Want to know how to download videos on IG and FB? Check Here Come on!

By | December 5, 2021

How to Download Videos on IG and FB – Facebook (FB) and Instagram (IG) have now become the most widely used social media by the Indonesian people. The biggest users are mainly young people (millennials).

This can happen because the two social media continue to provide various interesting features. Among the interesting features are the photo and video features that are increasingly pampering its users.

It’s no wonder that currently the IG and FB platforms are often used for many things by millennials. Starting from stalking, studying, to a place to find old friends, etc. And there are also those who use the two social media as alternative platforms for watching videos (besides Youtube).

Why are IG and FB now an alternative place to watch videos?

Because on the IG and FB platforms you can find a variety of interesting videos. And quite a lot of videos on both platforms are not yet on Youtube. That’s why, many people say that in the next few years Instagram and Facebook will become Youtube’s toughest rivals.

So, when you’re surfing on IG and FB you’ve certainly come across a variety of interesting video shows there. And certainly never thought to save the video. But because you don’t know how to download it, in the end you don’t save the video. Is not it? ️

The above case is quite often experienced by many people. Because how to download videos on IG and FB doesn’t seem to be much discussed on the internet.

But don’t worry, because now you can download it. Because this article will review a tutorial on how to download videos on IG and FB in detail and in detail. So you can easily download the videos you like from the two social media.

Want to know how to download videos on IG and FB, check it out!
Illustration. Photo by : Syam Kapuk Android Tutorial (Youtube).

There are two ways that can be used to download videos on IG and FB.

The first way is to download without an application.

While the second way, you can download the video using the application.

Can’t wait to find out how?

Let’s just see how to download videos on IG and FB below.

Let’s discuss the first method first, check it out!

Download Videos from Instagram Without Application

On IG, you can find a variety of very interesting shows with a short duration. What’s more, you can find these interesting videos easily, by using the feature hashtags.

If you want to download videos on Instagram without using an application, then you can do the following methods.

First, please find the video that you want to download on Instagram. Then please copy the info from the video earlier.

How do I copy the info?

It’s easy,,,, namely by holding the video, then clicking Copy info. Another way can be by clicking on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the post. Later, the text will appear Copy info or Copy info. So you just click on that section.

Next, open the browser you normally use (Google Chrome, Mozilla, or UC Browser).

In this case you can use a cellphone or laptop.

How to download IG and FB videos, the next thing you have to do is open the site downloadgram.com

If you are already on the site, you can directly paste (paste the info) that you copied earlier into the column available on the downloadgram.com site. Then click Download, then click the button again Download Videos.

After all the steps above have been done, the video that you want to download is immediately processed for download. After that the video will automatically go to your cellphone (note: if the video has been successfully downloaded perfectly). Done.

Download Videos from FB by using the app

Now there are so many applications on the Play Store that can be used to download videos on FB. Even the FB video download application can be used by Android users, and at the same time it can also be used by Apple users.

You can use these applications in an easy, practical, and free way.

Check out how to use it below.

Please open the App Store or Play Store on your cellphone.

Then download the application. The name of the app is Video Downloader for Facebook

Want to know how to download videos on IG and FB, check here!

Please look for it in the Play Store / App Store search field.

If you find it, then you can install the application. Then wait for the installation process to finish.

If it is installed, then open the application and also open your FB. Find the video that you want to download from Facebook earlier. There will automatically be a pop up display that offers to download the video.

Please press or select the download offer. Then Facebook will do the download process. Then wait for a few moments. When it’s downloaded, you can check it in your phone’s (storage) directory.

Download Videos from FB without app

The next way to download videos on IG and FB is without the help of any application.

This method is very suitable for you to choose, especially if the storage capacity on your cellphone is limited. This method is also very easy, you know, let’s see the steps and full explanation below.

First, you can open Facebook through the application on your cellphone. On the menu Watch, you can type the video that you want to download.

(Notes: Watch itself is a part of Facebook, whose function allows you to watch, comment, respond and share a video).

Then search for the video. When you find it, you can copy info vthe idea, and open the browser you normally use. In the search menu in the browser, please type fbdown.net

The site page will then open.

So, the fbdown.net site will help you download videos from Facebook. Please paste the info earlier, then click the button Download. Later the fbdown.net site will try to find the video that you want to download (processed via the info you pasted earlier).

Wait a few moments until the fbdown.net site finishes downloading the video. Finally, you just have to wait until the video is successfully downloaded perfectly.

That’s the discussion about how to download videos on IG and FB. Choose among the methods above which you think is the easiest, and immediately download all the videos you want.

Based on various experiences from users, the sites and applications above are sites and applications that are super easy to use. So it is recommended for use by anyone.

In addition to the applications and sites above, there are still various other sites and applications that you can also use to download videos on IG and FB. But of course this article will be too long if everything is discussed now. God willing, the author will review specifically in the next article.

So, for those of you who have been confused about how to download videos on IG and FB, now you can say no to confused. Hehehe

Hopefully this information can be useful.