This is How to Register for Grab Food so that the Culinary Business Is More Smooth

By | May 13, 2022

Do you know how to register for Grab Food?

Along with the increasing business in the field of technology, especially in the field of online transportation, the culinary business is also feeling the positive effects. For example, with the Grab Food feature on the Grab application, culinary businesses can reach more customers.

This is How to Register for Grab Food so that the Culinary Business Is More Smooth
Grab Food Courier illustration.

Many culinary entrepreneurs want to know how to register for Grab Food to advance their business.

But there are still many of them who do not really understand how to register. That’s why I wrote this article on purpose. Hopefully the contents of this article are useful and can help them all. Let’s just look at the full review.

Benefits of Registering with Grab Food

Registering a culinary business with Grab Food is very interesting and has many benefits. Besides being profitable for business owners or merchants, it is also beneficial for Grab drivers themselves. What are the benefits for business owners when registering their business with Grab Food? Here is the explanation:

Wider Customer Coverage

Of course, when a business has delivery facilities to the buyer’s location, the business has expanded its market coverage. By registering at Grab Food, business owners can get consumers not only from people who are close to the business location, but further than that.

With a large number of users, Grab Food is the right channel to introduce business to the public. The opportunity for restaurants to be seen and tried by customers is even greater by registering with Grab Food. No doubt many business actors want to know how to register for Grab Food after knowing this advantage.

Opportunity to Increase Turnover

With the expansion of market or customer coverage, the opportunity to get an increase in turnover also occurs. The large number of Grab users, allows business actors to get an increase in income. Although there must also be an increase in costs in terms of raw materials due to the increase in orders, but as long as it is in line with the increase in turnover, then of course it will not be a problem.

There are Various Payment Options

Consumers are very happy with restaurants that have multiple payment methods. By registering with Grab Food, business owners can give consumers the freedom to make payments. For consumers who prefer a cashless system, they can use GrabPay or OVO. As is known, the OVO wallet balance is connected to the GrabPay balance.

However, if the customer’s GrabPay or OVO balance is empty, cash payments to Grab drivers can also be an option. This is the advantage that business owners get when registering with GrabFood, which makes it easier for customers to make payments.

There is a Free Promo

Automatically, when a culinary business actor registers his business on GrabFood, the restaurant will appear in the GrabFood application itself. You could say this is a free promotion channel because without paying anything, the name of the restaurant already appears on the GrabFood application. Not to mention if buyers often give good ratings to the restaurant itself.

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How to Register for Grab Food is Easy

To be able to get all the benefits described above, it is necessary to know how to register for Grab Food first. Unlike many people imagine, it turns out that the way to register is quite easy. As long as you can meet the existing terms and conditions, the process will certainly not be complicated.

Here’s how to register:

Make Account Creation Through the Official Site

Important info: Registering for Grab Food cannot be done through an application installed on a smartphone, but you must directly visit the website from Grab itself. Please visit the Grab Food info that I have listed above. Now, after the official website page opens, you will see a display as shown in the photo below.

Oh yes, there is a slight difference in appearance between the page on the mobile (mobile screen), and the display on the PC (computer screen). I will show the display on mobile (Hp) first.

Take a good look at the photo below.

This is How to Register for Grab Food so that the Culinary Business Is More Smooth

Look at the area circled in red in the photo above, then click. A screen like the one in the photo below will appear.

This is How to Register for Grab Food so that the Culinary Business Is More Smooth

Take a good look at the red circle in the photo above. There it is written “Be Our Partner”, please click on it. Later, several menu options for the type of cooperation will appear, please click on the option “Grab Food Partner”.

Well, as above, that’s how the official Grab website looks when it’s opened from a mobile device (Hp). Next I will give the view of the grab site if it is opened from the desktop (computer device). Look carefully at some of the photos below.

This is How to Register for Grab Food so that the Culinary Business Is More Smooth

Take a look at the writing “Be Our Partner” (circled part) in the photo above, please click on that part. A drop down menu will appear, please select (click) the section “Grab Food Partner”. Take a look at the photo illustration below.

This is How to Register for Grab Food so that the Culinary Business Is More Smooth

Pay attention to the section circled in red in the photo above, please click on that section. A new page will open, as seen in the photo below.

This is How to Register for Grab Food so that the Culinary Business Is More Smooth

At this stage, you as a culinary business owner will be asked to fill out an online form containing data such as the name of the restaurant, restaurant address, telephone number, email address, and the full name of the account owner. Fill in all the form fields with valid data, so that your collaboration application can be quickly approved by Grab Food.

After completing all the forms for account creation, then click the “Captcha”.

Next click the button “List”.

Usually not long after that, Grab Food will send a info for verification to your email. Therefore, don’t forget to check your email and verify your registration.

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Do Merchant Registration

After the account at GrabFood has been verified via email, then continue the registration process by submitting the registration form to create a merchant. At this stage, in addition to filling in your personal and business data, you will also be asked to upload your restaurant/shop/warung logo. Complete with menus and also a list (variants) of the menus in your culinary business.

At this stage, GrabFood will verify the data provided by you as a business owner. The range of time required for verification is a maximum of 72 hours. If the deadline has passed but verification has not been given, then you should register/refill the form.

Manage Your Culinary Business Open-Close Schedule

At this stage, you must fill in the schedule for opening and closing your culinary business. This information is important to convey to potential buyers. Because if you don’t include a schedule, then at one time your culinary business is closed, then buyers who have already ordered will be disappointed. That is why Grab Food asks every culinary business owner to include a schedule for opening and closing their businesses at the registration stage.

After the open and close schedule is entered on this schedule page, then press the green arrow button so you can proceed to the next registration stage. The next stage is to fill in your culinary business menu.

Filling Your Culinary Business Menu

Filling out this culinary business menu is the last stage of the Grab Food registration process. At this stage you must add a menu to each column by pressing the button “+”. Fill in completely starting from the name of the restaurant, the type, the name for the food menu and also the price. After everything is done, then press “Send” then “Finished”.

In this way, your Grab Food registration process has been completed.

Verification Process by Grab Food

At this stage, Grab will check the data and registration forms sent by the restaurant owner. If everything is in order, then the restaurant owner will get a notification via email or via SMS. Furthermore, there is a merchant cooperation agreement whose steps will be provided directly by Grab.

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This is the amount of profit sharing at Grab Food

Grab establishes a revenue-sharing system with merchants. This is important for potential partners to know for determining the selling price later.

The profit sharing applied by Grab is 30% excluding VAT taken from the total order.

So, if in a day you get an order of 1 million, then 300 thousand belongs to Grab.

When viewed from the amount of profit sharing, it seems big, but this is comparable to the size of the market that can be obtained. Of course, this can be circumvented by increasing prices so that restaurant operations are not too burdened. Considering that 30% is obtained from daily turnover, the unit price of the menu can be slightly increased.

When raising this price, also pay attention to the price range for similar menus from other restaurants that have joined Grab Food.

Do not set the price too high because you expect big profits from profit sharing.

You can increase the price a little to cover operational costs, but don’t go too far. Cleverly manage this price issue.

After knowing how to register for Grab Food, it is hoped that many culinary entrepreneurs will want to try this opportunity. It is also hoped that there will be an increase in income, so that the culinary business will thrive and be increasingly recognized by the public.

After you join and take full advantage of Grab Food, don’t forget to optimize other promotional channels. Continue to prioritize the quality of taste and presentation, so that your buyers and customers want to shop again and become loyal customers of your culinary business.

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Best of luck to you always! ️

See you again in the next no less interesting article. Regards.

Author by : Bang izal.