Playing Playstation 1 Games Using the DuckStation Emulator

By | April 15, 2022

DuckStation is the latest emulator software for Sony PlayStation(TM) / PSX / PS1 consoles, which focuses on playability, speed and long term maintenance. DuckStation supports mobile processors with 32-bit/64-bit ARM architecture and PC processors for 64-bit x86 architecture with a minimum CPU specification of 1.5GHz for good performance.

Graphically, this Playstation 1 game is still worth playing and can also be displayed with HD graphics on a PC / Laptop like today’s modern games. Apart from the graphic display, there are various reasons why we still want to play it again. In addition to sentimental reasons for wanting to reminisce, the PS1 gameplay is also fairly good with a variety of game genres available, from games for children to game titles for adults.

How to play PS1 games on a PC or laptop can be done with the help of an emulator that can run on a Windows or Linux PC. Game emulators are indeed an interesting program to have today because they can help you play various types of console game games, one of which is an emulator for the legendary PS1 (PSX) console game. Games like Crash Bandicoot, Tekken 3, or Ape Escape you can play again using the PS1 emulator.

If you look for emulators on the internet, there will be lots of emulators for the PS1 console, but not all emulators can run well and smoothly. Now the previous recommendation to be able to play PS1 games with a perfect HD display using the ePSXe Emulator, this time the recommendation for a PS1 emulator based on a x64 PC processor you can use the duckstation emulator because it can display PS1 games with a 4K Ultra HD class display with satisfactory results.

The duckstation emulator has a fairly complete rendering API display options, such as DirectX11, DirectX12, Vulkan, OpenGL and Software rendering. Display quality also supports HD to 4K Ultra HD.

Of course, in order to play PS1 games with a 4K Ultra HD image display, of course, it must be supported by a fairly high PC spec. But don’t worry, bro and sis, if you only have PC specs that are potato, you can still play PS1 games with this duckstation emulator, but the display quality has been lowered a bit. Just relax bro, the look is still really pretty even though the quality is a bit lowered.

The duckstation emulator has a nice UI (User Interface). user friendly with menu settings that are neatly arranged, easy to use and active software development that makes the duckstation emulator software more up-to-date and compatible for the use of the latest PC hardware.

DuckStation already supports unencrypted cue, iso, img, ecm, mds, chd and PBP game image file formats. If your game is in another format, you will need to convert or dump it again. For single track play in bin format, you can use to generate cue files.

DuckStation has undergone many significant developments so that it has a number of additional features that can be used to maximize graphic quality and also for ease of game compatibility settings, while these additional features include:

  • OpenGL, Vulkan (recommended) and software rendering,
  • Enhancement, texture filtering, and native color (24-bit) in hardware renderer,
  • Widescreen rendering in games supported (no stretching!),
  • PGXP for geometry precision, texture correction, and depth buffer emulation (fix texture “wobble”/polygon fighting),
  • adaptive downsampling filter,
  • 60fps in PAL games if supported,
  • Per-game settings (setting enhancements and controller mappings for each game individually),
  • Up to 8 in-game controllers supported with multitap,
  • Controller and keyboard binding (+vibration for controller),
  • Supported in-game RetroAchievements (,
  • Memory card editor (move save, import gme/mcr/mc/mcd),
  • Built-in patch code database,
  • Save status with preview screenshot,
  • Ultra-fast turbo speed in mid-range to high-end devices,
  • Emulated CPU overclocking to increase in-game FPS,
  • Rewinding (don’t use on slow devices),
  • Controller layout editing and scaling (in pause menu).

Oh yes, don’t forget the PC processor must be 64 bit, coupled with the use of an OS that is also 64 bit, if your PC is still 32 bit I recommend using the ePSXe emulator 2.0.5, here is the informasi to the article ePSXe 2.0.5 Emulator.