The 6 Best Websites To Find Guitar Keys For Songs

By | May 6, 2022

Playing the guitar is a fantastic way to relax and de-stress. One of the best things about the guitar is the sheer number of songs you can play with multiple chords. What you need now is a good website with all your favorite guitar chords and song lyrics.

Lucky for you, the internet is full of amazing options.

We’ve rounded up the best websites to find free guitar chords and lyrics for all of the most popular songs. Let’s start playing!

Ultimate Guitar benefits from a large community of guitarists who contribute chords and tabs to the website. You’ll also find several different versions of the song to practice as well.

Search for a song using the track or artist name, or click the chords button in the search bar to search for a specific chord. That way, if you’re new to guitar, it’s very easy to find a song you can already play by searching for chords you already know.

Users can rate guitar chords and tabs out of five, making it clear which version is the best. What’s more, sign up for Ultimate Guitar Pro to get access to professional guitar chords and lyrics, which are always accurate.

Ultimate Guitar also features music news, reviews, articles and interviews. Check out the latest, most popular guitar chords and tabs or browse through the top 100 tabs of all time to start learning some classic songs.

Sample Guitar Chords for “You and I” on Ultimate Guitar

Let’s walk you through an example of finding guitar chords and lyrics in Ultimate Guitar. Start by searching for the song you want to learn. In this example, we searched for “you and me” by One Direction.

Filter your search results with the button Chords, then sort by High rated. If there are several different versions of your song, start with the one with the highest rating.

When you click on the version you want, you’ll see a combination of guitar chords, tabs, and lyrics. Sometimes there is also an explanation of how to play the song. In our chosen version of “You and Me,” there’s also a referensi to performance on YouTube.

Hover your mouse over each chord name to see a diagram showing how to play it. You can hear the sound and even use the arrow keys to see alternate fingers. If you want to sing along, transpose the song to a button that’s convenient for you.

When you are ready to play, click the button Auto-scroll at the bottom of the screen.

Chordify: Play Along With the Record

Sometimes, you want to learn a certain song even though you don’t know how it will turn out well. Chordify is perfect for that situation. The website features a super clean interface with large chord charts that update as the song plays in real-time.

Hit the play button and pick up your guitar. Chordify loads the YouTube video in the corner and starts playing the actual recording. The display in the center of the screen shows a square grid for each bar and tells you when to change to the next chord.

If anything, it’s all a bit too simplistic. There’s no information on strumming patterns and Chordify doesn’t offer alternative chord fingerings, even if the song requires them. No lyrics either. But this is a great place to start.

Plus, if you sign up for a monthly subscription, you can unlock tools to change the tempo, volume, and pitch of a song as you play it.

Sample Guitar Chords for “Can Yout See See” on Chordify

Let’s find the guitar chords for the song “Can’t You See” by the Marshall Tucker Band.

Find the song or artist you want to play, then click the song from the list of results. There is only one version available for each song, which is nice and simple. But not all songs are “Chordified” which means you might not be able to play along.

On the next screen, see the chords you need for the song. When you get used to them, click the button Play and Chordify starts playing the song via YouTube and scrolling through the chords in time.

There are two versions of the Songsterr website. Newer versions feature an interactive player with tabs for over 500,000 songs. Many of the songs here even let you choose from several instrument parts to play.

However, if you are looking for guitar chords and lyrics of popular songs instead of tabs, click the button to visit Old Songsterr As a replacement. From here, enter the title of the song or artist you want to search for, then click the song you want to learn from the results.

Each song in Songsterr has one of three different icons, to indicate what’s available:

  • Knob Play indicates an interactive tab that uses Flash Player.
  • T shows tabs written in text, which is often difficult to read.
  • and icon Chord featuring songs with lyrics and chords.

Click icon Chord to display a clean interface with lyrics flowing down the page and all the chords you need to know on the right. Click each chord to see alternative fingers.

Sample Guitar Chords for “Just What I Needed” on Songsterr

For this example, we will play “Just What I Needed” by The Cars. Search for the song name from the old Songsterr website, then click the Chord icon next to the song from the list of results.

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the chords in the song, clicking each one to find alternate fingers if you need them. When you’re ready, follow the lyrics to play the song, changing the chords whenever indicated.

