The most effective way to clean the water tower, let’s see!

By | May 8, 2022

How to clean the water tower – Every private house that is large enough usually has a tower or water tank. The function of this tower itself, of course, is to hold water. Now the water that has been accommodated will later be used for daily needs. Such as for bathing, washing clothes/dishes, for cleaning purposes (after urinating/defeating), etc.

A question arises: “Why does the water have to be stored in the toren first? Can’t the water be used directly by turning on the water pump (Sanyo/Jet Pam) instead?”

Well, this is an interesting question.

In general, people use this water tower to save electricity.

Further questions may arise: “Why can using a tower save electricity?”

According to several sources and information that the author got, so if you use a Sanyo/Jet pam that is turned on all the time, it will waste electricity usage. The reason is this; every time you plug the Sanyo/Jet Pam engine cable into a power source, it will consume a large amount of electrical power.

If in a day and a night your family only does 5 plugs at least, then that’s enough to use up your electric power. What if you have quite a lot of family members? So that the water machine cable is plugged in a total of 10 times a day? Well, as a result, your electricity arrears can swell every month.

So, to outsmart this, the idea emerged to make the water machine stand out only once, or a maximum of two times a day.

How to?

That is by storing water into a large toren until it is full. So there is no need to repeatedly plug in the water machine every time you go to the bathroom (so it saves electricity). Usually one large toren contains enough for the daily toilet needs of a family.

That’s above one of the advantages and benefits of using a water tower. But in addition to the advantages, of course there are also disadvantages. One of the main drawbacks of this tower is; often there are residual water impurities that over time accumulate in it. Of course this cannot be left alone. Because the accumulated dirt will make the water stored in the toren cloudy.

Torens tend to be rarely cleaned. The reason is because (usually) this water tower is located at a high place, so some people are a bit reluctant to check the condition of the toren (this is personal experience). Hehe 
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