Top 7 Best Calculator Apps For iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

By | January 2, 2022

The iPad still doesn’t have a calculator, and Apple’s iPhone’s basic calculator is a little basic. It’s fine to solve simple problems (and even have some scientific functionality) but there are plenty of alternatives on the App Store that offer more features and options.

Maybe you need advanced scientific functions, are looking for a unique way to help with your homework, or you’re just bored with the way Apple’s calculator looks and feels. You may even have reached a stage in your education where you want the best calculator available to you.

Whatever your math problem, the App Store can help solve it. Check out some of the best calculator apps for iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch.

Your iPhone Basic Calculator

Unless you’re an iPad user, the default Apple calculator app is probably all you need for everyday troubleshooting. Whether you’re splitting bills, working on your IOU, or wondering how much you spent on rent last year, just flick up to open Control Center and hit the Calculator icon.

You’ll see basic numbers and operators in portrait mode; Turn your phone sideways to get access to scientific functions. It’s basic but useful, including operators like sin/cos/tan, support for parentheses, constants like Pi, and a random number generator.

Unfortunately, this calculator lacks graphing features, limited history logging, and a very strict calculation view. And on the iPad, the app really doesn’t exist. Fortunately, there are many alternative calculators to choose from.


It’s hard to go wrong with Calzy. This offering is a great calculator app for your iPhone, along with the iPad and even the Apple Watch. One of the best features of this app is the Memory Area which allows you to save multiple values ​​for reuse in each session with a drag-and-drop gesture.

You can also mark calculations with date and time to view at any time. Another great feature is the ability to spell calculations in English and 65 other languages.

When you want to switch between a basic calculator and a scientific calculator, you can switch with a long press on the screen instead of having to rotate to landscape mode. There are also many other buttons that offer Haptic Touch to quickly access additional features.

For a more complete custom experience, you can also rearrange the keypad keys to better suit your taste. And thanks to the app’s widgets, you can make quick calculations by heading to Today View on your iPhone or iPad. If you like this, be sure to check out some too The Best iPhone Widgets And How To Use Them.


PCalc describes itself as the App Store’s “best calculator,” with a price tag to match. If $10 seems a little steep for a math app, consider the cost of a scientific calculator that does everything PCalc can do.

It works on iPhone and iPad, with the optional Apple Watch app to boot. This app is aimed at “scientists, engineers, students, programmers, or even anyone looking for a feature-rich calculator.” If reviews are anything to go by, this is the gold standard for calculators on the App Store.

Of note is the app’s customizability and ability to handle fast number input. There are a large number of operators, constants, functions, support for graphics, and much more. Calculator nerds rejoice: this is what you were looking for. It doesn’t even do Reverse Polish Notation (RPN).


Photomath takes a different approach to the other apps on this list. It works on both iPhone and iPad, and through your device’s camera lets you take pictures of your math problems to see the solution right away.

This app really exists as a learning tool, as it provides step-by-step instructions on how the result is achieved. There’s a slight danger that it will make your homework a little too easy, but used in the right context it can be an invaluable learning tool.

In addition to handwriting recognition via the camera, Photomath includes a plain old calculator that can handle arithmetic, trigonometry, fractions, decimals, roots, quadratic equations, and more. It even includes a graphics tool to boot.

Download: Photomath (Free, in-app purchases available)

Calcbot 2

Calcbot is a “smart calculator” app from Tapbots, which also makes the Twitterbbbbb app highly regarded. Now in its second version, Calcbot 2 is a free download with two important features hidden behind in-app purchases: unit conversion (including live currency rates) and the ability to add your own custom scientific constants.

Apart from that, the app is free to use and exudes a clean and visually pleasing design as seen in other Tapbots apps. The small design evolves, like a history record that records all your calculations, elevating it above Apple’s basic iOS calculator in terms of functionality as well.

Simplicity is key, with an “expression view” to show everything you type on a single screen, the ability to save favorite calculations, and iCloud sync between devices to keep your recorded history up to date. It’s worth noting that it looks and feels slick, with custom animations and one-touch actions for results.

Download: Calcbot 2 (Free, in-app purchases available)


Tydlig is a different calculator app for iPhone and iPad. The app starts with just a blank canvas, and you can add various components to suit your needs. When editing any number on the canvas, all the various results will be automatically updated instead of having to adjust each one individually.

Select the result to create a referensi on the line below. You can also drag results from anywhere on the canvas to create links. The results below will then be automatically updated. To help better understand your calculations, you can also add text labels to any number. When it’s time to graph, select any number and use the slider to see how the results change. The graph will also update automatically.

And this calculator app isn’t just for simple math. You can long press any number on the canvas to create an “X,” then tap a graphic action to create a graph.

Archimedes Calculator

Archimedes Calculator brings the graphing experience to iPhone and iPad. The calculator app automatically calculates the answer in numeric and precise form. Switch between the two options by simply swiping horizontally.

This app also saves your calculation history. Scroll up to see previous answers. If the calculations are chained together, all other calculations will automatically change when modifying the original. Automatic unit conversions and constants are also built-in. Archimedes Calculator supports both metric and imperial measurement systems.

In-app updates will unlock an integrated formula library, automatic unit handling, and the ability to directly interact with plots by simply dragging your finger across the screen.


There are several ways to interact with Calcularium. Along with using the buttons, you can take a photo of the problem, use Siri, or even write it in a script. The design of this app is based on tokens with the same structure. The left part shows the element type, while the right shows the result or value entered with its name above. Pure numbers and mathematical operators are additional components, along with tokens.

When the calculation is complete, you can Haptic Touch on the total and share the solution as plain text, image, or styled text.

Subscription brings an ad-free environment, unlimited functions/constants, more math scripts and photo scans, and unit/currency conversions.

While the built-in calculator on iPhone is great for basic everyday use, it’s definitely lacking when you need to do more complex work. And you’re really out of luck when it comes to iPads. But this calculator app offers a number of unique features for almost any type of task.