Professional Apps for Your iPad Pro

By | March 25, 2022

Based on benchmarks, 2018 iPad Pro is faster than 2018 MacBook Pro. But it’s just a number. The problem with the iPad Pro isn’t performance, it’s iOS and the lack of macOS-like professional apps. Or at least, that’s the current narrative.

But that’s a narrow point of view. iOS uses a new way to get work done. So of course you won’t find Final Cut Pro X on the iPad. But you can be very close. In fact, dozens of professional-grade iOS apps will help you with advanced photography, art, graphic design, calligraphy, writing, and video editing projects.


Procreate is the Apple Pencil’s new best friend. This is a Rp. 130,000 that every iPad Pro user should install, whether you’re creative or not. Install the app and play with your Apple Pencil and templates. Just creating a few patterns and editing templates will give your creative bones a boost.

But if you are a designer or an artist, Procreate will open a whole new world for you. You can use the app to sketch, design, paint, calligraphy, and more. If you can dream it up, you might be able to create one in Procreate.

Procreate’s user interface is inspired by desktop applications such as Photoshop, but adopted for touch screens. So you’ll find intuitive sliders, and sliding panels around the canvas. Use one of the 100+ brushes to get closer to the feel of a real-life pencil on iPad.

Just like Photoshop, you can even create your own brushes. You get access to multiple layers, blend modes, masks, and full PSD support.

Download: Procreate (Rp. 130,000)

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is the Adobe Illustrator for iPad like never before. This app gives you a desktop-class vector design environment on iPad. Everything you need from graphic design software is available here.

Start by creating a sketch, then turn it into vector lines and shapes. Now you have precise control over every shape in the design. Once you have an outline, you can switch to a raster at any time and start coloring. There are more than a hundred brushes in the app.

The app also supports professional-grade typography tools. You can align text to a grid, flow text through paths, and frame text around other elements. If you’re working on a logo, you can pick a font and start tweaking the design too.

Once done, you can export your design as PDF, PSD, EPS, SVG, JPEG, or PNG.

Affinity Photos is a professional photo editing tool for iPad. While waiting for Photoshop to arrive, here’s what you should use.

Whatever your expertise in this area, Affinity Photo will fit your workflow. You can use it to quickly fix photos, make color corrections, or get started with complex edits using multiple layers.

If you’re using Photoshop on a Mac, you’ll be able to take an Affinity Photo quite easily. It follows the same nomenclature and design language but adapts it for touchscreen interfaces. You’ll find the Tools and Layers panels on either side of the canvas.

Affinity Photo leverages the incredibly fast iPad Pro processor to give you something an entry-level MacBook running Photoshop can’t. There is no lag, even when you open a RAW image and it has dozens of layers (the app supports unlimited layers).

Using Apple Pencil, you can make very accurate selections in photos. Everything else you need from a professional photo editing app is right here: noise reduction, brushes, lens correction, adjustment layers, patch tools, clone tools, masks, blur and so on.

Download: Affinity Photo (Rp. 260,000)


LumaFusion is the best video editing app on iPad. This puts a professional-grade multi-track video editing studio on your iPad. Leveraging the powerful new iPad Pro’s six-core processor, it lets you scrub through 4K footage without lag.

LumaFusion’s interface is similar to video editing apps like Final Cut Pro, but adapted for the iPad screen. You can preview videos in the top right corner, import and organize clips and sounds in the top left, and the bottom is where the magic happens.

Here you will find a full-featured multi-track editor. Just drag and drop video files and use your finger to move them. You can select and directly trim the video too. Once your song is laid out, apply transition effects, add background audio, and export video.

LumaFusion has presets for uploading videos to YouTube, so you don’t have to worry about formatting technicalities either.

Download: LumaFusion (Rp. 260,000, subscription available)

Ferrite Recording Studio

Ferrite brings multi-track audio recording and editing to iPad. You can use the app to record interviews and even edit podcasts. Ferrite gets you started easily just tap the microphone button to start recording.

But when you get to the editing view, you’ll see how comprehensive the editing options are. You can put audio files in a multi-track editor and use the Ferrite automation tool to quickly enhance your audio.

You can automatically adjust the low and high volume, remove silence between words, reduce noise, and more. Plus, if you have a certain editing style, you can set all the parameters however you like and turn it into a template.

Download: Ferrite Recording Studio (Free, premium version available)

Microsoft Office Suite

For millions of users around the world, productivity means Office documents. And if you need to collaborate with coworkers using a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet, you’ll be happy to know that you can do it all from your iPad Pro.

Sign in with your Office 365 account, and all the clouds and documents you’ve shared will appear. You’ll find all the familiar formatting, collaboration, and export options in the app.

Download: Microsoft Word (Free, subscription required)
Download: Microsoft Excel (Free, subscription required)
Download: Microsoft PowerPoint (Free, subscription required)


If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with the features set up in Affinity Photo, try Pixelmator first. Pixelmator is a full featured image editor that is easy to use. It has powerful photo editing, painting, and graphic design features but is famous for combining them.

For example, Pixelmator makes it easy to open large RAW files. Then you can use the tools to refine and refine the image and apply edits to make it look better. Graphic design tools will help you add stylish text over images, and you can even use Apple Pencil to paint over parts of the image.

Download: Pixelmator (Rp. 65,000)

BeatMaker 3

BeatMaker is an audio and MIDI workstation designed specifically for the iPad. It brings the power of traditional desktop music creation software to the new era of iPad Pro.

You have access to 128 banks of 128 pads where you can record, edit, cut, assemble and re-samples to your heart’s content.

Download: BeatMaker (Rp. 325,000, in-app purchases available)


Scrivener is what professionals use to write their books. It is an all-in-one application that handles research, notes, writing and editing. Now you can get the same polished writing environment on your iPad.

You can open a Final Draft or Word document in the app and start writing. Use the built-in tools to track plot points, characters, and more.

Download: Scrivener (Rp. 260,000)

PDF Expert

In the business world, PDF is preferred for information exchange. This makes PDF Expert an essential iPad app for anyone who wants to be productive on the go.

PDF Expert simplifies some of the biggest headaches of using PDFs. You can quickly open a PDF, edit it (even if it’s not designed to be editable), add and remove text, sign it, and send it back in just a few seconds. It lets you manage PDFs on iOS all from one app.

Download: PDF Expert (Rp. 130,000, in-app purchases available)

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