The 6 Best Fashion Apps For iPhone and Android

By | April 4, 2022

There are few experiences more thrilling than finding the perfect outfit to tie into a new outfit. The lost time and stress caused by unsuccessful shopping trips are exasperating, which is why all those times ending in success feel so exciting.

Luckily, there are also many tools that will help you find, coordinate, and buy the perfect outfit in no time. Here’s a list of the best Fashion apps for your phone, including one-stop shoppers, vintage assistants, and apps that offer deals on top designer brands.

Do you hate spending hours online looking for the perfect outfit? Have you ever seen a piece of clothing in a picture, and were really curious where you could find it (or a cheaper version)?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you need to download This is a Fashion app that analyzes items in photos so you can find them for sale online. Then you can buy a display for yourself.

Some additional points you should know about this app:

  • After joining, you can find and follow influencers.
  • Hashtags are grouped by price point, style, and product category. If you “like” an item through the app, it will appear in the My Likes, so you can buy it at a later date.
  • On your profile page, you can choose who to follow, manage your screenshots, or see for yourself to become an influencer.

This is one of the most useful Fashion apps you can try, with a variety of styles and price points for different budgets.


Wish is another easy recommendation in this category. This is a one-stop shop for buying almost anything you can imagine, including clothes.

Wish is not a Fashion-only app, but you can use it for Fashion shopping by going to the . section Fashion. The items shown here are usually affordable. In terms of style, the clothes offered fall into a casual or street look.

Some other aspects to note:

  • When you create an account, you can customize your feed according to your interests.
  • You can sign up for Wish right away, or skip signing up to explore as a guest (if you’re still unsure about joining).

Give this app a look if you’re looking for an easy way to buy clothes fast and affordable.


Poshmark is another great Fashion app that you can use for shopping. Overall, the focus of the app is a combination of designer sales and reseller vibes.

Poshmark allows you to buy and sell clothes, but has the added perspective of being a social media site centered around shopping. When you first sign up, it allows you to enter your shoe and clothing size to match your feed. You can follow brands and brand ambassadors too.

Some important points to know:

  • The news feed resembles a cross between Facebook and Instagram. It contains a collection of comments, offers, likes, share notifications and account updates.
  • In the shopping section of the app, you can shop by brands, likes, various Fashion styles, or different types of Fashion.

Overall, this app is solid if you’re looking for a one-stop shopping assistant that has the edge of social media.


Do you have a love for vintage clothing or the resale Fashion scene? Depop is a great app that lets you shop for vintage sneakers, streetwear, and yarn. Basically, the app allows its users to buy and sell things they previously owned.

Through Depop, you can:

  • Follow influencers and friends.
  • Seller messages before, during, and after purchase, or inquires about any item.
  • You can also get personalized recommendations by choosing a style and brand to follow.
  • Additionally, you can enter what size and clothing you’re looking for (e.g. male or female) to further narrow your feed.
  • Every time you buy or sell an item, you can also leave or receive a review.

This is a great little Fashion app for anyone who wants to look unique on a budget.


Gilt is another high-profile Fashion app that lets you shop for top designer brands at prices “up to 70 percent.” With a focus on high-end fashion, Gilt allows you to search for more high-end styles, while simultaneously finding great discounts.

If you have champagne taste but low budget then this app is essential.


Looking for a truly luxurious app to fit your lifestyle? Then you need to download the Net-a-Porter: Fashion app that brings you “newcomers from the world’s leading brands.”

Net-a-Porter combines this shopping experience with the latest fashion looks and advice. Of all the Fashion apps we tried, this is the most user-friendly, complete with customer service options. You also have the ability to register as a user or browse the app as a guest, which is a feature some other apps offer.

When you first open the app, you’ll see a few different pages that you can browse:

  • Page Home is a collection of style suggestions, app related updates, and editorials.
  • You can shop by designer, clothing type, or occasion.

Other than that:

  • When you tap Get the look on any shoot in the app, it will take you to the recommendations section with similar items, so you can shop for yourself.
  • Whenever you click on an item you could potentially want to buy, each sales page has a wealth of information on sizing and cleaning that garment, to put your mind at ease.

While fun to use, the app is only suitable for shoppers who have the money to match their high-end tastes. The goods sold here are not cheap. If you want, you can also shop through the site Net-a-Porter web website.

Shop For Your Next Best Look With This Fashion App

Once you’ve downloaded one (or all) of these apps, try to find the perfect look. However, finding the perfect outfit isn’t the only Fashion-oriented task you have to worry about how about shoes?