Ornamental Plants Business Opportunities (Business Resistant)

By | April 30, 2022
Ornamental Plants Business Opportunities (Business Resistant)

Ornamental plant business opportunities are practically always there because people need to decorate their homes and even decorate offices. During this pandemic, in fact, there has been an increase in demand for this commodity because many people are active at home. Gardening activities turned out to be quite effective at killing boredom and making “collective”.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the price of this commodity has skyrocketed due to this high demand. This situation can certainly be used as land to gain rupiah for those who are good at reading opportunities.

Then, how to start? Let’s see the review to the end.

Strike Resistant, Don’t Hesitate to Do Ornamental Plant Business

At a time when almost all business sectors experienced a contraction, the gardening business skyrocketed. Actually, long before the pandemic came, selling various plants had been carried out by a number of people and the demand was always stable. Getting here, coupled with more time at home and the trend of eco living, the need is increasing sharply.

This is why ornamental plant business opportunities are always open. Demand comes from all segments, from middle to upper class. People with narrow or wide land as well as for industrial needs such as in offices, restaurants, and hotels.

What’s even more interesting is that the trend of collecting certain ornamental plants can actually increase prices. For example, for the type of monstera adansonii or the public knows it as a perforated widow who has recently become popular. The price can reach hundreds of thousands for those who have varigata.

Then, you don’t need a big capital to get started. It just takes patience and persistence. Just start by buying some popular plant seeds, try cultivating them, then market them in a creative way. At least from the nursery until it can be sold about 3 months.

Or, if you want it fast, you can wholesale it directly to the farmers and then reproduce it yourself. Ways like this can be used as the beginning of opening a business selling ornamental plants whose demand is always there.

Tips for Successful Ornamental Plant Business

Although it is easy to run and the market is wide open, someone who wants to get into this business needs to know the ins and outs first. Then you must also understand tips on how to make your business grow well.

Here are some steps that beginners can follow:

1. Deepen the Science of Cultivating Plants

Actually, this effort can be done by anyone. However, of course it would be better if you have sufficient knowledge about how to treat, care for, and cultivate them.

This is necessary when dealing with buyers who are also beginners. They will ask many questions ranging from how many times the watering is done, fertilization, to why the plants die.

That’s why, do a lot of research, read books about plants, to practice it directly. Use the first months for trial and error. Evaluation of errors in treatment. Relax, this can all be done while selling, really.

2. Jelly Reading Trends

This business remains synonymous with trends. For example, currently indoor gardening is trending. So, the seller must know what plants can be planted in the house. Deepen the knowledge about how to take care of it. By knowing this, the collection that will be sold becomes specific, because it sells what prospective consumers are interested in.

Then, find out also the types of varieties that are in high demand. As now, the type of Aglaonema or often called Sri Fortune is still sought after by many people. So multiply the collection of variants, then deepen your knowledge of how to cultivate it yourself so that you don’t have to keep doing it.

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3. Don’t Just Determine The Price

There is no standard formula for the selling value of plants. Even the types that are on the rise though, the seller can set the price as they like. But as buyers are becoming more critical day by day, these unreasonable numbers are starting to be questioned. For that, before selling expensively, you should first consider the quality, variety, and value in the market.

Remember, this business is not only about selling expensive, but also about how to maintain the quality of plants. The healthier, of course, the higher the value. Even though there are some types that are cheap, don’t hesitate to keep selling them. Because, the more collections will certainly be more attractive to buyers.

4. Collaborate with Farmers

Buying or wholesale from the first hand is very important especially for beginners. The reason is of course because the price is cheap so it can be resold at a reasonable price. In addition, buying from farmers turns out to have other advantages. That is, you can consult and gain knowledge about caring for and cultivating plants.

Farmers are generally not stingy in sharing knowledge. In fact, from them, ornamental plant sellers can get superior seeds, good planting media, and the right fertilizer for their plants. You can even join the community, you know. From here, of course there will be more knowledge of caring for plants that can be obtained, right?

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5. Proper Marketing

With so many marketing channels, the business opportunity for ornamental plants is even greater. The reason is being able to reach consumers anywhere. For example, by promoting products on e-commerce and social media. Buyers do not need to come to the place of sale and only need to see photos to buy.

Promotion can also be done easily on social media. Instagram and Facebook are among the most used. The trend of live selling or flash sales on both social media is quite effective in getting buyers in quick time. In addition, on this channel, sellers can continue to engage with their consumers by regularly posting content.

6. Expand Product Line

Selling ornamental plants can be expanded to accompanying products such as fertilizers, planting media, pots, enforcement poles, to vitamins for plants. Then, if you look again, now the hump can be sold. Examples are for expensive species such as aglonema, monstera, philodendron, orchid, and anthurium. This too is an opportunity in itself.

People who don’t have enough money buy plants so they can just buy the weeds. In this way, the wheels of business can continue to spin. Then, as mentioned above, don’t just sell variants that are currently popular. But add to the collection to other types which are also beautiful because the demand is always there and expanding.

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7. Keep Delivery Quality

The trend of online shopping continues to increase, including the purchase of plants. As a product that is prone to damage or death, the seller needs to pay attention to how to send the goods. Packaging is the key to successful delivery. Then also cooperate with a trusted shuttle service.

Do not pass the responsibility for damage to the courier. As a seller, this is an unavoidable commitment. Communicate with the buyer if there may be additional costs for shipping in order to maintain quality, beauty and viability. This will increase consumer confidence, you know.

Well, that was the ornamental plant business opportunity that seems to be open. The hobby of gardening is increasingly becoming a lifestyle, awareness of a beautiful environment is also getting higher, so it is likely that demand will continue to rise. Want to try your luck in this business? Lots of research and practice.

Hopefully useful and success always for you.