(UPDATE) How to Overcome Missing Notification Tones on Android Phones

By | December 22, 2021

And it’s not uncommon for those who don’t know about the new message or incoming phone call because the android phone suddenly has no sound.

So what is the cause of the phone ring tone that doesn’t sound on our Android device?

Actually, there are many reasons why cellphone ringtones don’t sound, ranging from bugs in the latest system updates to the sound of cellphone speakers turning down.

Therefore at this meeting Smartphone Solution will try to give 3 ways to restore the lost cellphone default ringtone.

And how to make notifications on your cellphone sound again this time you can use it on all types of android phones such as samsung, vivo, oppo, xiaomi or even chinese cellphones.

How to make Android cellphone notification ringtones reappear

how to restore a lost cellphone default ringtone

If we are experiencing problems such as WhatsApp notification tones, SMS, or the phone does not ring, there are things that we need to look at first.

This is because the android phone that does not sound is divided into 3 categories, namely:

  1. Notification tones do not sound only in some applications, for example, shopee application notifications sound but WhatsApp does not sound
  2. Notification tones do not sound in all applications, for example when there is a phone call, a new sms comes in or a notification from the WA, Facebook or Instagram application, all of them have no sound.
  3. And the last is a new ringtone appears after the latest notification enters the android device.

If you encounter any of these problems, let’s solve it using the steps below.

1. HP No Notification Sounds Only on Some Applications

If the problem you are experiencing is that no sound or notification appears when a chat comes in on certain applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or the default cellphone application, then you can check it in the settings of the application.

how to solve sms tone not sound

This aims to ensure that you have activated the sound when there is an incoming notification, to set the application settings you can do this by opening the application in question then opening Settings and selecting Notifications.

For example like this,

How to Restore Lost Whatsapp Ringtones on Android Phones

  • The first step we first open the whatsapp application on the xiaomi cellphone
  • After that click the 3 dots button in the top right corner >> select the Settings menu
  • Then on the settings or settings page, we select the Notification Menu
  • The last step is to make sure the Conversation Tone is active, then the Vibrating tone option and also the notification tone for message notifications and group notifications are in the correct settings.

2. Phone Ringtones Not Sound On All App Notifications

But if what happens is that all applications cannot provide notifications or there is no sound notification tone then you need to check the default notification settings.

If you have made sure starting from the type of sound, volume, to silent and vibrating mode in an active condition but the android cellphone tone does not sound, then the next step you have to do is to turn off the android phone or we often know as reboot android phone.

But before resetting all settings, try disabling the “Turn Off All Sound” setting in the Accessibility section of the Android phone.

or you can follow the steps below,

How to solve a Samsung cellphone that doesn’t ring when there is an incoming phone call

  • The first step is to wipe the cellphone screen panel from top to bottom and then enter the settings menu (next to the top right corner)
    how to fix the phone ring tone does not sound
  • Find and select the Accessibility menu
    lost phone default ringtone
  • Click Hearing
    cell phone ringtones don't sound
  • Then uncheck the “Turn Off All Sound” section
    how to restore lost notifications

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3. Notifications on Android phones don’t sound or don’t respond late

If the case that occurs is that the Android phone notification is late and slow, then the step to fix it is by downloading an application from the Android Playstore called Push Notifications Fixer.

This application can be used to fix notification tones for android phones that do not respond, besides the Push Notifications Fixer application can also be used to set various types of ringtones for Android notifications.

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Thus our meeting this time that just discussed how to restore the missing notification ringtone on an Android phone.

Hopefully the tips from us this time can help those of you who are experiencing problems like the one above, thank you so much.

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