These 5 Mediterranean Style Houses Are Really Cool, Take A Peek!

By | December 22, 2021

Classical design houses usually adopt the concept of a Mediterranean style house. The style of this building is influenced by architectural art from Spain, the Middle East and Roman civilization.

Some of the characteristics that are very thick in this building style include the following:

On the floor. The height on the floor of this Mediterranean house can reach two levels or more.

On the pillars. Mediterranean-style buildings usually have a round pillar base.

On the wall. In general, use natural stone. There are also those who use bricks that are not burned.

On the doors and windows. Usually the doors and windows of a Mediterranean house are rectangular with a distinctive arch at the top.

Pthere is a roof. The majority of Mediterranean style houses use a sloping roof. But there are also some others who use a gable roof (two sides). And some of them use a four-sided roof model.

On the dome. This last element is usually added. With the aim that the Mediterranean-style building looks more unique.

Now all the combination of building architecture from the middle east and west (Spain/Roman), makes the style of this house look even more luxurious.

Here are some Mediterranean-style house models that are worthy of inspiration for you.

Let’s see to the end.


1. Luxurious

5 These Mediterranean Style Houses Are Really Cool (Worth Imitated)
Illustration. Photo by :

This house looks luxurious and attractive. The colors displayed make the residence look very grand. This European and Turkish residential concept is very charming to be used as inspiration in making a good house.

The yard in this house is wide, so a garden can be made around the house which will make it even better.

There are many things that can be added to beautify the decor of this European-style house. If you like a house with a classic style, this multi-storey house model is suitable to be created as desired, so that it becomes the desired residence.

The materials used also seem sturdy and make the house look magnificent with the carvings given.

2. Multi-storey Mediterranean House

5 These Mediterranean Style Houses Are Really Cool (Worth Imitated)
Illustration. Photo by :

The style of the house used is using the model of houses in Turkey and Spain. The uniqueness of this style house really amazes people who see it, because it is still rare to find in Indonesia.

Moreover, the design displayed is reminiscent of the state of the house in Turkey and Spain. Not many carvings are given to this house model, but the classic impression of the West is still very attached.

The beauty of the decorations given is very charming, the outside which looks not so wide in the yard, but on the back it is quite spacious. This is very good because the yard can be used as a place to relax.

3. Classic Mediterranean Luxury House

These 5 Mediterranean Style Houses Are Really Cool, Take A Peek!
Illustration. Photo by : Pinterest

The sturdy building that looks at the Mediterranean style house is amazing with its classic design. The beauty of the carvings given is very charming and makes this house look even more enchanting.

The pale white color that is displayed makes a luxurious house seem very elegant.

The imitated western style blends seamlessly with the Asian décor added to the design of this house. The pages on the front and back look wide, making it even more charming.

This house model is also elongated, making it seem so big.

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4. A Disguised Mafia

These 5 Mediterranean Style Houses Are Really Cool, Take A Peek!
Illustration. Photo by :

This house model with a name that is so scary has a very unusually beautiful design. Without losing the impression of a Mediterranean house, this house is carved and decorated by statues to beautify the state of the house. Moreover, there is a garden on the side of the house making it even more amazing.

The combination of house designs in Europe, Greece and Turkey makes this house very stunning with its exterior beauty. Interestingly, this house model can be found in big cities. Moreover, the old city area is still happy with a classic house style like this.

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5. European Classic 1 Floor

These 5 Mediterranean Style Houses Are Really Cool, Take A Peek!
Illustration. Photo by : Pinterest

If you really want to have a Mediterranean-style house with one floor, this house model can be used as an interesting residential inspiration. The beauty of the decorations displayed is no less attractive than other multi-storey luxury homes. The carvings that are typical of this European house will appear on the roof.

The rest of the yard that stretches out can be used as a garden to decorate around the house. Interestingly, there are many Asian decorations that can be added to beautify this luxurious residence. The classic impression of this house will not lose its elegant impression.

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Thus the discussion of the Mediterranean style house that will take the reader to a time before the modern age. The beauty displayed in these houses will bring up creative ideas that can build a very comfortable and elite dwelling.

Hope it is useful. Don’t forget to stay tuned for the next interesting article.