There are no auto scrolling, backing tracks, or strumming patterns in Songsterr. So you need to know how the song goes. If you want, find Best USB Audio Interface For Musicians to record yourself so you can review your performance afterward.

Chordies: Search Chords or Lyrics to Find Songs

In Chordie, you can search for the name of the song, artist, lyrics, or chord you want to play. It doesn’t have the catalog of free guitar chords as Ultimate Guitar, but Chordie presents chords and lyrics in a super clean interface.

Chordie is built from a community of other guitarists, who donate their time to upload different guitar chords and song lyrics. The nice thing about Chordie is that there’s only one version of each song, so you don’t have to work on five bad versions first.

When you open a song in Chordie, the chord you need is displayed in the top right corner. You don’t have to flip through your guitar book every time you forget how to play an F chord, just scroll back to the top of the page.

Chordie also gives you simple tools to change font size, move to different keys, adjust chords based on your capo placement, and auto-scroll as you play along. The clean interface includes tabbed sections for important riffs too.

Sample Guitar Chords for “This Is It” on Chordies

Now, play the song “This Is It” by Ryan Adams. If you can’t remember the name of the song, just look up the lyrics you can remember. We searched “He kisses when he sleeps” to find our songs.

Click the song you want from the search results and identify the guitar chords. Take a moment to study the tabs that come out of the song. Then use the tool to move to a key you can easily sing.

When you are ready to play, click the scroll button and select a speed to auto scroll at.

E-Chords: Simple Interface With Lots of Tools

The E-Chords home page features video lessons, new tabs, tutorials, and a highlighted blog. Browse songs, artists, or lyrics to find the free guitar chords you’re looking for. Then it opens to a clean page with lots of useful tools flowing down the left side.

You can customize how the song looks by selecting simplified chords, changing the referensi color, and even clicking and dragging chords where you want next to the lyrics. Hover your mouse over the chord name above the lyrics to see how to play it.

Verses and chorus are separated, making it easy to learn song structure with just a glance. All the chords you need are also listed at the bottom of the page, so spend some time there learning the song before you start.

Sample Guitar Chords for “The Greatest Show” on E-Chords

Let’s find the chords to “The Greatest Show” from the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman. Search for any song name or lyrics to get started. Then hover your mouse over the instrument icon in the results to check if a guitar chord is available for that song.

Click a song and start learning chords from the bottom of the page. If you forget one, hover over the chord name again to view the chord chart. You can even embed diagrams next to specific lyrics and display them as you play along.

Use the tools on the left of the screen to adjust your scroll speed, change the font size, change the color, or simplify the chords to your liking.

Heartwood Guitar doesn’t feature a huge library of thousands of guitar chords and lyrics, but it does have an accurate selection of guitar chords and lyrics for the most popular songs.

In fact, this site has plenty of free resources for learning how to play the guitar well.

Big kudos to Rob Hampton of Seattle for creating this impressive and useful online resource. There are over 600 free guitar chord charts available or you can subscribe to get access to exclusive tutorial videos and lessons.

Click on Chord Charts to see a list of available songs alphabetically. Each has precise lyrics and guitar chords, with lots of detail explaining how to play the song. It may seem daunting at first, but soon you’ll be playing like a pro.

This chord list is well organized with chords and picking information listed at the top of the page. There aren’t fancy tools like auto scroll or transcripts, but you don’t need them when you’ve got an accurate chord chart to follow.

Sample Guitar Chords for “Space Oddity” on Heartwood Guitar

For our final song, let’s learn to play “Space Oddity” by David Bowie. Click the Chord Charts button then scroll down to the section B to find Bowie. Click Space Oddity and prepare yourself to learn awesome songs.

The chord chart opens with information on the chords you need to work with along with how to play the strumming pattern. Take some time to get used to this before scrolling down to see the guitar chords and lyrics together.

The chords appear above the lyrics. If necessary, play a song from Apple Music or Spotify to learn how it sounds.

Find The Right App To Improve Your Play

You have a whole world of popular songs for learning guitar chords and lyrics, and you can do them all for free. But don’t stop there, put your technology to good use and discover Free App That Help You Learn and Play Guitar to improve your guitar playing too.