Stay Fit at Home With These 5 Free Workout Apps & Workout Tips

By | December 16, 2021

You don’t have to go to the gym or jog around the park to keep yourself in shape. These home workouts keep you healthy indoors, without fancy equipment.

When you’re forced not to go out, you don’t have to stop moving. In fact, health officials say that staying fit and healthy will ensure your immune system can better fight the virus. It is in your best interest to exercise regularly even at home.

Trainers, celebrities, and tech geeks create apps and routines for working out at home. Here’s a quick summary of the five best indoor exercises, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and something for your kids.

That’s right, the Terminator himself shares his workout routine to keep everyone in shape at home. Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote a lengthy Reddit post about how he started his own training without any equipment and continued it even after achieving fame.

In total, there are nine exercises. Schwarzenegger recommends a series of repetitions for beginners and advanced, depending on your fitness level.

This exercise is largely dependent on your own body weight, aided by items you have at home, such as a chair, book, or cane. He also shared Imgur photo gallery showing various exercises.

You should really read the full Reddit post. Schwarzenegger’s words are not only motivating, they also warn you of the pitfalls of exercising alone.

He also suggests ways to track your progress and gradually increase your capacity, with several commentators providing their own suggestions.

Workout Sesh (Web): Timed Browser Based Workout App

Workout Sesh is a collection of different timed workout routines for the home or gym. Each exercise clearly states which part of the body it is working on, and how long the entire routine lasts. Click on any session to find quick writing and practice exercises. You will see a list of all the exercises and how many seconds you should do them.

Sesh Workout brings GIFs for each workout. After starting the session, follow the speed of the GIF, and continue with the recommended time. Websites send audio alerts to start, stop, rest, and restart.

All routines in Workout Sesh are completely free and you can use them as many times as you want. Some routines have celebrity names for them but don’t fall for it, there doesn’t seem to be any real endorsement from those celebs. Are they fit, not for the famous fake appeal.

Runner’s World magazine publishes a 28-day workout for runners stuck in their living rooms. But the magazine is quick to note that it’s not just for runners, as it will help anyone get fit at home.

It divides the 28 days into four weekly workout plans. The routine of each week is more difficult than the previous one. Each routine has five basic exercises, with illustrations to guide you in the correct form. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, and three circuits of the fifth, with 2-3 minute breaks between circuits.

Runner’s World also has instructions that speed up your home workout routine depending on your fitness level. For example, if you’re not a beginner, you can jump straight to the second week’s workout plan. The third and fourth week workout routines require dumbbells.

If you want to do some weight training at home but don’t have any weights, you can make your own. GymPerson offers five different DIY ways to make your own dumbbells or other exercise weights with objects and items you probably already have.

In a step-by-step guide, this website instructs how to make homemade weights with a water bottle, jug of milk, sand, concrete, and a backpack. Some guidelines are more explicit and clear than others.

For example, DIY water bottle dumbbells weigh 10 pounds or 27 pounds, depending on the size of the bottle. Meanwhile, you should weigh the backpack on a scale to make it as heavy as you want it to be.

The weights you make will depend on the equipment you have at home, but this website is good enough to guide you with the different permutations.

You should also check the section DIY GymPerson for other equipment you can make at home, such as pull-up bars, battle ropes, parallettes, and exercise steppers.

PE With Joe (YouTube): Free Fitness Class for Kids From Body Trainer

Schools are closed so there are no Physical Education (PE) classes. Plus, kids can’t play. So how do children continue to struggle in these conditions? Personal trainer Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, hosts daily PE classes for kids on YouTube.

Wicks does live classes at 9am UK time every weekday, but videos still play so your kids can work out at their ideal timing. Starting from the first video, there is no pressure to catch up with live classes.

Each session lasts 30 minutes and does not require any equipment. While they are meant for kids, they are also very helpful for adults to stay in shape, and are also a fun family activity. Wicks said he intends to be a British sports teacher for now, promising to get kids “moved, feeling, energized, positive, optimistic.”