Unique and Interesting Barbershop Promotion Words

By | April 2, 2022

Barbershop is a simple business, but it is never realized that it has a very wide market share. Without compiling the right words for barbershop promotion, this business tends to stagnate and become a business without unique characteristics. It takes creativity from barbershop owners, especially if you want to promote your business more broadly.

Well, this article will review a variety of unique barbershop promotional words.

Let’s see to the end!

Although the market is limited to men, the distribution is actually very wide. Barbershop Now has also appeared very modern, not just a haircut on the side of the road.

In fact, social media has also become a place to promote its business, with words like these:

1. Make the most of Hari Raya

One of the barbershop promotional words can be assembled by taking advantage of the holiday moment.

Usually, holidays in any general belief are used as a place for family gatherings. So, take advantage of this moment by packaging an attractive promotion.

  • Look Neat on Fitri’s Day! Palmstreet Barbershop remains open during Eid.
  • Show your version of self-confidence on the holidays with Barbershop Palmstreet.
  • Before Eid al-Adha, stop by the Palmstreet Barbershop, OK!
  • As the beautiful message of Christmas spreads around the world, Barbershop Palmstreet will remain open to celebrate.
  • Merry Christmas with Barbershop Palmstreet!
  • Don’t let your family get together with messy hairstyles!
  • Eid is less fun if you have the same hairstyle!
  • Eid al-Adha is here, it’s time to look stylish!
  • Welcoming Eid al-Qurban more sincerely, with top class hair stylists.

2. Hairstyle Consultation

The next barbershop promotional words can be raised and positioned themselves as a hair style consultation place.

Not a few haircut customers are still confused about the right hairstyle. So, this gap can be used to form a promotional sentence that is no less suitable.

  • Come and consult the most trendy hairstyles at Barbershop Palmstreet
  • Mandarin hairstyles? Or Korean oppa style long bangs? Just come to Palmstreet Barbershop.
  • Not satisfied with the current hairstyle? We have the answer!
  • What hairstyle do you like? Just chat at Barbershop Palmstreet.
  • Messy hair, what’s good? Cuss … to Barbershop Palmstreet.
  • Getting your hair done doesn’t have to be expensive at Barbershop Palmstreet.
  • Characters can appear stronger with the right hairstyle. Find your style at Barbershop Palmstreet.
  • The best hair style consultation place? Barbershop Palmstreet is the answer!
  • There are still many fun ways to make consumers comfortable at the barbershop by becoming the right hair stylist. So, if you want to survive in the midst of competition, barbershops must also understand a lot of material related to hairstyles.

3. The Style of Greeting Consumers

This technique is still often used as barbershop promotional words, especially in social media stories. The style greets consumers in a friendly manner every day, making more people connect and remember the barbershop you run.

  • Good morning, stylish hair owners!
  • Wake up but don’t want to look in the mirror?
  • Happy weekend loyal customers of Barbershop Palmstreet.
  • Morning, Brothers! Any plans for a haircut today?
  • A sudden event this afternoon? Neat first at Barbershop Palmstreet!
  • Hello, trendy friends! Looking for a barbershop that is open this early? Visit a Palmstreet barbershop in your city.
  • Good afternoon, style friends! Gabut doesn’t have a JJS agenda? Creambath at Barbershop Palmstreet, come on!
  • Hot afternoons? Just stop by Barbershop Palmstreet, guaranteed to be fresh again!
  • All of our branches are still open in New Normal! Keep up the good work, mate, style!
  • PPKM has been opened? We also! See you at the shaving chair, okay!

3. Celebrate Special Moments

Haircut services are also a sought-after place, when men need a trendy style at special moments.

For example, when celebrating a birthday, proposal, or wedding. In addition, there are many other special moments that can be processed into very interesting barbershop promotional words.

  • Cheer up the new year with a new hairstyle!
  • Celebrate your birthday with the latest hairstyle. Immediately consult with Barbershop Palmstreet!
  • The event of proof in front of prospective in-laws? Get your hair done at Barbershop Palmstreet!
  • Your sacred wedding needs a trendy appearance. Once in a lifetime, make sure everything is tidy with our hair stylists.
  • Facing a new job interview? Level up your cool with Barbershop Palmstreet!
  • Barbershop Palmstreet is ready to be a professional hair styist for your important events.
  • Start face-to-face school with a neat and stylish haircut.

4. Inform the Hours of Operation

Delivering operating hours and opening days can also be words that are no less interesting.

Sometimes there are beginner entrepreneurs who are too busy putting together words for promotion, but they forget to provide a description of their own outlet. As a result, customers are confused about the days and hours of opening their barbershop outlets. Therefore, this section is also very important to pay attention to.

Here are some examples of words about hours of operation:

  • Hello, style buddy! We are waiting for you at the Palmstreet Barbershop starting at 7 am, OK!
  • Looking for a late night barbershop? We serve customers until 10 o’clock every day!
  • Confused about shaving on the weekend? Palmstreet Barbershop is open every day!
  • Palmstreet Barbershop is now available 24 hours in this city!
  • Want an impromptu shave? Just go to our outlet, it’s definitely still open!
  • Welcoming Independence Day, August 16 we are open until 24.00
  • Enjoy 50% discount on afternoon shave. Come soon from 2 to 5 pm
  • Happy Sunday! This weekend we are still waiting for you starting at 8 am, OK!

5. Inform Additional Services

Various barbershop services, of course, are not only in the matter of shaving hair. There are also mustache and beard trimming, hair wash and massage, hair coloring, hair masks, and cream baths. All of these services will certainly be very creative if combined into barbershop promotional words.

  • Enjoy a hot afternoon with a hair mask from Barbershop Palmstreet.
  • Celebrate your happy day with a hair cut and shaving from a trusted barbershop
  • Want to change hair color in the new year? Trust our hair coloring to our Barbershop.
  • No need to be uncomfortable with messy mustaches and beards. We serve shaving with professional hands.
  • Who says creambath can only be done in salons?
  • Lazy to wash your hair? While JJS just stopped by Barbershop Palmstreet.
  • In addition to these standard services, a barbershop can also provide discounts on special days. So, pack it up into barbershop promotional words that are no less interesting.
  • 17% discount for those of you who shave your hair on independence day.
  • Show your ID card for an attractive discount for those named “AGUS”!
  • Creambath at the barbershop delivered by a girlfriend? Why not! Bring your girlfriend, get interesting pieces from us
  • There is an interesting give-away for those who shave with children.
  • Celebrate birthdays with neat hairstyles, plus special discounts from us.
  • Show your devotion! Free haircut for your dad!
  • Get interesting merchandise for schoolchildren who get haircuts!

A variety of unique and interesting barbershop promotional words are a powerful weapon to attract customers. Not only must it be creative, all of it must of course be adjusted to satisfactory service management. Moreover, if the promotion given is in the form of discounted prices to customers.

Hope it is useful.