These 10 Old-school Toys Make the 90s Generation Remember Childhood

By | December 25, 2021

The “Y” generation or more often called the 90s generation is arguably the happiest generation. This is not without reason, they have a happier childhood and less stress. Their games, which are still completely manual and analog, actually make this generation ready to face challenges. Old school toys have proven to be successful in coloring 90s children’s days.

So attached to their childhood happiness, this old school toy is hard to forget. In fact, some are willing to hunt down these old school toys. Although it is difficult and is rarely marketed, but 90s children’s toys can still be found. It’s good to introduce the current generation to old games so that today’s children are not too addicted to gadgets.

The Effect of Old-school Toys on the Personality of the 90s Generation

Consciously or not, the widespread use of technology in children’s toys today is also due to the influence of the 90s generation itself. This generation is experiencing a transition from all things analog to digital. So is their game. The types of toys they play are very diverse, ranging from manual to analog.

Technological changes in the toys they play do not necessarily turn manual toys into old-school toys.

In the 90s, there was a significant technological development with the internet. This technology also later influenced the emergence of toys such as Nintendo, Tetris, Tamagochi, and also Sega.

Children in the 90s did not necessarily abandon manual toys such as gobak sodor, gundu, picture cards and others. This is because the entry of this game is also smooth, aka not radically. This is why kids in the 90s had such a good balance when it came to play. In terms of words, they are still children and technology at that time did not necessarily make them older than their age.

Differences in the demands of old school toys with modern toys

In contrast to the current generation, since they were born they have been exposed to advanced technology. As a result, many of them are depressed at an early age. Their games also have a high level of stress. Although both are technology-based, the stress level on Nintendo is very far from the stress level on PUBG. Plus, not all children used to have sophisticated games.

Nintendo and Sega are definitely old school toys for today’s generation. However, for 90s kids, it was the world’s most sophisticated item. They are willing to wait their turn to be able to play Nintendo at their friend’s house. There was a unique phenomenon at that time. After school, the homes of children who are economically good will be crowded with their peers. What else but to play Nintendo.

This is why, most 90s kids are better prepared to deal with the technological changes that are happening in today’s world.

This is not necessarily the case for the Alpha generation in the face of future technological changes. The childhood of 90s children can be said to be happier because there is less pressure from the pattern of play. In addition, there are many old-school toys that actually forge their mentality and have healthy competition.

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Types of Missed Old-school Toys

There are lots of old-school toys that you really miss. In fact, because people’s interest is still great for this classic toy, some manufacturers are still producing it. There are also those that make it look more exciting to attract today’s children. What are the toys you miss? Check out the list below:


These 10 Old-school Toys Make the 90s Generation Remember Childhood

Tamiya is a toy car that can be moved by remote control. This toy, which is also identical to the Japanese cartoon character Yonkuro Hinomaru, has succeeded in making 90s children crazy. Because of its popularity, Tamiya is still being hunted by collectors. Tamiya is very popular because it can be played on any terrain. The steeper the race, the more fun it is.

Crush Gear

These 10 Old-school Toys Make the 90s Generation Remember Childhood

Crush gear was a very popular toy from the 90’s to the 2000’s. Even this toy is still much sought after by fans to this day. Most of the people looking for it are adults in their 30s and over. They want to find these old, rare toys for collection purposes. There are also those who seek it to reminisce on the beauty of their childhood.

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Disassembly of Clothing

These 10 Old-school Toys Make the 90s Generation Remember Childhood

This is a girls favourite. Unloading pairs alias BP is a game of mixing and matching clothes and people. Usually BP is sold in the form of sheets containing people and their clothes. The man and his clothes are ready to be cut or torn. After that, the children are free to mix and match clothes and people. Don’t get me wrong, girls at that time could have hundreds of BP.


These 10 Old-school Toys Make the 90s Generation Remember Childhood

This one game is the most fun to play after school or even at school. Can be played by 2-4 people and players immediately feel the richest person in the world. This is not without reason, because when playing monopoly the children are free to buy the land they want with the money that has been distributed. Not to mention when you get a bonus from taking the General and Opportunity Fund card.

Snakes and ladders

These 10 Old-school Toys Make the 90s Generation Remember Childhood

It was difficult to get to the top but had to go down because it stopped at the snake’s tail. Well, this is what happened to 90s kids at that time. Snakes and ladders are boxes that must be passed from the results of throwing the dice. If the pawn stops on the snake’s head, then the player can climb all the way to the snake’s tail. But if you stop at the snake’s tail, you must be willing to free fall.

Gimbot Alias ​​Game and Watch

These 10 old-school toys make the 90s generation remember their childhood

This game is popular among boys. This toy is a portable type game console. Obviously this is a sophisticated item in its era. Usually, this gimbot is rented out by the seller in front of the school. Children will queue to be able to play it. Now, this game is also on Android. Yes, of course to answer the longing of 90s children who are now getting old.

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These 10 Old-school Toys Make the 90s Generation Remember Childhood

This new version of Gimbot contains a brick game that likes to say “stupid you” when players arrange the wrong bricks. This Tetris booms tremendously and shifts Gimbot’s position. The children seemed impatient waiting for school hours so they could play Tetris at home. Similar to Gimbot, the Tetris game can now also be downloaded on Android phones.


These 10 Old-school Toys Make the 90s Generation Remember Childhood

Nintendo seems to be a trademark for toys from the 90s. The number of games that reached hundreds in one cassette successfully anesthetized children at that time. The most famous games from Nintendo are Mario Bros. and Contra. In addition, there are many other games such as Galaxy 5000, Ice climber, and also Pack-Man. It’s hard to move on from this game.


These 10 Old-school Toys Make the 90s Generation Remember Childhood

Tazoz are pictorial pieces that can be obtained when your child buys Chiki Balls. No wonder the sales of Chiki Balls skyrocketed at that time. What makes Tazoz unique is that these pieces can be arranged to form an object. It can be planes, cars, robots and anything! 90s kids can even have cans of Tazoz, you know!


These 10 Old-school Toys Make the 90s Generation Remember Childhood

There are no Tamagochi pets either. Yes, Tamagochi is a virtual pet that must be kept. This Japanese toy has proven to be popular with 90s children. These Tamagochis always have their pockets wherever they go. They are quick to feed and take care of Tamagochi when he is sick. Funny, yes.

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Well, that’s an old 90s toy that’s hard to forget. Although some of their games are based on technology, they can still be played together with friends or relatives. Happiness is simple, just play a lot and hang out with friends. Because actually playing is the nature of children.

That’s a light article about old school toys. Happy nostalgia! ️

See you again in the next article that is no less interesting. Regards.

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