Minimalist Boys Room Design (Recommended 4 Ur Son)

By | April 9, 2022

Currently, the majority of houses in big cities are minimalist in design. The bedroom is no exception. The bedroom for a minimalist home will also feel more comfortable if you are creative in designing it. Especially for those of you who have sons, it is highly recommended to choose a minimalist boy’s room design.

Why the minimalist style?

The goal is that your boy’s room is in harmony with the style of your home (which as a whole has a minimalist design). Well, sometimes there are new problems that arise from here.

What’s the problem?

As we know that currently many family heads prefer to buy a minimalist type of house. The reason is because this type of minimalist house is more elegant and considered classy (because it is also a trend). Now the problem is, sometimes the ideas of parents are not always the same as the tastes of the child. His parents like the minimalist style, while their children don’t. This is where the confusion arises to choose the right design. Namely a design that fits the tastes of parents, as well as matches the wishes of the child.

Luckily it makes sense!

That is:

Choosing design ideas for boys in a minimalist home is actually not far from choosing a favorite cartoon, favorite paint color, and the use of furniture. The difference is the use of space in the house that must be optimized because it uses a minimal-sized room.

The difference between a minimalist room for boys and a boy’s room in general

The design of a minimalist boy’s room has the same design similarities to the design of a boy’s room in general, it’s just that the use of room space is more optimized. However, for the choice of taste, the color scheme must be adjusted to the capacity of the room.

The room space in a minimalist house does tend to be narrower, in contrast to children’s rooms in general, which are more free to choose furniture with a wider size, because of the wider room capacity.

It is different with a minimalist room, where the selection of furniture sizes must be considered so as not to make the room narrower. However, the design is still able to use a design that suits the tastes of the boys.

Minimalist Room Design Inspiration for Boys

Here are some minimalist boy room designs, it is guaranteed that every visitor who comes to the house will be ‘envy’ to see it and want to try it at their home. Especially the guests who came both had boys and a minimalist house.

Reference designs include:

1. Boys Room with Spiderman Design

Bedroom designs for boys in minimalist homes can use the Spiderman character design theme. The red and blue color scheme that characterizes the character can make the room more interesting. Especially for boys who idolize the animated character. The red and blue colors are symbols of the superhero spiderman. See an example below.

Minimalist Boys Room Design (Recommended 4 Ur Son)

2. Basketball Court Design On 2-Story Bed

Basketball is one of the most popular sports for boys. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with presenting this theme in a boy’s room. Its application for minimalist rooms can be adjusted to the capacity of the room, namely using a bunk bed. See an example illustration below.

Minimalist Boys Room Design (Recommended 4 Ur Son)

3. Mattress With Racing Car Theme

Every boy loves to collect types of racing car games. The use of this design is highly recommended for a minimalist boy’s room design. Because this design can make the room look more lively, even in a small room. Besides, boys will love it.

See an example in the photo below.

Minimalist Boys Room Design (Recommended 4 Ur Son)

4. Two-tiered Dark Blue Bed

Having more than one son in the use of a room in a minimalist room, it is better to use furniture that is in accordance with the capacity of the room. Therefore, it is better to use a two-level bed so that it does not take up too much space. See an example in the illustration below.

Minimalist Boys Room Design (Recommended 4 Ur Son)

Even in a minimalist room, boys always want a superhero theme to become their idol. You can get around this by using room wall media that are designed with their favorite superhero theme motifs and patterns. This is a solution to present a boy’s favorite theme in a minimalist room. See an example of the room below.

Minimalist Boys Room Design (Recommended 4 Ur Son)

Having a son and a minimalist home must be good at designing his room so that the child remains comfortable. Especially when there are peers who come to the house, choosing a minimalist boy’s room design must be considered, so that the children remain comfortable doing activities in a minimalist room.

Hopefully this short article is useful for all of you.