The 6 Best Gaming Keyboards and Mouses for PS4

By | March 20, 2022

In some video game genres, keyboards and mice offer better accuracy than gamepads. Because of this, some games on the PS4 support a mouse and keyboard, even if you never knew that Sony consoles supported this hardware.

Let’s explore some of the main points of using a gaming keyboard and mouse for PS4, and some good models to start with.

Can You Use Keyboard and Mouse on PS4

Not all keyboards work with the PS4, but those that don’t require a special adapter. A USB keyboard and mouse can be connected to either of the two ports on the front of the PS4.

Unfortunately, if you want a mouse and a keyboard, you’re going to run into an annoying problem. The two devices will each take up one port, and the PS4 will only have two. This means there’s no room for a wired charging controller and an external hard drive.

Having said that, you might want to consider purchasing a keyboard adapter for the PS4. It requires only one USB port and accepts input from a keyboard and mouse.

One of the best adapters available is XIM APEX, which is unfortunately not cheap. The competitors are either unreliable, or haven’t gotten enough user attention to take a conclusive decision about their overall quality.

Which Games Are Compatible With Keyboard and Mouse

If you use something like XIM APEX above, you can use your keyboard and mouse in any game. The device will convert your keyboard and mouse input into a controller-like format, tricking the PS4 into thinking you’re playing with a gamepad.

If you don’t use an adapter, you can only use the keyboard and mouse in games that support it. Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t have an official page for game compatibility at the time of writing, but sources like this Reddit discussion lists some of the games that work.

Can You Add a Bluetooth Device

Can! PlayStation 4 has Bluetooth capabilities; after all, that’s how the wireless controller is connected. It takes a little extra setup to pair a Bluetooth keyboard to the PS4, but it’s possible. As such, it’s a good idea to take a look at the Bluetooth models to see if one fits your needs.

Best Wired Keyboard and Mouse for PS4

Now that it is possible to connect a keyboard and mouse to the PS4, there is only one question left to answer; which keyboard works with PS4? Let’s go over some of the wired options available to you before getting into Bluetooth keyboards.

If you want a keyboard that goes beyond just gaming, try the Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo. It’s designed to fit every niche, from gaming to work productivity. On the gaming side, you have the stylish look of the Redragon keyboard and customizable color patterns.

The 25-key conflict-free design means you can press multiple keys without fear of losing input, and the Win key can be disabled to prevent it from interrupting your game. This makes it a great gaming keyboard for PS4 and PC. Then there is a gaming mouse with an ergonomic design and up to 3200DPI. It even comes with six buttons, five of which are programmable.

When it’s time for work, the Redragon keyboard nicely switches to productivity mode. The wrist is handy for long typing, and the quiet keystrokes mean you won’t disturb those around you.

If you want a keyboard and mouse package that soars above its price level, try the BlueFinger RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo. It has an attractive and affordable price point, but nothing about this combo feels cheap. They’re all good weight and solid build, so it doesn’t feel like you’re gaming on flimsy hardware.

The usefulness of the Numpad is often a topic of heated debate; you like it or not. If you don’t want Numpad to take up space in your play area, this one cuts it to save space for more useful gaming buttons like the Print Screen button. This makes BlueFinger the best keyboard and mouse combo for PS4 if you want to save space without sacrificing important buttons.

Orzly Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Who says you have to pay a premium to look good? The Orzly Gaming Keyboard and Mouse is a stylish addition to this list without breaking the bank. This combo also comes with a mouse pad and headset. Unfortunately, the latter has a microphone that is not compatible with the PS4 without an adapter. Either way, if you want to use this piece of hardware on your PC, it’s a great way to make yourself complete.

Just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean the keyboard and mouse lack detail. The keyboard has an attractive RGB display with three different color modes, and the mouse has four adjustable DPI options.

HAVIT Gaming Keyboard Headset Mouse & Mouse Pad Kit

In a similar vein to the options above, the HAVIT Gaming Keyboard Mouse Headset & Mouse Pad Kit also comes with everything you need to get started with gaming. However, this kit allows for a lot more customization to what you buy. For example, if you want to use an official PS4 headset instead of a third party, you can opt for a kit without a headset and save money.

Otherwise, this kit unchecks all the boxes covered by the previous entry. The mouse has four DPI options and has customizable colors along with a pulsating pattern. The keyboard has seven different patterns and features an attractive color range.

Best Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse for PS4

If you’re looking for a PS4-compatible wireless keyboard, you’d better look into Bluetooth keyboards. Bluetooth peripherals are not an ideal choice for gamers, as the latency between keypresses and on-screen actions can make or break a game. Regardless, the luxury of being wireless will appeal to some.

Seenda Rechargeable Keyboard and Mouse Combo

While this isn’t the most stylish or colorful option on the list, the Seenda Rechargeable Keyboard and Mouse Combo is still a good way to get started with PS4 Bluetooth gaming. For one, the lack of flashy colors and special effects means less battery drain. This means the keyboard and mouse can be used daily for three months straight before they need to be recharged.

This combo is best suited for anyone interested in Bluetooth keyboards and mice in general. Its lightweight design and sleek look make it portable enough to take along with a tablet or phone. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing Minecraft or typing some work on the train; this package can do both!

Logitech Wireless Combo MK360

Logitech has been in the keyboard and mouse business for a long time, which makes the Logitech Wireless Combo MK360 a good choice for gamers. It’s primarily designed for business use, but as many users report in reviews, it’s great for typing messages in games like Final Fantasy XIV.

The battery life of this Logitech device is one of the most impressive out there. On a solid three-year span using just two AA batteries, this keyboard might outlast your desired game! It also encrypts all data sent, which makes it useful as a side work device.

Finding the Right Keyboard and Mouse for PS4

If you want to be more accurate in your online gaming, consider a keyboard for your PS4. While it can be hard to find some that work as well as you would on a PC, as these keyboards are also great for gamers on PC. And if you want to see more gaming keyboard options check out The Best Gaming Keyboard for Your Needs.