Recommendations for ornamental plants for a minimalist home page

By | January 4, 2022
Ornamental plants for a minimalist home page – Currently in big cities it is rather rare to find a shady home page (a lot of trees). It’s a stark contrast to the atmosphere in the 80-90s era. At that time in big cities such as Jakarta and others, it was still common to find yards or yards of houses with trees. So in the era of the 80-90s, the function of the house was not only as a place to live, but also as a means of relaxing (relaxing/sleeping) in the lush yard of the house.

But all the beautiful atmosphere above now seems to be just a memory. Most people today prioritize the size of the building rather than leaving green open space in their yard. So if there are people from Jakarta who own 100 meters of land, then the building area is also made up of 100 square meters.

Actually the above is very understandable. The reason is because over time large cities are increasingly densely populated. So that the price of land in big cities like Jakarta and others continues to soar sharply. Now, because of the high price of the land, it is almost impossible for Jakarta residents to buy large areas of land for their yards.

So, is it still possible for people in big cities to have a garden at their home?

Of course you can!

The method?

Namely by creating a minimalist-sized garden in the yard of his house. Yup! A collection of ornamental plants for a minimalist home page! See an example of an illustration in the photo below.

Recommendations for ornamental plants for a minimalist home page

So if you have land measuring 100 square meters, then make a building with an area of ​​90 meters. Now the remaining 10 meters can be made a small garden containing ornamental plants in his yard. Yes! A minimalist house with a small garden that is beautiful and does not take up much space.

Choose the right types of ornamental plants for your minimalist home page. This is because ornamental plants for a minimalist home page are able to give the home owner a calm and comfortable impression.

The following is a list of ornamental plants that are suitable for planting in a minimalist home page.

Among them:

1. Cambodia Tree

Recommendations for ornamental plants for a minimalist home page

First is the frangipani plant. Cambodia, which is synonymous with flowers at funerals, can actually give a different impression to a minimalist home. A house that chooses frangipani as a sweetener in the yard will create the impression of a minimalist and tropical home that is comfortable to live in.

Cambodia, which has red and yellow color variants, is a favorite color to plant in the home page. In addition, the tree is not too dense and the maintenance is quite easy when compared to other plants. Because frangipani is able to survive even though it is rarely watered.

Recommendations for ornamental plants for a minimal home page

Bamboo is an ornamental plant that is suitable when placed in the front yard of the house. For its placement, the lush bamboo tree is very suitable when planted in front of the wall. In addition, bamboo can also be used as a natural insulation or fence at home.

The advantage of having a bamboo tree with old bamboo slats is that the bamboo tree can be cut down and used as a variety of furniture. Then the easy maintenance becomes an advantage when growing this plant.

3. Sansevieria Ornamental Plants

Recommendations for ornamental plants for a minimalist home page

Sansevieria or better known as mother-in-law’s tongue is a plant that is very easy to care for. Simply planted in the front yard of the house, then these plants can grow well. You don’t need to water it often because this plant can store a lot of water in its leaves.

If you water your mother-in-law’s tongue too often, over time this plant will die because it absorbs too much water. Then, this Sansevieria can be placed in the front or back yard of the house in front of a plain wall. So that this plant can be a refreshing main attraction in the home page.

Recommendations for ornamental plants for a minimalist home page

This Japanese Maple plant is often a plant that is often planted in Japan. The Japanese people are famous for their skills with minimalist concepts, making Japanese maples as a garden sweetener. The bright red color is combined with a minimalist home concept, adding aesthetics to the home page.

Japanese maple tree care is also easy, because it is enough to be watered regularly once to twice a week. Unfortunately, when the dry season enters, the maple tree leaves will wither and fall, causing a lot of leaf litter.

5. Cycad Tree

Recommendations for ornamental plants for a minimalist home page

Cycads are plants in the tropics of the Cycadaceae family. In Indonesia, this plant is often called the hajj fern. This tree includes a tree that thrives in tropical areas such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

The appearance has thick hairy stems and the leaves only grow at the ends of the stems. At first glance, they look like palms, but the hajj ferns are very different from palms. Cycads are very suitable when planted in a minimalist home because the cycads themselves bring the impression of a minimalist plant as well. So, there is nothing wrong with planting cycads.

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That’s the top 5 recommendations for ornamental plants for a minimalist home garden. The five plants are suitable for the minimalist concept, because the impression of these plants is simple and very minimalist. Then, the advantage of these five plants is that their maintenance is very easy and uncomplicated.

Hopefully this short article can be useful for all of you.