Otanaha Fort Gorontalo – Ninna Wiends

By | May 9, 2022

In Indonesia, there are many historical forts, one of which is the Otanaha fort in Gorontalo. Not inferior to other provinces. Gorontalo Province also has a historic fort. namely Otanaha Fort which is thought to have been built in the 15th century. Although only leaving a wall, with a wall height of about 1 meter with a thickness of about 50 centimeters. The building that stands on a hill is still one of the tourist destinations in Gorontalo. Otanaha Fort is located in Dembe Satu Village, Kota Barat District, Gorontalo City, Gorontalo Province, or about 20 minutes by road from Gorontalo City. The location of the fort is also directly adjacent to Limboto Lake, the only lake in Gorontalo. At this time the fort has been designated as a cultural heritage which is managed under the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Otanaha Fort was founded as a defensive fort, this fort was built by King Ilato in 1522 AD. With the initiative of the leaders of the Portuguese ships that stopped at the port of Gorontalo. The fort made of sand, limestone and Maleo bird eggs is very strong even though the cement is made of eggs.

There is a story about this Otanaha Fort, once upon a time King Ilato had 3 children, 2 daughters and 1 son named Ndoba, Naha and Tiliaya. When she was a teenager, Naha went to another country to wander, and the other two sisters remained in the Kingdom of Gorontalo. In 1585, Naha intends to return to Gorontalo and marry Ohihiya. Long story short, they are blessed with 2 children, Paha and Limonu. One day a war broke out with Hemuto, the leader of the transmigrants. Naha and Paha were eventually killed in the war. Limonu, who did not accept the death of his brother and father, demanded revenge. To commemorate their struggle in the war against Hemuto, therefore the fort was named Ulupahu Fort, Otahiya Fort and Otanaha Fort. In its development, the fort was more popularly known as Otanaha Fort.

Otanaha Fort was built on a hill. Tourists who visit this fort must pass several steps and 4 stopovers. Surprisingly, the steps at each stop are not the same number. From the initial journey to the first stopover there are 52 steps, from the first stopover to the second stopover there are 83 steps, from the second stopover to the third stopover there are 53 steps, from the third stopover to the fourth stopover there are 89 steps. And to get to the fort amounted to 71 steps.

Otanaha Fort consists of three forts, namely two large forts which are located close to each other and one small fort which is located under the two large forts. Each fort is located separately. The average diameter of the fort is only about 10 meters. Between the forts connected by a road made of blocks with the furthest distance of about 50 meters. The floor of the fort was covered with grass.

In addition to the main object in the form of a fort, Otanaha is also equipped with several seats. From Otanaha Fort we can see the view of Limboto Lake which is now overgrown with water hyacinth plants, Gorontalo City also looks beautiful from the top of this fort. To get to this fort, visitors can use a vehicle up to the top or put their vehicle in the parking lot near the counter then climb the stairs of approximately 350 pieces with a slope of about 60 degrees to arrive at the main fort. The ticket price to enter the fort is Rp. 5,000.00 per person.

Although the journey to reach Otanaha Fort is very tiring, but once tourists arrive at the fort, the fatigue seems to be vanished by the panoramic view of the beauty around the fort. From the fort at the top of the hill, visitors will be treated to views of parts of the City of Gorontalo, especially the residential areas on the shores of Lake Limboto. The tin roofed house can be seen from above and the vehicles passing by on the street are also clearly visible. From this fort, you can also get a complete view of the lake from the west side.

From this fort you can see Lake Limboto as a whole and the hills that surround it

Ideally, travel to Otanaha Fort in the morning or evening. The sun in Gorontalo during the day is enough to make the skin burn. The morning or evening atmosphere is good enough for photography enthusiasts to take photos with the atmosphere of an ancient fort.