“OPPO Launcher Has Stopped” Solution

By | March 15, 2022
OPPO Launcher Has Stopped – How how to fix the launcher has stopped on the oppo cellphone ? Of course, not a few Oppo smartphone users have experienced problems where the Android phone screen is blank screen and suddenly a notification appears “Unfortunately, OPPO Launcher Has Stopped“. We need to know that the launcher is one part of the Android theme that is able to manage all screen displays, where maximizing the use of the user interface when running multitasking activities has become the main function of the Android cellphone launcher. So don’t be surprised if the Oppo smartphone launcher error will occur. effect on unresponsive multitasking.

However, we don’t need to worry about problems with Oppo android phones which often get the error message “Unfortunately the status bar has stopped Oppo”. This is because the cause of the emergence of the Oppo launcher has stopped often comes from a software problem from the Android phone itself. Then how how to restore oppo launcher that has stopped on the oppo android phone? So if we experience an incident where after the phone is turned off and on and then we try to enter the android smartphone menu but instead a message appears, unfortunately the status bar has stopped, we don’t need to rush to bring our Oppo phone to the nearest service center.

Therefore, on this occasion, we Smartphone Solution will try to give tips to fix the oppo cellphone launcher that often doesn’t work. Even though it’s a non-serious problem, we still need to fix the problem with the Oppo smartphone launcher error. This is because the Android cellphone launcher that has an error will make us often exit the application on the Android cellphone that we have. For that, let’s just take a look at the full review about how to fix unfortunately the status bar has stopped on the oppo cellphone the following.

“OPPO Launcher Has Stopped” Solution

oppo launcher solution has stopped

However, before we start to discuss how to solve the oppo launcher has stopped error message, it would be better if we first discuss the source of the cause of the theme launcher often stopping itself on the Oppo cellphone.

With hope when we receive a lot incoming notification or whatsapp app images Oppo smartphone launcher doesn’t stop suddenly, here are some reasons why Oppo smartphone themes often don’t respond:

  • Changing themes too often
  • Full internal storage
  • Android device detected a virus
  • Number of junk files (cache)

How to solve oppo launcher that often doesn’t respond

1. Wipe Data Through Recovery Mode

Wipe Data on OPPO Smartphones is the first step we can take to solve the problem of an Android cellphone launcher that doesn’t respond. Based on the information we obtained from several Oppo smartphone forums, cleaning all existing data, except contacts, SMS, and some other important data by means of Wipe Data can fix the problematic Launcher.

However, before we do the method this time, it would be better if we back up all the data that is on the android device that we have on a flash disk or computer. This aims to anticipate things that we do not want and all existing data remains safe, here are the steps to wipe data on the Oppo smartphone that we can follow:

  1. First, turn off the OPPO cellphone that we have
  2. Then press the “Power + Volume Down” button simultaneously until the OPPO LOGO appears and we will automatically be taken to the Recovery Mode menu
  3. The next step we select the Optional “English” to make it easier for you to wipe data & cache
  4. Select “Wipe Data” and wait until the Wipe (Cleaning) process is Complete
  5. Do a restart on the OPPO cellphone that we have
  6. The last step, make sure the Oppo smartphone launcher problem doesn’t reappear

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2. Take it to the Service Center (Free)

If the android smartphone that we have still has a warranty period, then if the first step above fails, we should take the android phone to the nearest OPPO Service Center. This is aimed at further handling because usually for the theme launcher problem that doesn’t respond, re-flashing according to the type of OPPO that we have is a step that is often done. With the validity period of the warranty and we do not root the android smartphone, the cost of handling software at the service center will be free (no charge at all).

We can apply the error message “unfortunately the status bar has stopped” on this oppo cellphone on several other oppo cellphone devices including OPPO Yoyo, OPPO r827, OPPO r831, OPPO R1001, OPPO Find 5 Mini, OPPO N1, OPPO U3, OPPO Find Piano, OPPO N1 Mini, OPPO Find 7, OPPO Joy Plus, OPPO Neo 3, OPPO Mirror 3, OPPO Mirror 5S, OPPO Mirror 3, OPPO R7, OPPO A33, OPPO A37, OPPO R5, OPPO NEO 2015, OPPO R7 Lite, OPPO A30 , and several other types of OPPO.

Thus our meeting this time, which just discussed how to solve the launcher has stopped on the Oppo smartphone. Hopefully this meeting can be useful for all of us, thank you so much.