The 5 Best Used and Handmade Fashion Apps for You

By | January 4, 2022

Give this app a try if you want to expand your shopping habits into the realm of used and handmade fashion.

So you love clothes, and love shopping for them. Buying clothes can be exciting, cathartic, and even therapeutic! But what if you could not only find great items at discounted prices, but also be able to look for unique and special items that you can’t find in mainstream stores?

This is possible from the comfort of your home, and we’re not talking about eBay. Instead, we’ll highlight a few apps designed specifically for frugal and small businesses. It will open your eyes to the incredible experiences that sustainable shopping has to offer.


One of the biggest names in the frugal game, Depop offers a plethora of unique used and new items from thousands of different sellers. You’ll never run out of options in this app, with products ranging from vintage jeans to roller skates to earrings.

You’ll find not only people selling second-hand goods, but also a large number of small businesses selling a number of different products. Depop even holds some fantastic household decorations like candles, potted plants and rugs.

You can message sellers directly for quick and easy communication, as well as see their rating as a seller to make sure you’re buying from a reliable person. Your purchases are protected by Depop and PayPal, so you’ll be able to find support if you encounter any issues.

If Depop’s huge selection isn’t enough, this app also allows you to sell your own stuff. This can be second hand or handmade, allowing you to build your own Depop store too.

The sales process is quick and easy for anyone, regardless of technical expertise. Many people make a living selling via Depop, so why not give it a try?


If you ever find yourself looking for some really crazy deals, Vinted is the place to be. In this app, you can really find some amazing deals. With people selling well-known brands, like Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein at prices you usually see on Forever 21.

While you can still find small businesses on Vinted, they are much less common than on Depop. This app is primarily for the sale of second-hand items, but is still very useful for savvy shoppers.

You can buy a Nike hoodie for under $20, or a Hilfiger sweater for under $50. It’s a great way to get some fashionable stuff if you can’t stand paying full price. If you’re looking for clothes that are really affordable, you can also find clothes for a few dollars, such as T-shirts, trousers, and hats.

Vinted also lets you sell your own work. Its fast and simple selling process protects buyers and sellers from wrong or fraudulent transactions.

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire differs from the apps mentioned above in that it offers more high-end designer works on a budget. You can find a wide variety of coveted items from world-famous brands, such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Jacquemus, and Burberry.

While this is a luxury item, it’s much less expensive than what you’ll find in a new store or in-store, which makes for a great shopping experience. Buy a Balenciaga polo for just $100, or a Burberry sweater for just $85. You can really find some amazing steals with a little look.

There are also random sales and rebates that offer even bigger discounts than those already available, so keep an eye out for the deepest deals.

Vestiaire also allows you to sell your own items. If you do this, note that it must be the work of a high-end designer, rather than something you’d find in an everyday store. So make sure you set aside some stuff for the upscale market before you start selling here.

Download: Vestiaire Collective for Android | iOS (Free)


Unlike Depop or Vinted, Etsy is great for discovering custom work from small businesses and independent creators. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of unique items, from jewelry to candles to T-shirts. There are thousands of small businesses on Etsy offering a wide variety of items that you definitely won’t find anywhere else.

You can also find some deals on this site when the seller holds sales and offers. However, keep in mind that many of the items available are homemade and of high quality, and therefore have a higher price point than the used items you’ll see at Depop or Vinted. However, the price is worth the artwork you can get here.

Etsy also allows you to start your own store, but this requires an additional download of the Sell on Etsy app. If you’re looking for a selling experience that doesn’t require additional apps, you can always try one of the other services listed here.


This app is similar to Vinted, mainly for buying and selling second hand items. You can find a wide variety of discounted items from bags to shoes to dresses. Apart from clothing, you’ll also see some other items at Shpock, such as electronics and pet accessories.

Shpock lets you sell your own items, and like Vinted, Depop, and Vestiaire Collective, the selling process is straightforward and simple. You can sell anything, whether it’s clothes or not.

Download: Shpock for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Get Great Second Hand Findings From Anywhere

With this app, you can now find great items and great deals, regardless of your location, without going to the store. This app provides an exciting shopping experience, offering not only great second hand items but also unique items from independent sellers who really love their craft.

There’s no better time to introduce yourself to the amazing world of sustainable shopping!