Solutions to Battery Charging Problems That Often Occur On Samsung Cellphones

By | February 21, 2022
Samsung cellphone can’t be charged – How how to solve battery charging problems that often occur on samsung android phones ? Samsung cellphone problems that often occur when charging It’s like a Samsung cellphone that is charging even less, it can’t be fully charged, the Samsung cellphone charger is taken off and it’s totally dead and many others. Actually, problems when charging Android phones become errors not only on Samsung Android smartphones, but also on cellphones such as Xiaomi, Asus, Oppo, Vivo and on other Android devices. But in our article this time, the discussion about the Samsung error charging process is the focus.

Indeed, the problem of an Android phone or Samsung tablet that cannot be connected to charging has a lot of contributing factors. One of the factors that often causes Samsung cellphones to take a long time to charge but not charge is due to damage to the Samsung Android cellphone charger. Then what becomes the cause of charging on samsung android phones can’t run normally ? Therefore, on this occasion, we Smartphone Solution will try to share tips on how to fix the Samsung cellphone that can’t be charged.

Solutions to Battery Charging Problems That Often Occur On Samsung Cellphones

The following are some of the problems that often occur on Samsung phones when charging and the best solutions to overcome them. For that, let’s look at the following reviews:

Samsung Cellphones In Cas or Charges Can’t Be Fully 100%

Usually the problem with the Samsung cellphone being charged is not full – this happens with the characteristics, the Samsung Android cellphone has been charged for a long time but the battery indicator is only 97% or 99% only. Where there is still a sign that the battery is charging but the Samsung cellphone battery cannot be 100% full. However, the cause of the Samsung cellphone battery that is charged for hours but can’t be 100% full is because there are too many cache files that have accumulated and also temporary errors on the Samsung Android smartphone system.

How to solve the cellphone in the case can’t be full:

The first step we need to do so that the Samsung battery can be 100% back after being charged is to wipe the cache partition with the aim of deleting the cache in the system. Here’s how to wipe cache partition on a Samsung Android phone:

  1. First of all, turn off the Samsung cellphone that we have
  2. Then press and hold the volume up + home + power button simultaneously.
  3. If the Samsung logo appears, then release the power button and keep pressing and holding the volume up and home buttons.
  4. After that, the Android system recovery screen will appear on the Android cellphone screen, and release the buttons.
  5. Use the volume down button to select wipe cache partition then press the power button to enter.
  6. And if the process is complete, select Reboot system now.

The next step to overcome temporary smartphone errors on our Samsung cellphones is to do a charger or cas in ultra power saving mode.

Samsung Cellphones Often Restart When Charged or In Cas

And usually the Samsung cellphone problem that restarts itself when it is charged occurs with characteristics, when we have 100% charged and we unplug the charger, our Samsung Android smartphone will restart itself automatically. Where after we turn it back on the battery condition becomes very drop. Therefore, if the Samsung cellphone suddenly restarts itself, the steps we need to take are to calibrate the Android cellphone battery.

How to calibrate samsung galaxy battery

  1. Make sure the charger or charger for the Samsung cellphone that we use is an official charger.
  2. After that charge the Samsung cellphone until it is filled 100%.
  3. Then unplug the charger when the battery is full.
  4. The next step is to use the Samsung cellphone battery to 0%.
  5. And the samsung android phone charger back to 100% to do the calibration.

How to Overcome Samsung Cellphones in Cass Even Completely Dead

Problems that often occur when charging Samsung cellphone batteries

In some cases, where when the Samsung Android cellphone is charged, what happens is not that the battery becomes full but the cellphone actually turns off completely, it comes from a problem with the battery flow. Inappropriate currents due to an error charging Samsung cellphone batteries often make the cellphone suddenly turn itself off but can be turned back on or maybe the cellphone restarts continuously.

So how do you fix a Samsung cellphone that suddenly turns off when it’s charging? It would be nice if we immediately repair the samsung android phone that we have when it starts to experience total dead problems after being charged / charged because if left it will actually aggravate the situation where the phone suddenly turns itself off and can’t be charged so it can’t be turned back on. To overcome this we can look at our previous article which discusses how to fix a samsung cellphone in charging it turns off completely.

How to fix a Samsung cellphone in charge is even reduced / doesn’t enter

Problems that often occur when charging Samsung cellphone batteries

Actually, the Samsung cellphone battery doesn’t increase when we charge it, we’ve experienced it some time ago. But at that time the source of the problem the cellphone could not be charged came from the damage to the Samsung charger itself. However, before finding out if it turns out that the faulty Samsung charger is the source of the cause of the battery power not being able to 100% even though it has been charged for a long time, we think the cause of the battery power does not increase and sometimes even decreases when charging is due to a problem in the port hole of the Samsung Android cellphone.

Where we have tried to repair the cellphone charger port which may be dirty or blocked by something, but the result is that the cellphone is still not fully charged. To overcome this we can look at our previous article which discusses how to solve a samsung cellphone that doesn’t come in and sometimes even reduces.

Samsung Mobile Wireless Charging Not Working

Problems that often occur when charging Samsung cellphone batteries

How to solve the wireless charging of a Samsung Android cellphone not working? Advances in technology today have made us introduced to the latest features from one of the largest android companies, namely the technology of charging batteries without using cables which we often know today as wireless charging on Samsung Android phones.

By using a wireless charger on an Android phone, we don’t have to bother looking for a power plug to charge our Samsung cellphone. However, sophisticated technology certainly has weaknesses, which cannot be denied for errors or Samsung Android smartphones cannot connect to the wireless charger. To overcome this we can look at our previous article which discusses how to solve wireless fast charging not working on samsung android phone.

How to Activate the Fast Charging Feature on Samsung Phones

Problems that often occur when charging Samsung cellphone batteries
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Actually, to check for an old Samsung cellphone that is charged using the fast charging feature is not so difficult. But before moving on to that section, it would be better if we first made sure whether the fast charging feature on the Samsung Android cellphone was active or not. For that, let’s just look at the steps how to set up so that samsung phones can charge quickly here.

Thus our meeting this time which just discussed the problem of charging Samsung cellphone batteries that are not working properly. Hopefully our article above can be useful for all of us, thank you so much.