Updates! How to Create Adsense referensi Ads

By | December 21, 2021
How to Create Adsense Link Ads

GGoogle Adsense has several ad unit options that can be customized, both in terms of size and type of ad itself. The selected ad unit can be optimized in appearance in order to increase the attractiveness of the displayed ad.

One form of AdSense ad display optimization that is often found on almost all blogs is Adsense ads that use the referensi display (AdSense referensi ad units).

referensi ads are one type of Adsense ads that have a display in the form of text and generally look stacked downwards whether viewed from a mobile device or viewed from a computer device. This AdSense referensi ad when clicked will direct blog visitors to a landing page containing ads that are relevant to the clicked text referensi.

Since April 2019, Google Adsense has updated the appearance of the Adsense account page, including changing policies by removing or deleting ad links/links on Adsense ad units.

The referensi or text ad type policy is removed for those of you who have been accepted by Adsense since April. So, Adsense referensi type ads no longer exist.

How to Create Adsense Link Ads

The reason why Google stopped the referensi referensi ad unit is because Google Adsense has replaced it with a new, more relevant ad unit with a responsive display.

However, it turns out that the ad format with this type of referensi is still much favored by blog owners even though the ad unit with this type of referensi has been deactivated.

The referensi ad unit by default can no longer be used, but with a slight modification the appearance of a new ad unit can be made to resemble the old referensi ad unit display. By adding some code parameters to the Adsense ad code elements, then you can display referensi type ads on your favorite blog.

If you are in doubt and ask if this is safe and does not violate the Google Adsense TOS, then the answer is yes it is safe and does not violate the Google Adsense TOS terms. Even according to bloggers, this method is a legal method and its use is safe and does not violate existing provisions, because this method only changes the appearance to a referensi and does not change any code. So it’s safe!