The Book of Denise Milani : Photo Collection Part 3

By | January 14, 2022
Denise Milani album cover

DEnise is an internationally recognized model, influencer and fitness expert who has been featured in numerous publications and websites.

Apart from being a model, Denise Milani is also an entrepreneur, certified health coach and NCSF certified personal trainer. She has also competed and won in the Bikini Fitness NPC competition.

Milani’s videos and photo shoots take place in many different places like her home, beach, club, local mall and other public events. Milani often wears sexy clothes and shows her cleavage. In one of her most famous videos, she interviews Playboy model Jaime Hammer in a limousine and public restaurant, while wearing a pink tank top, showing off her enormous cleavage and getting a lot of attention from the public.

In April 2007, Milani created his own MySpace profile. At that time she was one of the most famous Internet models in the United States. At the same time, Milani first posed for PinupGlam. In May 2007, many Milani fans started a petition, which lobbied for topless or nude photos and videos of Milani. Milani won the 2007 Miss Bikini World Competition. Then she placed first in the 2011 Excalibur NPC Bikini Division followed by a 5th place finish in the 2012 Atlanta NPC Bikini Division.

In early 2010, the website creators split up and the site was shut down. Milani and her husband are suing the creators (Periscope Media) of her website for illegal control of her website and other social media accounts in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Milani won the lawsuit and was able to defend his website and stage name.

For a period of time, her website was in limbo, but launched her new website entitled “Connecting with Denise Milani” in April 2011, with new modeling content.

In late 2011, Denise became obsessed with fitness and sports health. He started taking part in fitness competitions across the US, in addition to occasionally making videos and photo shoots that looked more docile and/or less revealing.