Requirements to be a J&T agent and start earning lots of benefits

By | April 15, 2022

Requirements to become a J&T agent – In the midst of the booming expedition business which is increasingly mushrooming, J&T is still firmly established as the top expedition service. Due to the high demand for shipping services, J&T agents have become tempting.

In the shipping service business, agents are an important part that cannot be ignored. The agent acts as an extension of the shipping company so that the delivery of goods can take place smoothly. With the presence of agents in various regions, the shipping company can make its name even more popular.

As one of the leading expedition service providers in Indonesia, J&T itself has tens or even hundreds of agents. However, there is still a chance to work with J&T as an agent. However, to be able to join this expedition service provider, there are several requirements to become a J&T agent that must be met.

Benefits of Being a J&T Agent

Requirements to be a J&T agent and start earning lots of benefits
Illustration. Photo by : J&T Express

As is known, J&T is one of the most widely used shipping services by consumers. Therefore, becoming a J&T agent is a profitable business opportunity. There are many advantages that can be obtained by becoming an agent for this expedition service.

The first is to get additional income. By becoming an agent, every time a customer sends goods, the agent will get a commission. The number is not small. It can be said that the J&T agent promises a lucrative additional income.

In addition, J&T agents no longer need to bother promoting their expedition services. This is because J&T already has a name and is well known among consumers. As a result, consumers will keep coming without the agent needing to do anything.

Not only that, J&T expedition services have been widely known so that these expeditions already have a good reputation in the eyes of consumers. So, when you become a J&T agent, consumer trust can automatically be obtained. This consumer confidence can have an impact on the number of packages sent.

Requirements to be a J&T Agent

Basically, J&T does not open vacancies. It’s just that if it is necessary to open an agent in an area, then J&T will announce it.

Although everyone can register to become an agent, not everyone can become an agent. This is because there are several requirements to become a J&T agent that must be met.

1. Own a Place

The first requirement to become a J&T agent is to have a place. When you become an agent, of course there will be a lot of goods sent and accommodated. Without having a place, an agent business cannot run.

Therefore, before deciding to become a J&T agent, first make sure the place that will be used as an agent office. To be easy to reach, choose a strategic place close to the highway. That way, the agent’s business can run smoothly.

2. Have a Computer with a Printer

When you’re an agent, there’s a lot to do and it’s all computer related. When going to record consumer goods, computers are needed, as well as printers. It can be said that without these two items, the agent cannot do his job properly and correctly.

Therefore, before becoming an agent, a computer is a must-have first. Likewise with printers. Both are items that must be owned by prospective agents.

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3. Have a Digital Scale

An agent cannot be separated from the weighing process. This is because every time a consumer sends goods, the goods need to be weighed to determine the shipping price. Therefore, prospective agents must at least prepare the scales before deciding to become an agent.

The scales needed are usually digital scales with a maximum capacity of 30 kilograms. However, for scales, they will generally be provided by J&T, so agents are not required to have them. However, it would be better if the agent already has a previous scale so that the agent opening process can run smoothly.

4. Have an Identity Card (KTP and KK)

To become an agent, J&T needs to know the identity and background of the prospective agent. Therefore, J&T requires identity cards such as KK and KTP of prospective agents. In addition, identity cards can also be used to convince J&T that the prospective agent is not a suspicious person.

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5. Have NPWP

One of the requirements to be able to open a business entity is ownership of a TIN. This is no exception to being an agent. TIN is a requirement to become another J&T agent.

By having a NPWP, the agent will be able to make a SIUP. Not only that, NPWP is also used to pay taxes.

6. Have at least two employees

In order for the delivery business as a J&T agent to run smoothly, the work cannot be done alone. Prospective agents must have at least two employees. That way, the existing work can be divided among employees who help ease the burden on the agency. In addition, the presence of employees can make all work completed quickly and increase customer satisfaction.

7. Have Sufficient Infrastructure

Having a place as an agent’s office is no longer enough. Access to the office also needs to be considered. Make sure that the agent’s office is in a place that is easily accessible by car. Not only that, prospective agents should also have chairs and tables to meet customer needs.

Also make sure that the place used for the office has a large parking space. To be more complete, don’t forget to prepare a banner for J&T.

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How to Become an Agent

If all the conditions have been met, then the prospective agent can be said to be eligible and can join as a J&T agent. Well, before officially becoming an agent, there are several steps that must be taken by prospective agents, including:

  • Choose an agency package and pay a certain amount of money that serves as capital.
  • Contacting J&T at the Provincial level. This is done to find out whether the proposed area really needs a J&T agent.
  • Fulfill all the requirements to become an agent both in terms of administrative, human resources, and infrastructure that supports the operation of the agent.
  • After the agent requirements are met, prospective agents can visit the J&T Express branch office. To be able to open an agency, contact the manager in charge of the agency department. Follow all applicable procedures and those that have been set by J&T.
  • If J&T decides that the prospective agent is worthy of becoming an agent, the agent will be given training first. This training is made by J&T and is specifically intended for prospective agents who pass the assessment.

Becoming an agent and being able to work with J&T opens up many business opportunities. However, to be able to open an agency is not as easy as imagined. There are several requirements to become a J&T agent and all of them must be met. That way the agent opening process can run smoothly.

Hopefully this brief information can be useful for you.