Make Windows Installer Easy and Fast With Universal USB Installer

By | April 12, 2022

Universal USB Installer is a very easy-to-use application that allows you to create Windows and Linux Installers with a pendrive. Maybe you are more familiar with the Rufus application to create windows installers and also Yumi to create Linux installers.

However, it turns out that there are still problems when creating a windows installer using the rufus application. if you are one of the people who have problems when making windows installer with rufus, then immediately try this Universal USB Installer application.

This Universal USB Installer application is a freeware application that is distributed free of charge by the developer. The interface of this software is also quite simple, making it easier for you to know all the functions of this Universal USB Installer application. No need to wait too long, for those of you who are looking for software to make installers via flash, please just download and install on your Labtop PC?

Universal USB Installer (UUI) is a Live Linux USB Creation tool, which lets you choose from a selection of Linux Distributions to add to a USB Flash Drive.

Universal USB Installer is easy to use; simply choose a Live Linux Distribution, select the ISO file, and your Flash Drive and then click Install. Upon completion, you will have a bootable USB Flash Drive with your selected operating system installed, ready to run.

If you are not aware, ‘Live’ distributions of Linux provide a wonderful glimpse into the open-source OS. Universal USB Installer provides a simple solution to the problems surrounded with booting Linux directly from a CD. Live Linux CDs come with their own problems; optical media is slow and it is also read-only. This limits your ability to configure the OS somewhat. Also, many of today’s ultraportable laptops and netbooks don’t have an optical drive to begin with!

Flash drives are much faster than any optical media, and can be easily written to. It can also be used on all current PCs with standard USB port.

Universal USB Installer is a great tool that can be utilized in a number of different ways. It is very easy to use, is relatively lightweight, and it supports a large number of Linux variations, including Ubuntu and Debian. Overall, Universal USB Installer is one of the easiest ways to run a Linux OS on your PC.

Universal USB Installer? Download here