Play Prank With Your Friends With These 7 Web Apps

By | December 15, 2021

Almost every aspect of our lives is affected by the digital age. But when it comes to jokes, most of us still pull the same old jokes. But you don’t need it anymore.

There are various websites that open up new practical jokes. Here are the best web apps to pull tech jokes on your friends.

Disclaimer: The effectiveness of this web application will depend on how proficient you are

Fake Update

Everyone hates staring at the software update screen helplessly, especially in the middle of the day. Update Faker lets you pinpoint a joke from the right situation. All you need to do is wait for that window when your friend leaves their computer unattended.

Update Faker can replicate update animations from four operating systems including Windows 10, macOS, Windows XP, and Windows 98. When you press the play button, Update Faker will turn the browser tab into an update screen. It even shows a progress bar and if the person on the receiving end presses Enter, Update Faker will load a blue screen of death.

Since Faker Update automatically disables keyboard or mouse input, you can enable the browser’s full-screen mode to remove hints that it’s a prank. The only way to exit the screen is to press the full screen shortcut or hover over the taskbar at the bottom.

If you want more advanced options or need to update the screen for another operating system like Windows 7, you can also try

Visit: Update Faker

FaceTime With Celebrities

FlexTime is probably the easiest method to scare your friends. In FlexTime, you can simulate a FaceTime call from you having a video chat with a celebrity.

The layout caller window is your real-time stream of the phone’s front-facing camera. But the rest of the space is filled with personality stories from their social media accounts. FlexTime has a large collection of clips of celebrities in its catalog such as Robert Downey Jr., Cardi B, and Kim Kardashian. Choose the one that your friends like to meet the most and that you enjoy doing.

You can share this by taking a screenshot or recording a web app screen as FlexTime also includes story audio. For jokes, of course, you have to come up with a plot about how you managed to call a celebrity but for everything else, FlexTime has you covered.

FlexTime exists as an app called Monkey if you want more social options and features.

Visit: Flextime by Monkey
Download: Monkey for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Generate Fake Airline Tickets

For your next trick, have you considered surprising your reclusive friends and acquaintances with a first class plane ticket to an exotic location?

On a web app called Ticket-O-Matic, you can easily try out the idea. Ticket-O-Matic allows you to create fake boarding passes. You can feed in your personal details like hometown and name, and the app will instantly generate a special ticket for free. You can download the results in JPG and PNG format.

Visit: Tiket-O-Matic

Trick Your Friends into Thinking You’re a Hacker

You don’t have to hijack someone’s computer to prank them. You can also use your own. Websites with the name Geektyper can fool your friends into thinking you are a hacker.

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Similar to Update Faker, you can go full screen with any of the several geeky screens that Geektyper has to offer. The website has a number of options such as the SHIELD dashboard from the Marvel movies, and desktop settings from the Mr.Robot TV show.

Interestingly, it’s not just a static page either. So you can quickly type anything on your keyboard to pretend that you are really busy and Geektyper will enter a random code snippet on the screen. Moreover, you can even click on the folder icon to open more windows.

Visit: Geektyper

Create Fake Chat

In today’s generation, chat screenshots are powerful enough to destroy relationships and win fights. But what if you could extend its influence on your jokes?

To do that, you have to create a fake chat. Fortunately, there are many websites where you can quickly fake it. Web apps like iFakeTextMessage and FakeChatApp can generate personalized mockups of iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

iFakeTextMessage is for iMessage only. Apart from the message, it lets you edit the battery level at the top, connection name, time, and more. In addition, you have the option to change the color of the text balloon. So, if your friend is an iPhone user, you can keep it blue and vice versa, green to represent SMS.

FakeChatApp is a bit advanced and works for the two platforms Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Here, you’ll find lots of little features that will help you make complex jokes. For starters, you can add images or GIFs and choose between mobile and tablet layouts. Also, the profile picture can be changed and if you are using Facebook Messenger, you can enter the blue icon which gives a thumbs up.

Visit: iFakeTextMessage
Visit: FakeChatApp

Send Your Friends Websites That Never Load

You may exchange memes and video links with friends. But next time, how about sending them a site that never loads?

When the person opens a website called Photricity in their browser, all they see is a few regular site-like ads and a progress bar with the title “Loading site”. When the bar fills up, the app will just replace it with a circular animation. Regardless of how fast their connection is, Photricity will show signs of loading forever until they get bored and close the tab.

Visit: Photricity

Spam Your Friends Phone With Text Prank

You often buy electronics or groceries on the internet. But for just a dollar, you can flood your friends’ phones with dozens of anonymous spam texts online. BlowUpThePhone is a service where you can schedule a random stream of SMS messages to prank someone.

The website asks for your friend’s cell number and a small fee depends on the number of texts you want to send. It costs 6 per SMS and a processing fee of 50 . To stop the flood, the person must text again STOP or opt out by heading to BlowUpThePhone.

At the time of writing, BlowUpThePhone is only available in the United States.

Visit: BlowUpThePhone

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