The Easiest Way to Install Magnetic Curtains, Check it Out!

By | December 16, 2021

How to install magnetic curtains – There are many ways that can be done to beautify the interior of our homes. One way is to install decorations in every part of the house. For example on the wall, then you can install decorations such as photo frames, wall hangings from wool threads, ropes, etc.

Another part of the interior that is no less important to be decorated is the door of the house. The door of the house should not be left empty. Of course you will feel uncomfortable if all family activities look free from the outside, right?

That is why the door of the house is so important to be given a curtain. And one type of curtain that is recommended to be installed is a magnetic curtain.

The door of the house that is most recommended to be given a curtain cover is the door of the room and family room. The door to the room is curtained so that the privacy inside can be maintained.

So even though you live under one roof, there are still privacy restrictions that other residents of the house cannot see. Because usually there are other people in the house, for example like a maid.

Meanwhile, the door to the family room (which usually borders the living room) also needs to be curtained. The goal is that the activities of family members are not freely visible to visiting guests.

See the photo illustration of the magnetic curtain below.

The Easiest Way to Install Magnetic Curtains, Check it Out!

The above is important for us to do. Because our culture and culture as Indonesians still maintain certain things that are considered as privacy. Therefore, bedroom doors and living room doors should be bordered by curtains.

Give a magnetic curtain cover, so that the privacy of your home is not seen directly from the outside. So that your privacy can be maintained. In addition, the interior of your home will look more beautiful with the magnetic curtain.

In addition to the above uses, this magnetic curtain also has other benefits that are no less important. That is, it can prevent mosquitoes from entering the room behind the door.

Let’s see some steps and how to install it below.


1. Unboxing Magnetic Curtains

If you have got a package of magnetic curtains, they must be immediately disassembled and separated one by one. This magnetic curtain usually consists of several parts. Namely the frame and some other small parts. Of course, including the curtain that must be installed.

The Easiest Way to Install Magnetic Curtains, Check it Out!

Usually this magnetic curtain looks more compact at the time of packaging (because the components are still separate). Therefore, when unboxing, please check each part one by one (to facilitate the installation of magnetic curtains).

Then do the next few steps below, so that the magnetic curtain can be installed perfectly as a door covering.

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2. Prepare Tools To Install It.

After unboxing the magnetic curtain will certainly separate the existing parts. Such as curtain poles, curtain magnets, nuts, and some other small components. But usually, even though the components are complete, sometimes the magnetic curtain is still not installed perfectly.

Therefore, it takes the help of other tools for the installation of the magnetic curtain.

These tools are like a hammer, some nails, and you can also add tape to glue them together. Then each component must be ready to be installed (part by part). Next do the installation of magnetic curtains whose size is in accordance with the door of the room.

The importance of using tools when installing this magnetic curtain.

The goal is that the magnetic curtain can be attached to the door of the room. This tool will make installation easier. For example, a nail that will make the curtain attached patently to the door. Then a hammer that will help the installation of the curtain fit better when driving nails.

When the support is attached to the curtain, then place the curtain parallel to the door of the room. Usually the size of the magnetic curtain is standard according to the existing door, so you just need to stick it.

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3. Install the Complicated Parts First

The Easiest Way to Install Magnetic Curtains, Check it Out!
Illustration. Photo by : Yabes Putra (Youtube).

When ordering magnetic curtains, users usually choose a color, but do not understand what equipment is used when installing it. Sometimes the installation instructions (illustrations) are not listed perfectly. So it takes its own improvisation in installing it.

The tricky part lies in the part of the curtain that will be installed. From the material alone, this magnetic curtain is designed to be quite thin. Therefore, it is necessary to install a magnetic curtain that is extra careful (so as not to tear). Next, insert the curtain supports (to keep the magnetic curtains upright).

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4. Be careful again, make sure the curtains are not easy to come off

After all the parts are installed properly on the door of the room, then then try to examine the parts by part. This is important so that the magnetic curtain does not come off easily when it is pulled, so that it remains firmly attached to the door.

Usually the top that must be checked carefully, because it is the pedestal where the magnetic curtain is attached. If the top is strong, it means the magnetic curtain has been installed perfectly. So that the edges just follow the installation.

Thus brief information on how to install magnetic curtains.

Hopefully useful and see you again in the next interesting article.