The Influence of Successful and Knowledgeable Friends On Our Thinking Patterns

By | April 6, 2022

Hello all friends. ️

After successively in the previous three articles I wrote the theme of motivation and religion, so this time I want to write an article with the topic of self-development.

The topic that I will raise is the influence of successful and knowledgeable friends on our thinking patterns.

There is an expression: We can see a person’s character and mindset from who his friends are.

If we make friends (for example) with drunks, slackers, unemployed carpenters, motorcycle gangs and people who have other bad characters, of course their ways and patterns of thinking will also influence us.

Therefore stay away from friends or bad social circles, because they will not benefit our future.

I’m not just talking friends,,,,

Because when I was a teenager myself (in the 90s) I also hung out and made friends with various characters.

Including hanging out with school gang kids.

In fact, the activities of drinking liquor, harassing and extorting other people have become commonplace for them.

In the past, the term was ‘betak’, so they intercepted other schoolchildren in a certain place and demanded their money forcibly. Usually the bluff tool is a sickle or iron ruler that is sharpened until it is sharp.

The bad association continued until I graduated from high school in 1998.

Even after graduating from school, my stubbornness was getting worse. At that time, the routine ‘ritual’ with friends (gang kids and hangouts) was drinking mixed ginseng drinks.

Sometimes ‘make a push’, combined with a few rolls of ‘cimenk’ and ga**da nuts.

Captain’s ship Hehehe. ️

Those ‘lost’ times continued until the end of 2001.

Entering the beginning of 2002 I began to think,,,,,,,:

“Until when w must it continue like this?

“Maybe w must dare to take a stand and decide to leave everything.”

“Ladies and gentlemen w not rich people, brothers and sisters I many and still small!

“Whereas w the eldest child and must be their fulcrum.”

“I have to start emigrating!”

So since then I started to go wander to Pandeglang.

When I first started my business in Pandeglang, it could be said that I was still very ‘katrok’. Hehehe. ️

Why did I say katrok?

Because when I arrived at the Pandeglang market, I was like a homebody who had just stepped into the field. Not good at talking, can’t speculate, let alone play intrigue, wow!

While in the market there are a lot of intrigues that occur between traders. Playing ‘skunk elbow’ and ‘shift’ other people’s stalls, it has become commonplace in the Pandeglang market.

If we are not smart and can’t play intrigue, then get ready to be ‘eaten’ by other traders.

So, that’s where I started to learn and think about how to adapt.

Finally I found the most effective way, namely trying to approach the person who is considered the most influential in the market. He was an old merchant who had been successful and respected in the market. Well, if the most influential people in a region are close to us, of course, all affairs tend to become easier, right? ️

Apart from getting protection, I also learned a lot of trading techniques from Si uda. He was one of my teachers at the beginning of his career as a trader.

Starting from the Pandeglang market, I have learned a lot.

If we want to move forward, then prioritize finding close friends who are more successful and more knowledgeable than us.

Why should we prioritize finding friends who have been more successful than us?

Yes, logically if we look for a close friend whose knowledge is not better than ours, then what kind of knowledge will we get from him?


Even if an ‘enemy’ even if his knowledge is better than ours, then we should be able to ‘steal it!’

I’ve succeeded in stealing knowledge from my own ‘mortal enemy’, don’t you believe it?

Oh yes,,,,

There is one important thing: friends, please don’t be misguided, in this case it doesn’t mean I forbid us to hang out.

We can be friends with anyone as long as he is good and can be useful.

So what I mean in this article is looking for friends who are more prioritized (close friends).

Namely friends who have been successful and have qualified knowledge in their fields. So that we can learn, learn and gain knowledge from them.

Throughout my career, I have changed business fields dozens of times.

And my friends and teachers are quite a lot.

Among my teachers are:

– My own father: who taught me sewing.

– My own mother: who taught me the basics of trading toys.

– Si uda in Pandeglang: this is my mentor as well as my ‘back’ in the Pandeglang market.

– Si iwan : This is my best friend while trading at the night market, he is also the one who taught me trading techniques during the night market.

– Pak Pen and the late Mak enek, both of whom were my teachers who taught me how to make and mix the Padang satay seasoning. Fyi, I also traded Padang satay in 2005.

– Mr. Amaik: who taught me the knowledge of the tire repair shop until I was proficient.

Until now the knowledge that I got was never lost. If any of my friends have problems with their tires and car plates, right now I can still fix them. ️

Those are some of my teachers/mentors.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, including my teacher who is actually my own ‘mortal enemy’!

That is what I have previously mentioned above.

I’m not kidding you guys,,, I’m serious!

It was thanks to the knowledge that I ‘stolen’ from my mortal enemy, that my toy shop was able to progress rapidly. Until finally I was able to open a toy store branch in 2014.

If you are curious about the story, later if you have free time, take the time to read the article entitled ‘My enemy is my best teacher’. ️

Well, how about now?

Am I still looking for other knowledgeable friends?

So that I can learn from them? Oh of course that’s for sure!

Some of my next friends and teachers who always inspire me are uncle Faisal adlan. He is the owner of the ical toys online store, an online shop that specializes in die cast metal, especially Hot wheels. This uncle is an expert in his field, has been managing his online store for about 10 years.

What attracted me to him was his very neat and organized work system. He is smart in utilizing technological advances to support his business operations.


In one hot wheel auction, he can successfully sell 5,000 to 8,000 pcs of hot wheels until they are sold out! Extraordinary. ️

I’ve also never been picky about friends or teachers.

Even though he is younger, if he has special skills that I can learn from him, then I will not hesitate to learn from him, for example, like this uncle Faisal adlan. ️

Since 2013 I have started to open an online shop, and one of my sources of reference in online trading techniques is these omical toys.

And since the beginning of 2017, I have also started to dive into the world of blogging!

And as long as the breath is still blowing, the search for new knowledge will never stop!

I continue to explore knowledge in this blogging field to friends who are seniors in the publisher world such as mas sugeng, mas gani, uncle maxmanroe, mbak indri skipper cipir, om dharmawan guideIM, om nino articles, and many others.

From them I learned a lot and gained knowledge.

Lots of useful knowledge to get from them.

And this blogging world is really serious, you know, friends.

Because blogging can be a good investment in the future.

So when I write articles I never play around.

I’d rather not write if I can’t produce quality writing.

If I’m not in the mood to write, I really don’t write first.

Instead of being forced, the end result is a mess. So, when the mood is good and brilliant ideas come back, then my fingers start dancing again on the keyboard keys. ️

And never stop seeking knowledge until death picks us up. The most useful people are those who are knowledgeable, and their knowledge can be useful for others.

If there are people who are more knowledgeable than us, then don’t be afraid to learn from them. And if there are other people who are more layman than us, don’t be stingy in giving and teaching knowledge to him.

Such is the influence of knowledgeable people on our thinking patterns.

One thing is certain:

Having successful and knowledgeable friends will tend to lead us to progress!

Trust me!


Because they will definitely bring a positive aura, which makes us always inspired and want to follow in their footsteps! right what right?? Hehehe.

That’s why anyone can find friends, as long as he can bring positive benefits to us.

Simple right? ️

Alright friends, it’s long enough for our sharing this time, hopefully it can be useful. I think it’s enough to write here first, because the time is already showing at 17.30, soon it will be time to break the fast hehehe. ️

Best of luck to all of you friends.


Author by : Bang izal.