Price List of Battery Toy Cars in Asemka Market

By | March 3, 2022

In the midst of the high price of toy toys for children’s batteries today (especially in a big city like Jakarta), there are still some places that sell them at low prices. One of them is Asemka Market in West Jakarta. In this market, one of the most sought after toys is the battery toy car. The price of the toy car battery at Asemka Market is much cheaper than other places.

For a long time, parents have made Pasar Asemka a place to hunt for cheap toys. Whether it’s to be given to his son or as a souvenir on his birthday. As with other low-cost markets, buyers will get cheaper prices if they buy in large quantities.

What’s in the Asemka Market?

The reason why this market is always crowded with buyers is because of the product variants sold there. Not only toys, but there are other products. Since the 80s, Pasar Asemka has become a shopping center for Jakarta residents. Residents used to look for knick-knacks, stationery, wedding souvenirs, make-up equipment, children’s toys, to cellphone accessories there.

Especially for children’s toys, buyers mostly come from children’s toy rental entrepreneurs. They bought a lot of car batteries and motorcycle batteries to be rented back. Prices here are cheaper than outside. Of course, this greatly supports the savings in capital costs for children’s toy rental entrepreneurs.

What is the price of a battery toy car in Asemka Market?

The toy battery car is indeed suitable for boys who like automotive toys. However, the price of an expensive toy car battery sometimes makes parents not buy it. In fact, if they have the opportunity to buy in the market, parents can get a lower price.

Like the price of a toy car battery at the Asemka Market below:

Price Range Rover Battery Model Car

Price List of Battery Toy Cars in Asemka Market

This car battery model is equipped with a seat belt. This seat belt is a five point safety belt. In addition, this battery toy car is also equipped with a remote control. However, you can also want to drive manually. Other features include MP3 and music features.

To be able to bring this toy, buyers only need to spend 2.3 million. Much cheaper than the market price of 2.6 million. This car is quite large and made of thick material. So it is also suitable if used for a toy rental business.

Mercedes Benz Car Battery Price

Price List of Battery Toy Cars in Asemka Market

Although the price of this car battery is quite expensive, it is comparable to the quality. In Asemka Market, not all shops sell this type of battery car, but the goods are still there. The price set by the seller in Asemka is around 2.6 million rupiah. This price is clearly cheaper than in a toy store in a mall which can reach a price of 3 million.

The material of this model toy car battery is very thick and strong. In addition, it usually comes with a copyright approval from Daimler AG. In addition, this battery car is equipped with a remote control, Bluetooth, and a door with open and close access. Don’t forget to have seat belts too. For security, the remote control has been equipped with a safety mode.

Maserati Model Car Battery Price

Price List of Battery Toy Cars in Asemka Market

If you want to bring this battery car, the buyer only needs to spend as much as 1.7 million to 2 million rupiah (depending on the type). Still cheaper than the market price. The price of the battery toy car in Asemka Market is indeed very reliable for children’s toy rental entrepreneurs. This Maserati type car is quite popular with children because of its wide space.

In addition, the striking color also provokes children’s interest to try it. Don’t worry, this battery car is equipped with a remote control but can also be driven manually. For security aspects, this toy car has also been equipped with a safety belt. The seats are also made of good leather so they won’t hurt your child’s skin.

Price of PMB Protage Car Battery Model

Price List of Battery Toy Cars in Asemka Market

The Protage PMB has long been known as a low-priced battery toy car. At Pasar Asemka, this toy car can be obtained at a price of around 1 million to 1.3 million (depending on the type). Although its size is not as large and as wide as the three cars that have been reviewed above, it is very suitable for children to play at home. This car can be driven by children aged 2-5 years.

Price of BMW Sport Battery PMB

Price List of Battery Toy Cars in Asemka Market

Still from the PMB variant, this time the BMW Sport type. No need to spend deep, enough with 1.3 to 1.5 million only (depending on the type). Quite a lot of traders in Asemka Market sell this model because of the low price. The toy rental business most hunts for this model. Besides being cheap, the size is also quite large.

Ferrari Turbo Battery Car Price

Price List of Battery Toy Cars in Asemka Market

For the usual type of Ferrari Turbo valued at 1.7 million to 2 million (depending on the type). This battery car model is quite a sought after because of its slick and elegant shape. The colors are also elegant and seem expensive. The material for the seats is also of good quality leather so it is not harsh on the child’s skin. This car battery model is suitable for children aged 2-5 years to drive.

Pliko Brand Battery Car Price

Price List of Battery Toy Cars in Asemka Market

Pliko, who has been playing for a long time as a toy and baby equipment manufacturer, also produces battery toy cars. The price of a battery toy car in Asemka Market for the Pliko brand is around 1.5 million to 2 million (depending on the type). The prices are quite pocket friendly. Especially for children’s toy rental entrepreneurs, buying at Asemka Market will certainly save capital expenditures.

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Shopping Tips at Asemka Market

After knowing the price range for toy car batteries at Asemka Market, now is the time to shop. However, there are tips to consider when shopping there. Here are the tips:

Avoid Coming On Weekends

Don’t hunt for toys on weekends as the market will be packed. Shopping when the atmosphere is frenzied like this will make the process of choosing to choose not optimal. Not to mention when you are about to bid, the energy has run out first to get crowded. As a result, there is no longer any energy to bargain.

Try Not To Invite Small Children

Shopping in a crowded and hot market can be very inconvenient when taking small children. In addition, children will be tired and hot, maybe even dehydrated. So, choose weekdays when shopping there when your little one is in school. That way, shopping becomes convenient and fast.

Decide which product to buy

It’s good to have a clear goal when you go to Pasar Asemka. When you know what items to buy, then go straight to the kiosk in question. If you don’t know the location of the kiosk, ask the first seller you meet there. That will be very helpful and save time. It can also avoid buying things that are not actually needed.

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So, that was the review about the price of the battery toy car at the Asemka Market. Price changes may occur considering that most of these goods are imported. To ensure the latest prices, you can do a re-survey. Hopefully by reading this article, the hunt at Asemka Market will go smoothly.

See you again in the next interesting article. Regards.

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