Special Island Tourism Destinations In Manado, North Sulawesi That Are Worth A Visit

By | April 27, 2022

Talking about natural tourist destinations on the island of Sulawesi, it is indeed endless. One of the provinces that has a lot of island natural attractions is North Sulawesi Province, the beauty of this island’s natural tourism you can’t find anywhere else. On this occasion we will discuss Island Tourism in North Sulawesi which is worth a visit, because it has amazing beauty

Mahoro Island, North Sulawesi
Mahoro Island is an island located in Sitaro Regency, North Sulawesi Province, and is still within the scope of North Nusa. Mahoro Island is very famous for its stunning natural beauty. Mahoro Island is one of the tourist destinations that is no less beautiful than Bunaken. The Mahoro Island Cluster and the small islands in between are often referred to as the Buhias Cluster. Among the clusters of small islands, there are several uninhabited islands, including Mahoro Island and located at the very end of the Buhias Cluster. Mahoro Island itself is the easternmost point of the Buhias cluster, thus making this island a kind of fortress for other islands. One side is directly facing the open sea which makes the stone walls hit by the waves.

Nain Island, North Sulawesi
North Sulawesi is known as one of the marine tourism paradises in Indonesia. Bunaken Marine Park is probably the most popular destination in the area. Bunaken National Park does not only have Bunaken Island. There are four other islands that have their own beauty, one of which is Nain Island which is located in Wori District, Minahasa, North Sulawesi. Nain Island is now one of the most visited tourist destinations because of the uniqueness of the sand. You can only enjoy the beauty of the sparkling white sand at low tide. This is the reason why this spot is called embossed sand. If conditions recede, the sand can be seen poking up to the surface as if to form a separate island. A stretch of white sand, surrounded by coral and in the middle of the sea, completes the beauty of the raised sand.

Lembeh Island, North Sulawesi
North Sulawesi does have a myriad of tourist destinations that are in great demand by both foreign and local tourists. Lembeh Island is one of the choices of tourist destinations that are sought after by diving and snorkeling lovers because of the beauty of underwater tourism. Lembeh Island is located in Bitung City, North Sulawesi. Lembeh Island is divided into two sub-districts, namely North Lembeh District and South Lembeh District. The island is separated from the mainland of Sulawesi Island by the Lembeh Strait. The charm of Lembeh Island was named Bastianos Diving Resort, because of the beauty of the amazing underwater natural charm that is not less than Raja Ampat. Bastianos Diving Resort has been present on Lembeh Island since 2006. Bastianos Diving Resort has ten cottages that are offered for visitors to enjoy comfortably.

Ganges Island, North Sulawesi
North Sulawesi is famous for its beautiful beaches and islands. Besides Bunaken, there is Gangga Island which is located in North Minahasa Regency, near Manado. Ganges Island is like a hidden paradise that still not many people know about its existence. The naturalness of the Ganges Island itself is still very well preserved. About almost 80 percent of the nature in this area has not been touched at all. Most of the people also work as fishermen who help guard the island. The beauty of Gangga Island promises an unforgettable diving experience. The richness of marine life that varies from colorful coral reefs to various types of fish typical of the Indonesian and Pacific Oceans is also a favorite for underwater photography5. Nain Island Unique Tourist Attractions in North Sulawesi

Lihaga Island, North Sulawesi
North Sulawesi is indeed known as a marine tourism paradise and Lihaga Island is one of the tourist attractions in North Minahasa which is a pity not to visit if you are in North Sulawesi. This island is located in the Likupang District, North Minahasa Regency (Minut), North Sulawesi. Lihaga, is an island that only has an area of ​​8 ha. To make it easier to imagine the position of this island, just imagine a map of North Sulawesi shaped like the letter ‘k’. Well, the position of Lihaga Island is exactly at the top end of the letter k. Lihaga Island has its own privileges compared to other islands in North Sulawesi. The white sand that is as fine as flour makes this island very tempting to visit. Lihaga Island is also without inhabitants.

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