The 10 Best Meter, Level, and Distance Measurement Apps for Your iPhone

By | December 20, 2021

Everyone needs some kind of toolbox with measuring tools. You may have to measure objects or areas, calculate wall-to-wall distances, or ensure that your project pieces are level. Unfortunately, most people don’t carry a toolbox in their pocket. This is when your iPhone comes in handy.

With the right apps, you can put those essential tools at your fingertips wherever you go. Rulers, levels, tape measure, and similar apps are all available for your iPhone. Here are 10 of the best you can get.

Ruler AR – Camera Measure Tape

The Ruler AR app lets you quickly and easily measure objects, areas, distances, elevations and angles. Just swap between different tools with one tap and then measure.

Tap to start and end the measurement, then view the size on the augmented reality screen. You can save, send and share photos of your measurements for group projects. Customizable settings let you view units in centimeters, inches, or meters. Plus, you can activate the plane focus and points feature for even more help.

Ruler AR offers an in-app purchase to remove ads if you decide to use it frequently. You can also check out some free ARKit games and apps for your iPhone.

Download: Ruler AR – Camera Measure Tape (Free)

Ruler App + Photo Ruler

The Ruler App + Photo Ruler gives you a standard ruler and 2D ruler, plus an AR photo ruler, all in one place.

Take simple measurements or plan the space with elements such as angles, areas, or arrows. You can annotate your plans with text and colors and save projects in the app. Choose from centimeters or inches, lock in your measurement, and adjust the speed at which the ruler moves.

App Ruler + Photo Ruler offers an in-app purchase to remove ads if you like using it.

Download: Ruler App + Photo Ruler (Free)

Ruler App + Tape Measure

The Ruler + Tape Measure Tools app gives you three simple ways to measure. You can use a classic ruler, camera ruler, or tape measure.

Easily measure objects or rooms with the camera ruler. Just take a photo and then move the gauge across the screen to the right size. You can adjust camera ruler settings for reference objects and save measured photos to your device. These three tools let you measure inches or centimeters and offer a clean look.

Ruler + Tape Measure Tools currently has an offer to remove ads and get a 25 foot meter by watching three short videos.

Download: Ruler App + Tape Measure Free)


Measure gives you the right choice of standard ruler, chain ruler, height, angle and path for a variety of measurements. Everything is easy to use. Just tap your start and end points to capture the measurement, and press the camera button to save the screenshot.

Activate the built-in flashlight as needed and measure in centimeters, meters, inches, feet or yards. For objects, areas, and distances, Measure using augmented reality.

Download: Measure (Free)

Tape Measure

The Tape Measure app lets you quickly get a measurement of an object, space, or distance with augmented reality.

Just open the app and scan the surface until you see the yellow dots. Tap the plus sign to start measuring and move your iPhone to the end of the area and press the plus sign again. There he is!

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After you finish measuring, the size stays on the screen for you. You’ll also see measurements at the top of the app screen in centimeters, inches, and feet, which is great for objects and areas both large and small.

Tape Measure offers in-app purchases for the Pro subscription, which includes more tools and removes ads.

Download: Tape Measure (Free, subscription available)


TapMeasure is another option that uses augmented reality. The app includes three measurement tools, including quick measurements for objects, a 3D space builder for measuring spaces, and smart levels to, well, make sure everything is level.

With each tool, you simply scan an area or object until the app finds a surface. When that happens, you will see it in yellow on the screen and tap on it to confirm. You can use inches or centimeters, save an image of your measurements in the app, and measure more than one object on the screen at the same time.

TapMeasure is a great app that’s easy to use, but also provides short videos if you need help with the tool.

Download: TapMeasure (Free)


PLNAR goes beyond simple measurements to help you create 3D models of space and space. Move your device in a circle slowly so the app can capture the surface. Then tap to start measuring. When you move and tap on a point, you can see the area and perimeter measurements displayed.

With this app, you can adjust units of measurement down to millimeters, create and save space plans and projects, and view 2D and 3D models. PLNAR is a convenient mobile tool for professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Download: PLNAR (Free)


Measure distances, objects and more with EasyMeasure. The app uses your camera and offers an augmented reality mode if you prefer.

When you measure the area, tap at any time to switch units. You can use centimeters, meters, inches, feet, or yards. Turn on the in-app light for dark spaces, snap a photo of your measurements to save or share, stop measuring at any time, and easily calibrate your device.

EasyMeasure offers several in-app purchase options for height and width measurements along with ad removal.

Download: EasyMeasure (Free, premium version available)

Bubble Level

The Bubble Level app obviously gives you bubble levels, but it offers much more than that. Other tools include a surface level, gyroscope, plumb line, metal detector, compass, and AR ruler. Just swipe to move between each option and adjust the settings individually if necessary.

You can clearly see the degree on the level tool and lock it into place with a single tap. The AR ruler is easy to use: tap the start and end points of an object and you can measure more than one object on the same augmented reality screen.

Bubble Level offers a great leveling tool with a few useful extras. And you can remove ads with affordable in-app purchases.

Download: Bubble Level (Free)

iHandy Level

The iHandy Level app is the simplest level you will find. You can use it in portrait and landscape modes, giving you flexibility.

As the bubbles move through the level, you’ll see the degrees adjust on the screen. You can tap the Hold button to stop the bubble in place, enable or disable the Calibrate button and beep, and adjust the bubble sensitivity to your liking.

Download: iHandy Level (Free)

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