Various Choices of Granite Motifs for Home Terrace

By | May 9, 2022
Granite motifs for terraces – Granite is a type of igneous rock that is usually brightly colored and coarsely grained. The density of this type of stone is also harder than marble. So many people use it to build houses and construct buildings.

This granite rock usually has a variety of colors. Among them are white, gray, brown, black and red. Because of its beautiful color and strong material, this granite stone is often used by people to decorate, as well as coat the building of their house. Well, this article will review the choice of granite motifs for the terrace floor of the house. And you are free to choose whichever motif you like the most.

Granite floors can be recognized by their motifs in the form of random spots that are arranged naturally. Because of this naturalness, granite has limited motifs with striking differences in color. To choose a suitable motif (including a granite motif for the terrace), it can be adjusted to the overall design and color of your home.

Here is a selection of granite motifs for your terrace.

Among them:

1. Natural Grey

With a natural and plain gray color, this granite motif gives a simple and practical impression. Especially with a rectangular shape that does not have to be parallel, so that the arrangement can be made more varied.

See the photo illustration below.

Various Choices of Granite Motifs for Home Terrace

The natural gray motif is good for a terrace that extends to the side with a little garden in front of the house. But not only in front, this motif is also great for a side or back porch. Natural gray can be said to be a versatile motif.

2. White Sand

Various Choices of Granite Motifs for Home Terrace

White color with irregular black brown pattern is usually used on the terrace floor. The neutral motif makes the white sand granite floor suitable to be combined with various designs and sizes of houses. The color of the walls can be changed and will still match the floor.

In addition, this motif can even be used on the inside of the house. Especially if the homeowner likes the uniformity of the decor. So, the terrace, living room, and kitchen can use the same granite motif because of the neutral white motif.

Various Choices of Granite Motifs for Home Terrace

Golden motifs always have a charming impression. Therefore, using a cashmere gold motif for the terrace floor is also a good idea. Combined with a matching frame, this motif can give a classic majestic view.

The application of large poles with natural rock materials will also strengthen the impression shown. Don’t forget to set the appropriate lighting so that the classic impression can be maintained at night.

4. Seaweed Green

Various Choices of Granite Motifs for Home Terrace

Who said the terrace can only be installed with granite with neutral motifs and colors? The seaweed green motif is still not too crowded. However, considering that there are not too many variations of granite motifs, the choice of this one motif can be said to be quite bold.

We recommend that you choose a wall paint that is bright enough and somewhat neutral to balance this motif. That way, the dark green color will stand out and not collide with the wall color. The decoration on the terrace will also look balanced.

Various Choices of Granite Motifs for Home Terrace

The use of lavender blue as a granite motif for the terrace is also not an option that is often done. Although the blue and gray color contained in it is quite neutral, the purplish pattern makes this motif quite unique. Therefore, using lavender blue as a floor also needs to pay attention to the color of the outside of the house.

6. Baltic Brown

Various Choices of Granite Motifs for Home Terrace

The combination of dark chocolate on baltic brown is also no less interesting to be used as a terrace floor. This motif is suitable to be combined with light colors such as beige, or slightly darker colors such as dark brown. The addition of natural stone on the side of the pole can also match this color.

The use of baltic brown will look striking on a narrow terrace. Especially if the house building is higher than the ground, so the terrace must be added with several stairs. To give a fresh and natural impression, on the sides of the stairs can be placed medium-sized green plant pots.

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Have you decided which one to choose? The terrace is the very first part that guests will see before even entering the house. Therefore, choose a granite motif for the terrace that shows the characteristics of the homeowner and gives a pleasant impression.

Those are some examples of granite motifs that are suitable for home terraces. Hope it is useful.