. Harness the Power of Social Proof

The phrase “make the customer believe” may sound cliché and impossible especially for a new product. How can you believe in something that has never existed before?

The best way, of course, is to provide evidence. This is called social proof or often also known as testimonials.

How can this way of attracting customers to trade effectively?

A short example is when shopping in e-commerce, the first thing to do after seeing product details is to go to the comments column. There is curiosity about what previous buyers have said.

If the review is good, consumers will no longer care whether the product comes from a well-known company or even a new brand.

2. Improve the Ability to Answer All Questions

Today’s consumers are very critical and thirsty for information. Especially for new products or companies, it is important to provide qualified customer service.

The channels can vary, through social media, call centers, or email. The speed of answering also determines whether consumers will be attracted or not.

This capability is important because consumers are likely to switch to another brand very quickly if their questions are not answered.

Providing resources (HR) capable of explaining and responding to complaints properly is very important. This applies to all business scales, you know. Not just for big companies.

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3. Pamper Consumers with Personal Incentives

When it comes to additional benefits, it’s natural that the first thing that comes to mind is how much is the budget? Even though there is a powerful weapon that can be used to attract without the need to spend expensive money, namely Email.

A study says that this e-mail is effective at attracting new customers as much as 40 percent than social media.

As a way to continue to engage or info with consumers, send them something personal.

For example, a birthday or holiday greeting accompanied by a giveaway. It can be in the form of shopping vouchers, discounted prices for certain purchases, to loyalty points. Guaranteed, customers will be more captivated.

4. Solution

One of the things consumers hate is when they wait a long time for a solution.

Complete quick response is an important factor whether customers will be attracted to the product or not. So try to respond quickly to all questions and complaints at all levels.

Delivery platforms can vary from email, telephone, to quick chat.

Make sure the answer from the admin or officer is really a solution. If the function of customer care is to accommodate problems, try to also inform the customer about the progress of the settlement.

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5. Don’t Ignore “Thank You”

These two simple words turned out to be quite powerful in terms of attracting consumers. The reason is, people who receive this greeting will feel special, appreciated, and happy.

There is a positive effect for companies that consistently express their gratitude to customers.

For example, when someone decides to subscribe to an email list, send them a thank you note.

Apart from appreciating their willingness to be part of the company, this is also a notification that the sign-up process has been completed. Use creative and interactive language to create connection.

6. Keep Promise

Often found interesting slogans but in reality all of them are mere jargon. If this is the case, consumers feel cheated and lied to.

For example, in skin care products that carry the promise of whitening or brightening the face. If the results do not match expectations and slogans, then of course it can be considered a product that cannot keep its promises.

Then for example there is retention for problem solving within 7 working days. Of course, within that time frame, consumer problems must be resolved.

After that, consumer ratings will be very bad. It is not impossible for them to write negative testimonials about the quality of service, the consequences of which can be fatal.

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7. Always Connected

Customer engagement is important, especially in this digital era. The internet and social media are often the most used places. The reason is because it can reach consumers anywhere and anytime at the same time minimal costs.

How to? Of course by posting relevant and interactive content.

For example, on Instagram there is a poll feature, use it to stay connected with consumers. Ask them to write down their dream promo, or which product is their favourite.

The responses they gave, either comments or likes, showed a positive relationship. For that, continue to maintain this condition by continuing to post interesting things.

Those are some of the ways to attract customers to trade according to the current state of consumers.

Today’s purchasing decisions are not only based on product quality but also awareness, testimonials from previous buyers, and the services provided.

The ability to recognize and understand consumers is important and must be mastered if you want to be successful.

Hope it is useful.