The 6 Best Online Communities For Writers

By | January 13, 2022

This online community offers inspiration, ideas, and support, no matter what kind of writer you aspire to be.

Whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, fanfiction, or anything in between, the web offers countless spaces where writers are free to share their work, explore other people’s writing, and find community.

Aspiring content creators can dip their toes in the water and see what it’s like to face constructive criticism, while established writers can test ideas and see what fits their story better.

Let’s take a look at some of the platforms that host the best communities for writers online.

Critique Circle has been around since 2003 and is one of the oldest online writing communities. It’s famous, and its members are there to offer help and friendship.

Its members do not criticize you with criticism, but instead, actively work to provide constructive feedback that will help your work.

For every critique you post, you will get credit. Depending on the length of your post and the story you critique, the credits you earn can range from 0.5 to two credits. You need three credits to submit your own story.

The platform hosts thousands of members, with over 100,000 stories shared and 400,000 critiques posted. You can interact with everyone, create discussions on various topics, and be part of a receiving community.

Writers Helping Writers is a platform that offers a variety of resources for writers, as well as for editors and teachers. You are free to register as a user and work on improving your writing.

You can find tutorials, webinars, and marketing and writing tools that you can use for free. There’s even an idea generator available.

With Writers Helping Writers, you can find a community willing to accept, support, and help you as a writer.

If you’re an aspiring writer with less experience, this is the place for you. An underlined offer to help build you as a writer, hone your skills, and boost your confidence.

This site was created by Penguin Random House, and is intended for new writers. It offers a friendly community of writers who are willing to provide support and advice.

Underlines provide a space to connect, explore the world of writing, chat with writers, and much more. This is an inclusive community dedicated to supporting writers.

Scribophile is one of the most popular writing communities available online. It offers guidance, assistance, and support for aspiring writers. You can access tutorials and workshops, as well as contact professional writers who can provide tips and tricks of the trade.

Like Critique Circle, Scribophile requires you to accumulate points (karma points) before allowing you to submit your own work. You earn these points by posting critiques on other people’s writing. In other words, you provide feedback to receive feedback.

Joining the community is free, but the free profile has some limitations. If you choose to pay for a $9/month ($65/year) subscription, you get access to all of Scribophile’s offerings, including unlimited messaging and messaging. Either way, the site is ad-free, and is a great resource to use to help you grow as a writer.

If you want to push yourself as a writer or simply lack motivation or encouragement, NaNoWriMo is for you. NaNoWriMo boasts a community of writers who challenge themselves to be more productive.

NaNoWriMo stands for “National Novel Writing Month”. The platform provides an annual challenge for writers, challenging them to come up with 50,000 words for a novel during the month of November.

You don’t have to finish your novel in this one month, but aim to get most of the work done. You are free to plan your work throughout the year and contact other members for advice, support, and feedback on your thoughts and ideas.

Motivation can sometimes be hard to come by, and if you’re a procrastinator, it can be difficult even to get started with the writing process. The idea of ​​becoming an organized writer may seem like an aspirational dream. But if challenges can get you going, look no further than NaNoWriMo.

The Next Big Writer provides a friendly environment where you can find friendship. Offers writing classes and workshops, discussions, feedback, support, and suggestions for writers.

The community can assist you at every step of your creative process, help you get published, and market your book. Many community members have been published, and you are encouraged to contact them.

The Next Big Writer offers both free and paid memberships. Basic Membership is free but has limitations. On the other hand, Premium Membership unlocks everything the platform has to offer, including the ability to post unlimited content. It costs $7.95/month or $69.95/year.

Benefits of Being a Part of the Community

The community gives you access to constructive criticism. And, it’s not just a bunch of people spewing negativity for the sake of it, but actually valuable advice to help you become a better writer.

Sometimes, you just need a second opinion. A fresh pair of eyes seeing what you have written can really help.

While you may not realize that something can be improved, someone new to your job can reach that conclusion more quickly. All it takes is a little directional adjustment, and it proves to be very helpful.

In addition to guidance on the work you are still writing, you can also ask your community to review the work you have completed. Strangers often provide the best criticism—unlike family or friends, they won’t cover up their words to avoid hurting your feelings.

In addition to receiving feedback, you can also benefit from support. A community willing to welcome you and provide any assistance is invaluable. After all, who can better understand what you’re going through than another writer?

Joining the Community is a Must

Being a writer can often feel lonely. Being part of a community of people like you, who are facing the same challenges, is the best way to find a common passion.

And, if you’re not a sociable person, the right community can benefit your writing. Having access to published authors and getting constructive criticism, suggestions and support is invaluable.

Every artist can benefit from finding a like-minded community and sharing their work. Take the jump and find your community. With so many options at your fingertips, don’t be afraid to explore them all and find the one that’s right for you.