The 9 Best Apps and Sites for Reading Comic Books on Mac

By | March 21, 2022

Reading comic books is an enjoyable experience for both children and adults. And thanks to technology, you don’t have to buy a physical comic book to fix it. The internet is flooded with webcomics, and mobile devices offer an intuitive way to read comics without having to buy a physical copy.

We recommend sticking with the comic book reader app, which is optimized for reading comic books much better than standard PDF readers. Here are our favorite apps and websites for reading comics on your Mac.


YACReader is renowned for its ability to organize and manage a personal comic library. It supports popular formats such as RER, ZIP, CBR, CBZ, TAR, PDF, 7Z, CB7, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP. On the reading front, the app offers features like dual page mode, full size view, full screen mode, custom page mount, and the ability to change the background image.

We love the way YACReader keeps tabs on what you’re reading. This app organizes your collection, plus it has tabs on your reading status. In addition, the search function easily searches your entire comic collection from within the app. Lastly, adjusting the images in reading mode will help add some color to your old comic collection.

Download: YACReader (Free)

DrawnStrips Reader

DrawnStrips is the only comic book reader app on this list that is highly optimized for Mac. This app offers Multi-Touch support (swipe, pinch, double tap, etc) and Retina display friendly. Unlike other apps, DrawnStrips supports true fullscreen mode with no toggle bars or other UI elements to distract you.

The app makes navigation easy, showing a row of thumbnails representing your comic book pages. Additionally, the Quick Look feature automatically generates an icon that lets you view comics in the Finder.

If you’re digitizing old comics by scanning their pages and converting them to a suitable format, you’ll love the app’s features for this. Its Magic Enhancer lets you enhance pages by adjusting brightness, gamma, contrast, and sharpness.

While it’s not free, investing a few dollars in DrawnStrips is worth it for comic book fans.

Download: DrawnStrips (Free trial, $4)

CBR comics

CBR Comics is not a full-fledged comic reader like the others. This is a simple Chrome extension that lets you read comic books in the browser. The user interface is minimalistic and offers basic functionality such as the ability to select the View Mode and Page Direction.

All you need to do is upload or drop the file into your browser to open it. If desired, the extension also lets you upload CBR or CBZ files from your personal Google Drive account.

Download: CBR Comics (Free)

Astonishing Comic Reader
Astonishing Comic Reader is a simple Chrome extension option that supports multiple platforms. The web version lets you organize your comic collection and helps you discover new content. Astonishing Comic Book Reader also offers Snapshot functionality which allows you to take snapshots of comic books and share them with others.

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In addition, the cloud sync function (integrated with Google Drive) syncs your comic book library across all your devices.

Download: Astonishing Comic Reader (Free)

Simple Comic

The simple comic reader excels in many ways. The app offers a lightweight UI and supports all major file formats. Other highlights of the app include Thumbnails, Full Screen, and Dual Page mode. In addition, Capture Tool lets you take screenshots of pages and share them with your friends.

The performance is great. Simple Comic got us hooked with fast page renderers and smooth menu transitions. Lastly, thumbnail mode is useful when you want to navigate to a specific page or skip several pages at once.

Download: Simple Comic


ComiXology is like iTunes for comics; it is one of the best ways to read comics online. This website allows you to purchase individual comic books, or you can sign up for the ComiXology Unlimited plan. It gives access to thousands of comic books by paying a monthly subscription.

The best part is that ComiXology has a free section that offers 120 books at no cost. You can preview the free section first to help you decide whether or not to use the Unlimited plan. ComiXology offers a decent collection of comics spread across a variety of categories, including lesser-known indie titles.

Visit: Comixology (Free, subscription available)


Marvel offers a subscription service called Marvel Unlimited. It lets you access over 20,000 comics, including big names like Star Wars.

However, Marvel Unlimited doesn’t include every new comic, so you may still need to get out if you want to read the new release right away. To help with this, Marvel Unlimited subscribers are treated to 15 percent of digital comics.

Marvel also offers free collectibles. This includes titles like the Black Panther series and Guardians of the Galaxy. However, the free offers are sponsored, so you have to place ads.

Visit: Marvel (Free, subscription available)

Sequential 2

Sequential is actually an image preview tool for Mac that doubles up as a comic reader. Even though this app hasn’t received any updates in a long time, it still works fine.

Sequential 2 offers a side panel with image previews, and surprisingly, the app hasn’t lost its charm over time. The animation flow is smooth and there is no lag at all. You can double click on any page to open the comic in full screen mode. If you’re looking for a no-frills Mac-based comic book reader, then Sequential 2 will easily fit your bill.

Download: Sequential 2 (Free)


Tapas is a South Korea-based webtoon syndicate featuring comics, novels, and a special section for creators. The focus is mostly on original comic creators, so you might be disappointed not to find a popular title.

If you are a creator, Tapas lets you upload your comics.

It also features a forum to host discussions. And if you want to read comics on the go, Tapas has you covered for free Android and iOS apps.

Visit: Tapas (Free)
Download: Tapas for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

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