The Best Steam Games You Can Complete In Less Than 10 Hours

By | April 19, 2022

Tired of long games that take forever to beat? Then you should try this shorter and more focused experience.

Modern video games are more impressive than ever, but they also cause games to take too long to complete. Not everyone has 50 or 100 hours to immerse in an epic RPG or open world game with hundreds of missions.

Fortunately, there are plenty of short games that don’t take up a lot of time. Let’s take a look at some of the best Steam games you can finish in under 10 hours.

Gunpoint is a puzzle game with an emphasis on stealth. You play as a spy who has to break into buildings to steal data. Your main gadget is Crosslink, which allows you to view and modify the build system.

For example, you can change the light switch to open the door. Using this, you can sneak into buildings and get what you need without telling any guards.

With a slick noir story, open-ended gameplay, and rewards for playing in different ways, Gunpoint is a blast if you enjoy “puzzle box” gameplay like this. It takes about three hours to beat, or nearly seven if you do everything.

Far Cry games have a lot of content to learn, so most of them are not suitable for this list. However, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a spin-off title that has a much denser experience.

Like most Far Cry games, first-person shooter gameplay revolves around completing story missions, liberating bases, and collecting trinkets. Blood Dragon takes place in a 1980s look into the future, complete with a gamer-friendly synthwave soundtrack and VHS scan lines in the sky. He also has a good dose of humour, with the protagonist being a tough guy who is chatty and cheesy.

You can complete Blood Dragon in about five hours, or spend about nine hours for 100 percent completion. It’s a much tastier alternative to the dozens of hours that other Far Cry games require.

If you haven’t played Portal, you should fix it. This is one of the best games ever made, and you can finish it in a reasonable amount of time.

Portal takes place in Aperture Science Laboratories, where you are a test subject who can wield Portal weapons. This tool lets you shoot two portals, which you can bend by walking through them.

You will use this ability to progress through various laboratory test rooms. While it’s simple at first, you’ll soon have to deal with movement-based puzzles, enemy towers, and other obstacles. Meanwhile, the central AI lab, GLaDOS, is mocking you.

Portal takes about three hours to complete the basics, or just under 10 hours if you want to do all that is available. Once you’ve done that, you’ll most likely want to play the next Portal 2, which is a bit longer.

SUPERHOT is an innovative shooter where time only moves while you are at it. Everything is represented by a simple polygonal graphic: objects you can interact with are black, while enemies appear red.

This simple style and motion-based gameplay makes SUPERHOT feel more like a puzzle than a straightforward shooter. You have to keep restarting the levels to find the optimal path to beat everyone without getting yourself hit.

You can finish the main story in about three to five hours, with additional modes to learn if you want more after.

If you like Portal, you’ll love The Swapper too. This is an atmospheric 2D puzzle game where you have a tool that allows you to swap consciousness between bodies. You must use this to complete various puzzles and progress.

In addition to the unique mechanics, The Swapper features beautiful graphics thanks to its artwork, which uses clay models and real-life materials. It also features thoughtful stories that will leave you wondering.

While some of the puzzles might leave you confused for a while, most people complete The Swapper in five to six hours.

Gato Roboto is a short and sweet Metroidvania game with retro graphics. You play as a cat scientist who has to navigate an alien planet. While you can sneak into small spaces as a cat, you don’t have any attack methods. Luckily, you can use the mech suit to gain firepower.

This game is very easy, it only takes about four to five hours to complete. You’ll explore several segmented areas and collect upgrades, as well as hidden collectibles that change the graphic filter.

It failed to become one of the best Metroidvania games because it was so small; map can’t match the immersion of a bigger title. But Gato Roboto is a simple game that doesn’t require a big commitment, so it’s still worth your time.

Gorogoa is a puzzle game, but unlike anything you’ve seen before. This gives you multiple storybook panels, which you must interact with to advance the story. For example, you may have to rearrange it to make way for your designated boy to cross a chasm.

Since you can zoom in on various elements in each panel, you should carefully consider what your next step is. It’s never frustrating, as there are very few elements to interact with at any given time. Gorogoa only takes about two hours to complete, but has a lot of great puzzle solving at that.

Shovel Knight is a Kickstarter success story that became one of the most popular indie games of this generation. It brings together elements of retro games like Mega Man, DuckTales, and Super Mario Bros. 3 into one great platform package.

The complete Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove pack contains four individual campaigns, each of which takes less than 10 hours to complete. You can buy most of them individually, but Treasure Trove represents good value for money.

Each campaign features different playable characters with unique playstyles, so the pack is well worth the cost for some short, well-crafted experiences that you can enjoy over time.

Thomas Was Alone is a short platformer with a minimalist art style. You control a group of rectangles whose shapes each give them different abilities, such as floating on water.

It’s a simple game, but it actually packs a lot more than you might think. The narrative is excellent, and you’ll end up investing more in a series of forms than you ever thought possible. This adventure won’t take you more than four hours to complete.

VVVVVV is a challenging platform game with one main mechanic: instead of jumping, you can reverse gravity at any time. You play as Captain Viridian, who must find his friends on his ship after they go missing.

The game is simple, no power-ups or locked doors. You can go wherever you like, with only the challenges in each room serving as a barrier. Luckily, the regular checkpoints prevent it from getting too frustrating, and a good chiptune soundtrack sets the mood nicely.

For just $5, you’ll have three to five hours of fun completing the challenges VVVVVV gives you.

Exciting and Exciting Experience

These games prove that you don’t have to toil through 100 hours of experience to enjoy a game. Each title features gameplay concepts that are fun but not overly welcoming. And because the content is lighter, it’s also less expensive.