Tips for Buying a New Laptop / Notebook that You Must Know

By | March 6, 2022

Laptops / notebooks have become a person’s basic needs in doing office work. In addition, laptops or notebooks are very important for students or students to do assignments from teachers or lecturers or just browsing the internet to find the information needed.

What must be known before buying a new laptop or notebook?
Before buying a laptop or notebook there are a number of things we must know, so that after we buy the item we will not regret it later. Here are some tips before we buy a new laptop or notebook:

Adjust to your needs
If we have greater needs such as video editing or photo editing, we must buy a laptop with better specifications, especially on the VGA Card device, the processor used and the RAM installed on the laptop device. But if our needs are just for typing or browsing on the internet to play facebook or twitter we can buy notebooks with ordinary specifications. Adjustment to needs is very important because it will affect the price and money we have to spend to buy a laptop.

The brand of a laptop or notebook will affect quality

Before we buy a laptop, of course we will be faced with several choices of brands from existing laptops. Usually each brand of the laptop has its own strengths and weaknesses. So I suggest before buying a new laptop or notebook we can consult with friends who are experts in the field of computers about what brand of laptop is durable and easy to use. Many brands of laptops or notebooks on the market, including: Toshiba, HP, Acer, Azus, Lenovo and other brands.

Adjust to your finances
Before buying a new laptop, of course, we will also take into account our prices and financial capabilities. Usually a buyer wants a laptop with good specifications at a cheap price. But keep in mind that the price will also determine the specifications and quality of the laptop. Before you buy a laptop I suggest looking for browsur first from the laptop shop, then comparing prices according to our capabilities.

Official Service WarrantyThe warranty on a laptop is usually provided by the manufacturer so that if there is damage to the device, and the damage is not caused by a malfunction, then we can exchange it again then the damaged device will be replaced by a new one. the warranty period is usually only 1 year, for that before you buy a laptop or notebook ask first to the seller whether this warranty is official or only the seller’s shop warranty.

So tips before we buy a laptop, hopefully this simple computer article can be useful and can help.