Searching for Lyrics and MP3 Album Covers Automatically With Zortam Mp3 Media Studio

By | May 14, 2022

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio is an mp3 studio application that has very complete features that you can use to meet all the needs of the mp3 files you have. You can normalize mp3s by customizing the volume level of your mp3 (batch mp3 normalizer), searching for lyrics automatically from mp3s.

Apart from that, you can sync ID3 tags, search MP3 library for songs, analyze and normalize song volume, use lyrics collection and cover finder, add art to files from folder images, rip audio CDs, convert files between MP3 and WAV format, get reports MP3 in HTML format, and more.

In the list you can see the artist, title, album, genre, year and track number of each song. But you can also check volume, bit rate, sample rate frequency, length, mode, comments, file size, path, URL, composer, original artist and more.

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio will really fulfill all your needs related to your mp3 files. So for those of you who have a large collection of mp3s, please just download and install them

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio is an all-in-one Mp3 application suite. The application has several modules such us Zortam Mp3 Auto Tagger, Mp3 Organizer, ID3 Tag Editor, Mp3 Player, Mp3 Normalizer, CD Ripper and Mp3 to Wav converter.

Key Features Include:

  • With Zortam Mp3 Media Studio you can batch auto tag your Mp3 files using Zortam’s database. The batch auto tag process downloads cover art, lyrics and other metadata and automatically tags your Mp3 files.
  • Zortam Mp3 Media Studio identifies your music, using advanced digital fingerprinting technology. This enables it to automatically download missing album art, lyrics and other track information including: Artist, Genre, Year, Track Name and Track Number.

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio recognizes over 35 million music items. Album artwork, lyrics and any saved data can be viewed via iTunes or on a mobile and tablet device.

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio? Download here