Thai Tea Business Capital for Franchise and Private Schemes

By | April 9, 2022
Thai Tea Business Capital for Franchise and Private Schemes

Beverage business is a type of business whose market is stable and even tends to increase. One of the things that people are interested in doing is selling Thai tea. The working capital of “Thai Tea” (the cool name for this drink) is not too big, you know. The ingredients are also easy to get.

What’s even more interesting is that you don’t have to rent a large booth or stand in a shopping mall to get started. The garage or home page can be the first place by using existing tools.

Then, what kind of business capital is Thai Tea which is said to be small? What are the tips to make a quick profit?

Come on, see the following explanation.

Choice of Business Scheme Determine the amount of capital

Selling Thai Tea can be done in two ways, namely Franchise or carrying your own brand. Both have advantages and disadvantages of each. However, both of them also have the potential to bring profit. What must be remembered is that proper management remains the key to success in the beverage business.

Franchise schemes or franchises are suitable for owners of funds who don’t want to bother thinking about how to brand. By buying a well-known trademark, your business will be more easily recognized by customers. Generally, consumers tend to believe in something they already know.

Then also, franchises are right for business people who don’t want to be bothered by how to get raw materials, selling equipment, as well as marketing and promotion systems. These things have been regulated by the brand owner where partners just have to sell, while promoting according to the owner’s program.

The weakness is that partners cannot freely determine policies for their outlets. For example, you can’t just buy raw materials elsewhere, even though sometimes the supply from the franchisor isn’t always smooth. Then, there is no control over the reputation of the business. And sometimes there is profit sharing too.

On the other hand, Thai Tea’s business capital is very affordable for those who want to carry their own brand. In fact, not even 5 million have been able to start it.

In addition to the small initial fund, another advantage of running your own beverage business is of course very free to build a brand. All decisions regarding promotions, marketing strategies, and customer relations are free to be made by the owner.

The downside is that if you don’t have good knowledge and skills about financial management, marketing, and supply, your business can potentially go out of business.

Selling drinks, although it is in demand by many people, if they cannot maintain quality, stability, and do not know how to manage the market, the consequences can be fatal and loss.

Thai Tea Business Capital 3 Million

Not everyone has excess funds when starting a business. But if the desire to do business is unstoppable, then you should just execute it. Luckily, this community’s favorite drink can be sold without the need to spend deeply.

The following will describe the estimated details of the initial capital with a budget of 3 million Rupiah:

1. Tool Cost

In the beginning, you don’t need to be too big in buying equipment. The daily sales target should also be adjusted to the available funds. Here’s an estimate that can be traced:

  • Thai Teapot and filter @90,000 x2 : 180,000
  • Spoon mix @ 5000 x 2 : 10. 000
  • Stainless cup @15.000 x 3: 45.000
  • Ice crusher : 250.000
  • Container for ice : 500,000
  • Pan: 90,000
  • Kettle : 75.000
  • Small gas stove: 200,000

Total tool cost : 1.360.000

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2. Raw Material Cost

After budgeting for equipment, don’t forget to also buy supplies. Do not stock too much because the business is still new. Measure production capabilities by adjusting also existing resources. For example, if there is only 1 employee, selling 50 cups a day is maximum.

The following is an estimate of the need:

  • Thai Black Tea @55.000 x 10 : 550.000
  • Plastic cup @600 x 1000 : 600,000
  • Sweet thick creamer @ 9,500 x 20 : 190,000
  • Sugar @12.000 x 5: 60.000
  • Straw: 20,000
  • Evaporated Milk @12.000 x 10 : 120,000
  • Gallon water refill @8.000 x 10 : 80.000
  • Ice cubes/25 kg : 40,000

Total cost of raw materials: 1,660,000

From the two needs above, it can be concluded that with the money of 3 million, one can already start. So what if the funds are less than that? Of course you can start.

The trick is to just calculate the operational needs for 1 week of selling. Then you can add more inventory from the income earned during that week.

3. Place Rental Needs

Renting land really depends on the budget you have because this requires quite a lot of money. Say they are targeting a location in front of a minimarket such as Alfamart or Indomaret, generally they charge a price of around 1 – 1.5 million a month for pelapak.

Ideally, business actors should prepare rent for the needs of a year or six months.

For this reason, negotiations should be carried out with the land owner, whether payments can be made every month by taking funds from the outlet’s income. With this scheme, initial capital can be allocated for operations and purchasing equipment.

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4. Employee salary

As a component of operational costs, it is also allocated for the needs of 6 months. But if you want to save money, you can do it yourself first. The salary for this business is in the range of 1.5 – 2 million per month.

Hiring employees will indeed facilitate the running of the business. But it needs the right calculation too, yes. Incentivize sales so that income continues to exist.

To find out the salary range of employees, you can find out with competitors. Dig up information on how the payroll system is and how much it is. Then it can also be based on the regional UMR, usually this is more effective and more standard. What

Thai Business Capital with Franchise

This is a business scheme that many people choose by considering various factors. Among other things, there is no need to bother promoting and building a brand, a neater financial management, and certainty of obtaining raw materials. Also for the affairs of promotional programs.

Because of these conveniences, usually the capital required is also greater. For example, if you want to buy the Dum Dum brand, partners will be charged at least 9 million Rupiah. If the size of the stand is bigger, of course you have to spend more.

Then, is there a Thai Tea franchise that is more economical? Of course there is. Before buying, prospective partners should do research first on aspects of legality, brand popularity, packages offered, projected return on investment and profits, as well as prospects for the development of the franchise itself.

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Some brands that can be explored and researched include Rachacha, Mobo Thai Tea, Chagocha, Piti Cha, and also Nyot-Nyot. On average, franchisors apply packages ranging from 4.5 – 8 million Rupiah. The business schemes are also interesting and some even provide flexibility for partners to do their own promotions.

That was the discussion about Thai Tea’s business capital and the choice of business schemes. It turns out that even with 3 million dollars, you can already own this business by carrying your own brand. If you decide to buy a franchise, of course you need to spend even more.

Now, do your research and consider all the aspects that can affect the business. Both must be done because they both have great potential for profit.

Congratulations on starting a new venture and good luck to you!