LOL Toys Are The Best Surprise For Children’s Gifts (Surprise)

By | December 20, 2021

Lately, children really like the surprise egg model toy. One of them is a LOL toy. LOL toys are egg-shaped toys that contain a toy or doll. The fun part is that kids won’t know what kind of doll they’re going to get. Like it or not, kids will be curious about what other toys are in LOL.

Basically the concept of LOL toy packaging is a strategy designed by toy manufacturers so that children continue to collect their toys.

Children are made curious, so they want to keep buying. Especially if they get the same doll model as the one they had before. This is what makes LOL toys sell well.

The Origin of LOL Toys, Success Makes Children Obsessed

LOL Toys Are The Best Surprise For Children's Gifts (Surprise)

Who would have thought that insomnia or sleeplessness was the reason behind the creation of this LOL toy. The inventor or creator of the LOL toy is Isaac Larian, the founder of MGA entertainment. Isaac turns out to be suffering from insomnia and he kills his time by watching unboxing videos on YouTube. It was these unboxing videos that inspired him to create LOL Surprise!

MGA Entertainment was the pioneer of this LOL toy. Priced at 10-20 USD in America, this toy is successful in getting children addicted. The basic concept of a LOL toy is a plastic egg in which there are dolls and accessories. In the end, the kids won’t know what they’ve got until they open the eggs. At first glance, LOL is similar to Kinder Joy.

The year 2016 marked the launch of LOL to the market. LOL itself is short for Little Outrageous Object. In the first market test, 500 thousand units of LOL Surprise were sold and sold out within two months. By the end of 2018, LOL Surprise had sold more than 800 million units. Obviously this is a fantastic sales figure. In fact, this toy received the title of Toy of the Year from the Toy Association.

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YouTube Makes LOL Boom

Although the actual shape of the doll in LOL Surprise is not revolutionary, it can change color when placed in water. However, what made him hunted was the circulation of the LOL toy unboxing video on YouTube which was also watched by millions of people. This is clearly a crazy indirect promotion.

Realizing that YouTube is an effective and efficient marketing channel, there is a new model from LOL which is Poopsie Slime Surprise. The development of the LOL toy is a unicorn that can defecate in the form of green slime. Funny? In fact, what makes children obsessed is the feeling of happiness when they get something after unwrapping it.

Actually, the price of LOL Toys is expensive. Parents have to spend 100-200 thousand rupiah for one egg of this toy. Of course this is a big nominal for a surprise egg. Compare it with Kinder Joy which is only 15 thousand rupiah. This is all the parents are already screaming because the minimarket is even displaying Kinder Joy on the cashier counter.

Why Do Kids Love LOL Toys So Much?

LOL Toys Are The Best Surprise For Children's Gifts (Surprise)
Illustration of a cute and adorable LOL doll.

Like when Christmas arrives or birthdays, there are so many gifts that must be opened with curiosity. To be able to open LOL takes about 20 minutes. During these 20 minutes, anticipatory happiness is created. Kids will definitely not expect anything scary from this LOL toy.

Here’s why kids are hunting for toys LOL:

Interesting and Continuous Content on YouTube

As is known today that YouTube is very popular with children because it offers a variety of content. Content about LOL toy unboxing is one of them. Interestingly, the YouTubers for LOL toys are also kids. So, children automatically feel close to presenters who are the same age as them. The duration of this unboxing video can be around 30 to 60 minutes.

While watching this video, the children become happy because they are waiting for something fun. One by one the layers of eggs were opened and the host displayed a happy expression. The children are so happy and of course want to have this LOL toy. The variety of shapes and colors of dolls in LOL toys is something that children look forward to.

LOL Collectible

Like back in the 90s when Tazoz was a collectible toy a kid must have, that’s what this LOL toy is like. If Tazoz is owned by buying Chiki, then a LOL doll can be owned by buying LOL Surprise! The feeling of happiness when having all the LOL dolls is a feeling felt by children.

Children are certainly happy when they can get their dream doll that they see on YouTube. Even if it means having to buy a lot LOL Surprise! Also with the possibility of getting the same model, it doesn’t seem like a problem for children. The more the cooler. Maybe that’s what the kids thought.

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Not only dolls, but also knick-knacks

What makes it even more interesting is that what kids get from LOL toys are not just dolls. They get dolls complete with knick-knacks such as clothes, make-up tools, and even accessories for all seasons. For information, LOL Surprise also issued a special edition such as Bigger Surprise.

LOL Toys Are The Best Surprise For Children's Gifts (Surprise)
Illustration of LOL toy knick-knacks.

These knick-knacks make children more curious and of course want to have them. It must be so much fun opening the packaging and then finding little trinkets to put on the doll. Everything is wrapped. So there’s a pack within a pack. This LOL toy is the right tool to provoke children’s curiosity.

Interesting YouTuber

In addition to the interesting LOL toys, the YouTuber is also one of the factors that make these toys hunted. Many of these YouTubers present their videos in interesting ways. From this video, children can also practice English. Usually, YouTubers for LOL Surprise! will package the video in such a way, even in the form of a short film complete with dialogue.

Children’s Favorite Surprise Effect

Basically, kids love surprises. For children, surprises are things that can make them happy in a short time. Interestingly, children don’t know bad surprises. For them, things that are veiled, mysterious, closed are something that is interesting. Even if later the end result is not as expected. What was important was the shock effect itself.

Especially for children aged 4-5 years, they seem to have a future concept that only they understand. The concept of the future for them is something fun. The fear was there, but they already knew that the end result would be pleasant.

Events to Socialize With Friends

Of course it’s nice to be able to open this gift or surprise egg with friends or relatives. Furthermore, can play dolls and their equipment together. LOL toys are toys that can definitely be played with friends. Children in one school usually have the same choice of toys. It’s definitely something fun to be able to open and play with this LOL toy.

LOL toys are a new phenomenon in the world of children’s play. Technology and social media have contributed to making LOL Surprise! and all forms of imitation. Even though the price is quite expensive, there are also many parents who do not hesitate to buy it for their children. In fact, adults also enjoy collecting these LOL toys.

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That’s light info about LOL toy reviews. Don’t forget to stay tuned for interesting articles about other toys.


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